Gina´s Gyno Club - part zero

Gina´s Club is founded in part one. When we meet Gina she´s just 18. Graduated two weeks before. That was her biggest party so far. Now it´s her birthday early Summer. She invited all her best girlfriends, even Leslie, who´d already taken her MA last month. And some boys from class and sports of course. But after trying two of the most promising and being steady with them for a few months, she´d lost most of her interest for them.

As always, Leslie stunned Gina with her looks, confidence and independant personality. A tall athletic blonde, her hair cut very short. Gina loved her openness and direct approach. Almost like a guy, but never blunt as them. Always gentle and great, and with a sweet seductive smile.

She spoke Leslie only shortly on her crowded partly. Welcoming her. And shortly before she´d left. Gina had a bit difficulty to remember every detail sharply. It was her first party where she drank some alcohol. But she did remember that suddenly Leslie popped up and asked her, whispering to her ear so others wouldn´t overhear:

"You´re very lovely Gina and look so great tonight. I would like to invite you tomorrow. Is that alright?" Gina looked into her big blue eyes. She wanted to scream "Yes, please!" but embarrassed, she only nodded. "Fine" said Leslie, "Thank you for your invitation, I loved to see you again. I pick you up tomorrow at ten".

The rest of her party disappeared mostly in a haze. She switched to drinking water. Danced more, saw all guest out. Very tired and excited she crashed out. Just enough energy to set the alarm clock. Tomorrow she would shower. She was grown up now, could decide herself when she would want to shower.

Soon a weird dream, which she could reconstruct only partly, carried her away.
Leslie was in it and all kind of usual things they did, but she couldn´t really remember well when the alarm told her it´s now really time to shower.

But soaping up and caressing herself back into reality, she suddenly noticed that she´d gotten very wet by the dream about Leslie which she hardly could recontruct. First time something like that happened to her.

Still a bit sl**py when Leslie picked her up, she was glad her eldest girlfriend took over. Leslie was sweet, fast and efficient. She drove young pretty Gina to her apartment, made her a big breakfast to last her most of the day and was kissing and fondling Gina as soon as she finished her plate.

Leslie learned Gina in the one week she stayed at her all on lesbian love she would need to know for the rest of her life. They became lovers, a couple, it went very fast. A very happy pretty pair: tall dykish Leslie, and petite feminine Gina. The sportive type and the delicate shy beauty. Also short cut, but brown hair. Smaller very firm breasts, feminine hips.

Gina started a long Summer of love. She loved the lessons of Leslie.
She loved Leslie. She loved being lesbian. She was very happy.
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2 years ago
That is the way real love is. Iam so very happy they found each other. Some of us never do!!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
You amaze me Peter..kisses
3 years ago
Gina had never met Connie, the much younger sister of Leslie in the year they were a couple.
After they broke up, Leslie and Gina kept seeing each other as they were best friends for ever.
Three years later Connie came to stay all Summer.
That Summer Gina´s Gyno Club was erected.
See part one.