Gina´s Gyno Club - part six

Gina´s Gyno Club waited for its first new girl,
eager to earn membership by becoming a woman there.
Young teen Connie was the first to lose her virginity
at the hands and kisses of Gina. Her experience was
the reason the Club was founded.

Connie became first honorary member at age 15, at the start of Summer.
After Summer holiday she would check among her girlfriends ...

Tight tall Tina maybe? She felt warm for her class-mate, who shared her skinny long-legged locust´s looks. Before holiday Tina had told her about her hot wishes to get an intimate tattoo.

A virgin, she was too shy to go an old hippie-rocker tattoo artist to ask for it. Connie could imagine the loathing of Tina. Why weren´t there any normal lady tattoo artists in their town, she wondered. She should bring up the subject with her elder s****r Leslie and Gina, she tought. And fell asl**p.

After breakfast she mentioned her last night wondering to the two elder girls.
With their academic minds, student Gina and her lover and professor Leslie decided to start inquiries in some scientific sites and WikiTattoo.

As always in actual social surveys, results were contradictionary. However, tattoo experts seemed to claim in unisono that for genital tattoos, sexual stimulation is unavoidable and in fact desirable for a precise design and execution of the desired imagine. A deeper dive into revealed that all experts advised internal stimualtion and grip. Also at girls.
But no one wrote about how to tattoo virgin pussies!

Next to sex, there´s nothing what excites a scientific mind more than an interesting hot problem. So, it was a natural turn of events that Leslie and her most talented student got quite horny from their tattoo virgin search.

Gina, always the most practical of the two, proposed to try it:
"Just let´s pretend, Leslie! Shall I be the virgin and you the Master?
Take the pencil-size vibe for instrument. Let´s research in practise."

Leslie was charmed by beaufiful Gina and her bright idea.
Indeed, they´d wasted half a free weekend in a fruitless search.
Male experts didn´t cover the subject they were looking for it seems.
High time for some good old experiments.

Sad for science, after their long night of sexperiments the young turbo lesbo research didn´t reach any scientific insights, although their understanding of love and sexy instruments grew. To their satisfaction, Not only scientifically.

The bright young ladies slept soundly that night. Both dreamt of a new member to their club, before the Summer break would be over ...
Wouldn´t there be any virgin left at campus, Leslie wondered before she fell asl**p in dirty dream with a dozen freshwomen students ...

But halfway she suddenly woke up. One in a dozen is still virgin in first year according to surveys! With a breath-taking kiss she woke up Gina.

"Honey, we´ll throw a party next weekend. For the girls still here during holiday." Gina was half asl**p, didn´t get the inplications, but loved the idea of a party with only girls. She embraced Leslie ... and they fell back asl**p.
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3 years ago
I would love to see the club grow:)
3 years ago
For sure the loving ladies
of the club will love to take
care of her! ;-)P(eat ;-)
3 years ago
Anyone got a good and
proper proposition?
3 years ago
Will their club grow over the long Summer?
I am as curious as you, dear reader! ;-)P