Right hand, left lane

Right hand, left lane

A little poem of love for
a teen driving dangerously

Right hand driving
Fast, hence left lane
On the road again
From West to East
From Left to Right
And back again
High speed, I know

Your little secret

It´s the hole in your pocket.
I know you did it on purpose.
Irish red-head swinging to the East.
Singing a song of love and longing.

Who are you? Old enough to drive?
A sexy hole in your pocket.
So you can drive very fast?

Your button of love

I know your dirty little secret.
You press your special button
All the time, you want to speed up
To be sure to come in time.
This time you will not come late.

You would feel so ashamed!
No, never be too late again.

As love takes time to travel

Irish hot-head do not worry.
Your guardian angel travels
With you. But please speed down.

Baby, believe my knowlegde and faith:
Good coming takes quite some time!

To go where you want to get, for
some quiet quality time of love.

Oh, long road of longing for love

Together finally, I long for you.
But please don´t come too fast.
I really want you to last!
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3 years ago
duh it has to be a girl
3 years ago
Erin is right - and it is so easy to remember:

Your left is where your thumb is at the right.
And the other way around! Right? Or you left me?
3 years ago
I do like to drive slow. And my right hand always knows what my left hand is doing.
3 years ago
The teen is a girl?
3 years ago
Quiz question of this month of March:

Guess the gender of the teen?
Winner will earn a poem for free!