Hot Horse Ride - # 2

After we step down from the hot ride on her horse, I notice Nikita has big eyes for the growing member of her horse. I take charge and lead the stallion to his stable and ask her "Please get me your dressage whip". As in trance, she obeys.

Even in her hottest dreams she never went so far as ... Shivers run down her spine in expectance. With a shy smile and blushes revealing more, she delivers.

"Thank you, my dear. I´m glad you like my proposition. Now, let me take you for a walk as well. Let´s do the same tracks as your stallion carried us.
I will direct you with that whip, while you will run your rounds.
Like your horse, you wouldn´t need a saddle, would you?"

We go outside. She follows our tracks of just before. I encourage and reward with whacks of the whip. Soon Nikita starts to like it. Jumping like a young mare.
Her bums slowly take some colour, but she doesn´t seem to care ...

Well she cares, as she starts to love all that energy flowing through her body.
She jumps higher and takes bigger leaps, ... and still the dressing whip lands at her bums and hips ... She loves to jump and be tamed and trained. A young mare.

She wishes her newly discovered joy will last all night ...
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3 years ago
Careful, Peter. Getting close to animal sex.
3 years ago
quite interesting this story hope it developes further whith the stallion
3 years ago
did you copy & paste it here peter? just copy & paste the part that is missing
3 years ago
Before hot hamster decided to publish my story,
the second half ´disappeared into cyberspace´ :-(

Depending on reactions, inspiration to continue
might return some day ... We´ll see ;-)
3 years ago
Jennifer turned my story towards her liking ;-)
I´ve no idea myself, what will happen next ...

Only the result: a hot happy naughty Nikita
will get what she wants and comes incredibly!
Which wakes up her horny stallion again ;-)P