Stella Maris - my sexy ballet blonde

To my youngest daughter - let´s call her Amelia, also a student of ballet -
I wrote a few messages about my most beautiful steady love ever, Stella Maris. Three of them added up to this story - my first true account here! ;-)P

Amelia, I´ll tell about my second steady girlfriend. A ballet dancer like you.
When I met and seduced her she was in her first year in university.
I met her at her first day there. I lead her freshman first-week dozen newbies.
She was my most pretty girl ever. Also her name is very beautiful: Stella Maris.
Star of the Sea - her father was a sailor. She looked like his blonde sirene:
Tall and slender. Her Pa joked about his young ´secretary´, being too slender to his taste: "One kilo of trousers, but only an ounce of ass".
But I loved her little butt! ;-)P

Soon she moved in the my room in a student dorm.
The best. Top floor. Great view. As it was the
only 7th story building at the border of centre,
overlooking all historic old Amsterdam.

The room was small, about ten square meters.
So I build a double bed as an entresol.
Below a big couch, on top my main love-nest.

Ballet had been her main hobby for a dozen years
when I met her. Second one was ballroom dancing.

Her lady teacher was very good and experienced but
already eighty years old. So only a few classes a week.

Hence my blonde beauty practised a lot at home.
By lack of a barre and mirror, my bed offered her a grip.
And she asked me to be her mirror to check her position.

To be able to do well on tip-toe, daily practise
is essential, as you and only a few know and realise.
If not dancing in them gets very ainful soon.

To show her body well, she often decided to dress in her shoes only.
The room was far too small to dance but she could well rehearse.
She liked to practise daily. Stella would ask me to perfect her.
To keep that perfect symmetry without the mirror.

As she stood straight and asked me to adopt
her details into perfection by slightly moving her,
I always got hot. Like her. Often I could smell
Stella was wet even before she started to practise.

She tried to keep her balance while I touched
her delicately. Always obedient to my orders.
I taught her to keep her tip-toed position
all the way while I licked her till she came.

When she collapsed in orgasms, I often just held her.
Entered her and caressing her puss while took her
f***ed her to come right away again.

But I every other day I was lazy
and in the mood for ´slow cooking´.
So I carried her up into our bed
for a much longer love session.

True art also is only one percent inspiration
and ninety-nine of tough transpiration!

100% (5/0)
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3 years ago
My first true story. Hope my main
protagonist will ever read me! ;-)P

Question to my followers here:
Hey, friends - are my fantasies
the best, or is this hotter?

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