Ashley in Amsterdam - #4: Moon-lit love

Pete had enough of the student audience watching his making love to Ashley.
He whispered to her ear. "Let´s get out of here, baby. We´ll go to my place".

They crossed the street. It was almost dark by now. Pete took her into his back garden, as it was still warm outside. Only lit by a partly clouded half-moon.
None of the overlooking windows showing any sign of live. They felt comfortably private there. Still excited, they continued to kiss and caress ...

Soon Ashley got real hot and offered no resistance as Peter stripped her bare.
She followed suit and eagerly helped him to get naked. The evening smell of his home grown grass made them both as high as hot.

Pete pulled out his largest armchair unto the terrace. Sat down in it.
Smiled back to the moon. And moaned "Mount me baby". Ashley happily obeyed.

As Pete didn´t look forward to another unexpected round of applause, he tried to
stuff the T-shirt up her mouth, as soon as Ashley started to moan as well.

Ashley immediately got the message. She dropped the shirt. Threw her arms around Pete and kissed him deeply. Rode and rocked his rod hard ... Until she came with wild movements. Pete was glad how wet she got during her pole-dance on his lap. And proud she kept silent enough. He thought of a way to reward Ashley ... Inside, under the cover of some nice steady funk-rock with jazzy horn-solos ,-)

What would Pete do to poor Ashley, behind a sound curtain and locked doors?
100% (5/0)
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3 years ago
my friend tell us what naughty things you want to do to sweet little ashley
3 years ago
I love 'em all :D
3 years ago
I read it mate A + in my view, keep trying
3 years ago
Funny, last evening Amsterdam
enjoyed a full lunar eclipse!
3 years ago
So far, Ashley hasn´t read any part yet ...
Often, students have to study a lot, nowadays ,-)
Well, she´ll remember our adventures anyway!