Gina´s Gyno Club - part two

In part one Leslie founded Gina´s Gyno Club. She came home from jogging to find her ten years younger s****r Connie coming first time, by the continued kisses on her pussy of her own favourite love, feminine petite Gina.

Leslie kisses Gina on her lips to smell her s****r. "Hmmm, you taste so sweet, Connie honey! My dears, I´ll jump under the shower. Gina my love, please pull open another good Bordeaux. We have something to celebrate: our Club! ;-)".

Obediently Gina opened a bottle of a good year and let it breath in a crystal decanter. Next she dragged Connie - still shaken from her first female explosion - along with her to join Leslie in the warm rain inside.

They caressed first time as a threesome, of which many would follow that long hot Summer. Sweet giving lesbians they were, all three had most pleasure in making their dears come and enjoy. They mutually masturbated each other in a sexy shower circle to multiple orgams, which send them all three shaking.

Leslie took the decision to take a break. She turned the warm rain suddenly into a cold shower, which send them all off shivering soon. They fled within seconds. Dressed in towels matching the colour of the wine waiting for them.

Gina downed her glass quite fast as she burned with curiousity. Connie sipped her first ever very slowly. Leslie decided it was time to elucidate her idea.

Gina and herself knew what was the near future for Connie in their new bond of three. But Gina had no idea of the long term inspiration which had endowned her.

The red wine added to the eloquence of Leslie. Rather as a politician. Moving words without giving away a real concrete plan. Gina would take her moves towards Connie without Leslie anyway. Wise as Leslie is, she decided to leave
her s****r in a vague haze of sexy expectations and feeling fine from the wine and warm attention to her, the lusty long-legged locus beauty.

Slowly she dazed off, thrown back and forth between dreaming and giggling.
Naive tall teen with the tiny tits. She hadn´t the faintest idea she would be seduced into much more this same evening. Gina would enter her for her love.

Conquer her vagina and make the tomboy teen turn into a young wanton woman in only one long hot night. With the full acceptance, assistance and insistence of her elder experienced sexy s****r.

In part three you might read more about the noble aims of the Gyno Club,
which sprang from Leslie´s imaginitive mind.

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3 years ago
its good
3 years ago
Will the long-legged locust learn to long for more lesbian love in part three? I am as curious you! ;-)P