Flower Institute - early history

Amsterdam was first in the world with many things. Good and bad.
The first financial bubble: speculation in the tulip market. Tulips aren´t even Dutch, they originate from Turkey. The first banks as well. Happy to finance, speculate and invest in American independance. As the Brits were our favourite enemies.

But also the first "Flower Institute" for transforming classy virgins into full blown women. But that´s a long story. Patient readers: welcome to next paragraphs.

We did the "Golden Revolution" for the Brits, but had to swallow swapping New York for Surinam after we lost the second war at sea. Bad deal, IMHO.
Back to banking: John Adams still has an institute to his name in Amsterdam. He was first ambassador of emerging US, organised their first international credit in Amsterdam and became President of the USA in reward for indebting as first his country, be it into freedom and independance.

Amsterdam speculants also invented short selling. I live in a famous old sailor´s quarter. My street is Tasman - after Abel Tasman, who gave his name to Tasmania. At the corner is his colleague sailor speculant, Le Maire street. He´s the one who invented short selling. It didn´t help him. His colleagues found out, and bankrupted the guy. Only a 20 meter street to his name. Nothing more is left of him.

So here´s the morale: don´t speculate or sell short what you ain´t got.
Flowers are a gift to ladies. Ladies are God´s gift to this world.
A lady gets thousands of flowers in her long life. But gives hers only once.
That´s why we erected our institute of well-doing to take care of their precious flowers with all our experience, dedication, patience and love.
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2 years ago
Wish that wisdom would
attract more readers!

I vote ***** poet Pete
3 years ago
yes very good
3 years ago
My lesson: always bring flowers to your love.