Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #6

Stella Maris is our mighty Mistress on the penultimate day of our role play for three
Stella Maris is a slender stylish beautiful blonde ballet amateur of quite high level!

Marina is as tall and tasty but a brunette, both wear their hair short, it is so sexy
Marina is this day servant of Stella Maris with the right to speak, I am silent slave

Marina has a very sexy idea, which she whispers to Stella Maris, keeping the surprise

Marina starts slowly to seduce and please Stella Maris - right from the moment we three wake up
Marina licks her earlobes and bites her softly in the back of her long neck to get her attention

Marina whispers in her ear: dear do you remember how hot Peter got from a finger in his sphinxter?
Marina continues: we fucked each others asses with that strap-on and Peter took us even more there

Stella Maris giggles and whispers back: you suggest I should fuck him as hard in his virgin ass?
Stella Maris blushes from the idea to dominate me - would she really dare to take my virginity?

My wives whisper and negociate about the best plan to take me without any risks for them

The tasty ex-teens talk - both are only 20, Marina almost 21, we will have her party in three weeks
The tender cute beauties turn obsessive with the idea but they are a bit afraid I might not like it

Marina insists - if you are afraid of him we will tie him up, with a few pillows under his belly
Marina has an even hotter idea: let us do it outside on the terrace, so neighbours can watch it!

Stella Maris gets her point: all tied up and next anally abused in public is pretty humiliating
Stella Maris gets in command: slave get the bed and bring it out on the balcony, bring us ropes!

Anally awesomely abused by two tough tasty yummy young lovely looking lustful ladies

Soon I lie on a pretty pile of pillows, I am all tied up in the burning sun and wait for my fate
Soon Stella Maris orders Marina to spit on my sphinxter before she penetrates me deep as in hate

It is big and it is long and it is all in my dry virgin ass which hurts as hell from penetration
It is also terribly hot, my hardon pushes hard into the pillows as if I would be a cushion-fucker

Marina bends over between my legs to lick my balls from behind - she swallows my eggs and munches
Marina makes me explode for the first time but my hard-on stays - as Stella Maris still pounds me

Both beauties know no mercy with me and my painful pretty pink sexily swollen sphinxter

Stella Maris continues to screw me mercilessly making me come one time after another, my balls hurt
Stella Maris gets exhausted - she orders Marina to take over her strap-on and keep banging my butt

After about a dozen times coming I lose count and consiousness from the exquisite tasty treatment
After I awake I am untied - my balls are down to teabags but my butt hurts really terribly by now!

I get up and bend over in front of the mirror to look at my rosette with my head between my knees
I see a purple culliflower where once my tiny pink sphinxter had been - my girls kiss and oil it!

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My brides softy rim with the tip of their tongues my mighty red rosette
My brides softly lick and kiss my swollen sphinxter and mighty member :P
5 months ago
In the final day of our role play I will be the Master over my wanton wives
In the final day I can reward them for the tasty defloration of my rosette!
5 months ago
Such a surprise to me to write this sexy episode
Such an intimidating experience with my brides!