Gina´s Gyno Club - part one

Of course, Gina became a student at the small but very prestigeous and long time liberal - maybe even libertine - famous university in Ohio, where Leslie after her MA with honours, immediately was appointed as an assistent professor.

Although they split up as a couple after her first year there, they were still best friends for ever and passionate lovers. Entering their third Summer as intimate girlfriends, they looked forward to another hot Summer of love between them and with their mutual casual girlfriends found at Campus.

But first day of academical Summer break, Leslie got an urgent call from her mother. Her younger s****r became impossible to maintain at home. In her mothers words "Connie went totally puber!". Leslie invited her younger s****r for Summer.

Almost 25 herself, she understood well why her younger s****r felt awkward. At only 15 she was already an inch or two taller than Leslie. A born athlete like herself, but with the feminity of a girl of 12. Last year her nipples grew a bit. That´s all. Of course, the girl is mixed up. Loads of hormones, hardly breasts. All other girls in her year had more in their school-blouses.

At the other hand, she had to swallow the news. Privacy gone for her dreams to invite Gina. Like last year, when she´d been almost permanently her guest. No problem at a libertarian top-school like theirs fortunately. She sighed.

While Leslie was a great academical mind of international reknown already, Gina could be very feminine in being practical. When the lovers discussed the situation the evening before the arrival of Connie over a good glass of Bordeaux, Gina felt, the situation would resolve it self. She still loved lesly likeno-body else. So for sure she would love her s****r. Although she only knew her from some stories, which Lesley had told about her c***dhood and that little shy brat ten years younger.

Falling asl**p in Leslies arms that night, her intution told her clearly what would happen. She would finally be able to pay back Leslie for initiating her.

We´ll never know whether it was her clearvoyancy, her dedication or her love for Leaslie, or perhaps all three. But it all happened as she had wished, spontaneously. She didn´t need any tricks or strategy to seduce young shy Connie. It happened by itself, only a few hours after picking her up from airport.

Leslie had gone out for her daily training rounds. She was still the main medal winner of the athletic team in all seven diciplines counting up to a place in the US top-ten for the fifth year in a row. Tired from the flight, Connie decided - also a bit as a contra-mooded teen - to stay in, although she loved running with her champion s****r.

She´d never experienced the feminine charm of girls like Gina. She´d always avoided to look back at buys ashamed of her lack of breast. And those girls who had breasts - all of them! - were even worse - in her eyes which never looked.
Maybe that´s why she became so tall, long-legged and very good at running.

Pétite Gina just embraced the tall skinny girl. Made her compliments only by looks, hands and softly touching her. Connie immediately melted.
And started to shiver. She had never experienced something like that.
It tingled, a bit like when she touched her herself fruitlessly searching for a finish under a warm shower sometimes. But her knees - she, strong and fast athlete like her s****r - had never felt that weak.

Gina noticed it. Carried the tall light-weight girl off to the big bed of Leslie. Took time to undress the shy teen. Kissed her all over.
Next started back at her breasts, which already felt they started to grow until Gina kissed her flower below, which started to glow.

Connie almost suffocated Gina in her first orgasm with the spasms of her powerfull long legs. Gina knew how to bring her down to earth with sweet little kisses. They were still slowly changing from panting to giggling when Leslie found them. Seeing their kiss, she founded Gina´s Gyno Club for their hot Summer to come. Many times a day, all three of them! ;-)P
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3 years ago
it is great
3 years ago
I liked this:)
3 years ago
I hope you like my stories about Gina and her close lady friends. Vote for it. And I´ll keep writing.

When I´ve 1000, I´ll sell them to the richest publisher in the world and buy the girls an island in the Paradise Sea. We´ll live long ever after from coconut-water and love at the beach.