How many women I love?

Jugded just by their looks, how many women in this world I would want to make love to, I wondered one day. And I made a fast estimate. Let me start with the conclusion: half a billion! Life´s too short :-(

Read my short lesson of love and calculation:

There are three billion women living on our globe. Their number is rising fast. Clearly, only one in three is elder. That leaves two. Substracts the k**s and we´ve only one left. Let´s say between the virtual ages of 14 and 44.
Now let´s take a look at them.

On hamster I became an expert in rating ladies according to their looks. I access the net from a computer dating back from last century. She´s very slow and lazy.

Worse, eleven times out of a dozen, she forgets to give me sound :-(...
So soon I discovered galleries with photos. They also loaded slow, but I didn´t miss the sound so much. By the same reason, I also started to read stories. Which reslulted in publishing a couple of dozen myself.

How experienced am I as an sexpert? How many did I see naked from that billion?
Well, firstly only one promille of them is here on hamster. An average gallery contains twenty. Of main uploaders like the beach pictures of Tilly, three different German guys with "teen" in their nick and ´before-after´ BertVeendam, I´ve seen and rated at least fifty of their galleries. Only five thousand. Adding the masturbating, lesbian, spanking, voyeur and vintage videos gets me at a total of ten. So in a year I´ve seen one percent of the ladies here.

Now let me explain how I rate photos. Like everyone I neglect photographic (lack of) quality. Only her looks count. Her expression. Often one can easily notice how she was turned on by being naked on camera for a friend, or privately. That helps for getting stars. I rarely give three. Never lower, why bother to rate. I give five stars quite easily. As soon as I think:

"I would want to get her into my bed!". Most often it´s like that if I see a picture of an attractive lady. Sometimes I like her, but not too much:

"I would not kick her out of my bed ;-)" - a four stars starlet.

I mostly like what I see. I´m not stupid in chosing ;-)
But I know that their are many galleries with women I wouldn´t bother to take a look at. Too fat, old, or whatever. So, on average I would want one in two.
Which is half a billion. Wish I would live as long as Methusalem. To have some time to please a decent portion of all those beauties with all my love.

47% (3/4)
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3 years ago
Interesting proporsition.
Would have to at least double that time for rest- let alone a quickie every ten minutes is nigh impossible (the first maybe- but try cumming 12 times in two hours, I'd be surprised if your dick was harder than a water filled condom).
3 years ago
"951 years of your hard dick in hot pussy non-stop 24/7/365/6!!! the hard-on from hell."

i wrote it & pete said it should be here
3 years ago
Thanks Mike for your mathematical proof,
that I´ll get as old as Methusalem! ;-)P
3 years ago
thats 500,000,000 divide it by 10 min to drop a nut = 50 mil now divide that by 6 in an hour = 8,333,333.333... the number of hours it would take then by 24 hours in a day = 374,222.222... the number of days. now divide it by 4 to get the number of days for leap years = 86,805.555... now that is = 237.1736 leap yrs now we go back & get the number of regular yrs which is 260,416.666... hrs = 713.4703 reg. yrs adding these together it comes to 950.6440 years total; or 950 yrs & 235.222... days of just your cock in some hot pussy!!!! OMG LOL
3 years ago
Can someone calculate for me how short a quicky should last, if one would want to make love to all attractive women in this world?

Not much time to reach her G-spot, I´m afraid.
About a second only? ;-)