Gina´s Gyno Club - part three

After part two, the three dear girlfriends fell asl**p in each others arms.
Gina was so excited that she´s drank half the bottle of Bordeaux on the evening of their first threesome. Leslie had downed two large glasses and her ten years younger s****r Connie drank only her first ever glass of Bordeaux.

Saturday morning Gina woke up as last, from the sound of the s****rs splashing in the shower. She soon joined them. Again they indulged in long loving mutual fondling till all were tired from coming and hot and horny for a big breakfast.

Gina got back to her plan with a refreshed and clear head. All would need a good cooking for the hot day to follow. First she served big bowls of dark tea with buttered bums loaded with fresh fruits. Large latte with porridge were next. And ham and eggs with a giant glass of jogurt with red fruits as dessert. They would need lots of energy for a long day with loads of hot love.

When their three bellies were round and full, Gina commanded Leslie with an eye-wink, which her young s****r didn´t notice. Leslie picked up Connie in her strong arms and carried her little long s*s back to the king-size bed for three.

Gina followed and could hardly wait to unpack her present from the red towels.
She attacked immediately. Bit the tiny nipples. Licked and eat her snatch like she was still terribly thirsty after yesterday´s big bowls of Bordeaux. Connie couldn´t help coming soon and without an end. Every time Gina would reach a bit deeper into her, she came again and constantly got higher and loader.

During the lustrum 5th orgasm Gina was directly hitting the G-spot of Connie from within, while she massaged it also from the outside with her other hand and her tongue constantly lapping up Connie´s juices. Full attention and four-fold attack: her nose rubbing the young girls clit without mercy.

Connie was halfway sixth and seventh heaven, screaming like she went to hell, when Gina´s tongue tasted that she her fingers had made Connie into a woman ...
She opened up her eyes. Indeed the teens swollen lips were covered by the deep dark rose red colour of her maiden bl**d. Gina was very happy. She lapped it all. Only when Connie came back a bit tonormal breathing from panting like a loc, the experienced girls told her. "You´re one of us now, new lady. Kiss you. Taste yourself, young woman." Connie smiled. She´d never dreamed she would be.

Young Connie was very excited by how fast her now existing sexual identity suddenly blossomed within a weekend. She felt an extra boost of energy from the fresh flow hormones raging through her slender teen body. She threw herself upon her Mistress of Love and her beloved strong s****r. Cunning Connie didn´t stop kissing and licking them in her young enthousiasm, until Leslie - expert in balancing strongly committed sports endeavour, going really deep, with a proper dose of good food and relax - took over direction of events.

"Come along to the shower you two. I´ll hold you tight. And tie you up.
You´ll both get five minuten at least of cold shower." She took a fast shower herself. Turned her words into deeds. Baked pancakes while the girls cooled off.
Finally, after lunch, she hoped to explain the hot teens her idea for the Club.

Would we finally read it in part four?

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3 years ago
very good & wonderful
3 years ago
Each part is better Peter:)
3 years ago
Let me disclose the secret idea of Leslie:
Gina´s Gyno Club should be a safe place
for a great girl to become a warm woman ;-)