Sexy Solagge Sucks #1

Sweet Solagge is the sort of sexy smart slut who loves her power over men with her hot mouth
She simply loves to feel a soft small cock slowly grow under her loving licks and careful kisses
Solagge loves those cocks which can get long enough from her loving to reach into her throat
She loves to make those men come in her mouth and next lick their big dicks completely clean

Sexy Solagge makes an intimate interesting impression on me with her horny answers

Sexy Solagge was the first and still only of the dozen female friends I have warned at their walls
Sweet Solagge answered me in my private as I wished about her favourite fancies and fantasies
Simply stated, Solagge loves to suck cock from its tiniest state into the best wooden manhood
Solagge loves to feel it grow in her hot able mouth - down her throat to suck them at her best!

Sexy Solagge answered my post at her wall to write me about het hot wishes for a sexy situation
Solagge changed her status - she challenged men to tell her their hottest horny wishes with her
Smart Solagge immediately reacted to my re-challenge her: tell me yours and I will write a story
See below for the actual quotes from our private conversations about such a sexy versed story!

Solagge is quite smart, slender and sexy - tall, tender and tasty - six reasons for my invite
She is as open as she is horny in her hot cute contact with interesting international friends
Solagge doesn't need many words to express what she likes, three sentences in two messages
She loves to suck long cocks from the very beginning till the happy and hot end in her throat

Solagge sweet cute confessions in private messages to me for her hot sexy stories

Solagge confesses privately: "On the giving end: I love feeling a cock grow in my mouth
Feel it get larger closer to my throat, finally going down my throat slurping it till it cums
Then I will lick and gently suck on the tip - so that I get all of the cum out into my mouth
I will lick and suck on the balls until he is ready for round two, three, four or even more!

On the receiving end: I am a lover of 69 but I honestly prefer to give than receive
I am all natural - my nipples are extremely sensitive - and I like cocks of all sizes"
Soon after in our private messages she summed up her basic hot horny dirty dreams:
"I love the feeling of a cock growing in my mouth and reaching the back of my throat"

No need to tell you that these few messages aroused the itch in my fingers to type
I promised my dear foxy friend a versed sexy story for her within only some hours
No dear, I am real and I always keep my promies to my girlfriends - so it is no hype
Nice sweet Solagge wrote me not to hurry, promising to read my other 200+ stories

Solagge shows her sexy skills: she comes to and in Amsterdam at Master Peter

I like sexy Slogge so much from our cunning conversations, that I immediately invite her
I get her from the airport and bring her home to me as fast as I can - within half an hour
I take off my trousers and invite her to prove that her mouth is where her hot words were
I like her dedication and patience to make my old slick little dick into a wooden manhood

Sexy Solagge sucks so well she hardly needs five mighty minutes to get my manhood right
Sweet Solagge blossoms as soon as the tip of the purple head touches her longing throat
Solagge has nice nipples which turn into dear diamonds from her sexy sucking success me
Sexy Solagge is now my favourite cow-girl, earning first prize in milking my mighty member

Solagge smiles at me, licks her hot lusty lips - "You taste like more, my foreign foxy friend"
"Sweet Solagge you are the best sexy sucker I'd ever met, I want to suck YOU now my dear"
Sweet subby Solagge egerly spreads her lovely looking long legs and opens her other lips
"Solagge you are now my sexy slave, I order you to come from my kisses to your love lips!"
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3 months ago
The second story is farmuch better read,
already in four or five hours only!
3 months ago
5 months ago
Over one hundred views
in under twenty minutes
is a very fast start! ;)
Thank you readers - PoPE
5 months ago
'Thumbs up', please
Thank You dear reader
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5 months ago
Solagge found first
version written well
despite unfinished!
5 months ago
Re-written -edited and abriged
from a blog of a few month back