Gina´s Gyno Club - part four

Gina and Leslie are lovers. Both live at the campus of a small exclusive university. Tall and strong Leslie lectures there. Gina looked forward to a long hot Summer together in all privacy. However, first day of Summer holiday, Connie - the skinny teen s****r of Leslie - came for a long stay.
"Privacy lost", the lovers thought.

Soon after her arrival the tasty teen got seduced and hot. She fell in love, came fast and lost her virginity. It happened all so beautifully, that a brilliant inspiration flashed up in Leslie´s mind. She needed to tell it to the girls!

But they were so hot from all their love and orgasms. They needed to cool down.
Leslie almost dragged them off to the shower. She tied them back to back together with some towels and let the cold water run. Leslie ran off to the kitchen to bake a potent pile of pancakes.

Gina and Conny screamed under the stream. Tied together. Door closed.
No way out. Endure and cool off ... They couldn´t speak as their cries dumbed to shivering sounds, inaudable in the noice of the running water.

They stood their long, it felt. Lost sense of time. Gina thought: didn´t Leslie tell "5 minutes to cool off" tying us up?" ...
She started to count with every breath. Quickly she calculated: five minutes is only a few hundred breaths.

She concentrated, but couldn´t help her tempo of breast movement increased.
She forgot how long she should count. At breath 500 Leslie opened the door. Switched off the water. Reached large towels with a wide smile.
"Come on girls". Yes! Both smelled the pancakes and suddenly felt how hungry they got from all that long hot love.

Dressed in towels they attacked the pile of pancakes. It disappeared faster than it took Leslie to build it, despite she´d operated at four fires simultaneously. Typically Leslie, always smart and efficient in love and attention. In a glance Gina had recognized the baking technique of Leslie.

None of them spoke. Gina got lost in thoughts. Half lost in dreams, she tried to estimate how often Gina had restored her energy with warm pancakes after a weekend lost in long love.

With the cheese and bacon pancakes gone, Gina smelled that the long latte would arrive next under their noses. Leslie is perfect, she thought. She taught me so much, my sexy professor. Leslie noticed her smile.

"Here´s your coffee, dear Gina and there´s yours, my young woman s****r!
You didn´t know it in our hot love, but suddenly I saw it! And I must tell you".
Gina raised her eye-brows an inch and tall skinny Connie by two.

"The way we made Connie a woman was the best ever. Wasn´t it?
Dear little s****r, you didn´t even notice it. Didn´t you?"

Connie swallowed. With a blush she said "I was so hot, high. Felt so great.
I just kept coming ... Took me some time to realise what Gina said to me."
A breath as deep as her smile wide, pride shining from her eyes:
"I´m also a woman now!"

"We´re a Club now!" Leslie exclamed. Eye-brows shot back to top-level.
"Weren´t we good in it, Connie? You only enjoyed. Didn´t even notice."
As an experienced professor she paused.

"Did you girls ever hear about a similar experience?
Most girls rather not talk about their first time. Better the first good lover.
Only a few were lucky with a sweet experienced lover, who let them come.
Always the fear for the pain. As an academic I know the sad facts and stats!"

Again she let it sink in. Gina and Connie stared at her with big eyes.
It lasted hundreds of slow breaths, lost in thought.

"Ha-ha. Got you my sweet smart dear!" Gina jumped up. A second later she landed with her feet on the seat of her chair and in an elegant second move flew across the table, right into the arms of her professor of love. They couldn´t stop laughing. Connie with them, although she hadn´t the faintest idea why.

After half an hour Leslie took her s****rs hand and lead her to the couch.

Gina read her mind, as always. She smiled to herself. "Leslie will agree. I´ll dive into the deepest hide of her fridge for the Kabinett Riesling of 2000.
That wine was waiting for this occasion all her dozen years of ripening".

Expertly she opened the bottle without a sound. Poored it in the crystal decanter she´d given Leslie for their first anniversary. Three of the most elegant glasses. She walked back to her dearest. Leslie filled the glasses.
No-one spoke. All realized they would never forget the toast to come.
Allthough skinny u******e Connie had no idea of the importance of their private ceremony beyond to celebrate their mutual love.

Leslie nodded to Gina, as she´d seen her bright pupil understood it all.
Gina spoke to the toast: "Here´s to Gina´s Gyno Club". Their glasses kissed. They took a sip. They felt enlightened.

"Happy defloration will be in safe hands from now on - in my club",
Gina explained to Connie. "Tell the good news to your friends at school".

Gina had never felt as happy. She knew this weekend would change their careers, lifes, all future.

Connie broke the silence. Jumping up and down, she only screamed
"I´m so happy!"

The elder girls smiled. Connie spilled all wine from her glass. Very well, they both thought in their academic minds. u******e girls should not drink at all. Or at the most one glass a year. But better only once.
After their happy step into womanhood.

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3 years ago
Well first I thought you rushed this one. I read it again and it is so erotic:) Hugs
3 years ago
i volunteer lol its great
3 years ago
A new club erected. Who will be the first guest of the three girls? Will it change their career?

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