Ashley in Amsterdam - introduction

Australian Ashley applied for an allowance to study in Europe. And she got it!
She landed in old Amsterdam. It turned out to be hot as hell and heaven on earth.

Ashley was lucky, as she was alloted a room at a student quarter at the border of old town, facing the former harbour, amidst many other foreign students.
She arrived early in European Summer, when most exams were over and her neighbours were partying almost every night till day-break. Nice, but all those boys were about her age. She knew their bravado and lack of stamina ...

Soon she noticed an elder hippie-kind of gentleman, who would bike by their compound almost every day and also showed up at some of the parties, as he seemed to know several of the students who lived there a bit longer.

One warm moon-lit night she captured the attention of that guy and they started to talk and charm eachother. In short: flirting and the rest ... ;-)

The talk led to a walk. The sand of the nearby city-beach was still warm.
No one else there, it seemed. Walking bare-foot was the first step.
Soon she got so close with this pretty elder Peter, that clothes were in the way. So their kissing and fondling quickly turned into nude free-wrestling.

"You´re a hot beach-bitch", he whispered in her ear, trying to divert her attention and get a firmer grip on her wrists. Ashley had gotten real hot.
So she decided to give in, and test his abilities to please her in the sand.

He´d fondled her all over in their game. As soon he notice her resistance lessen, Peter dived to kiss and lick her steaming snatch.

Her first orgasm overwhelmed her like a tsunami. It only made her want more.
As soon as she regained her breath Ashley moaned: "Do me doggy style, Daddy".
Such a lovely little habit of Ashley, to call her lover Daddy, if she would
really feel close and hot. Being a gentleman, her newly found Daddy obeyed.
Ashley made a lot of noise, after that second round of sand wrestling.

Who knows, what more hot encounters happened in Amsterdam hot heaven?
Remember the proverb: "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Amsterdam"
100% (9/0)
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3 years ago
Aww, I love it.. Its amazing ;) Nice start
3 years ago
"You're a hot beach bitch..." Nice line! Guaranteed to get a response.
3 years ago
a good start
3 years ago
Just in time, Ashley from Australia discovered that during her Winter, Summer´s hot in Europe!
So she decided to become an exchange student for that long hot Summer ,-)

See next episode for more from Ashley in Amsterdam.
3 years ago
Wrote a warm welcome for Ashley in Amsterdam.
Hope she applied for that student allowance! ;-)P