HAIKU's #1 (in C, D, E, F, G, H (NL), I &

A collection of HAIKU's, first in five languages: Dutch, English, French, German and Polish
I start with three in English after observation of voyeur video of a brunette beauty bating
After every haiku in another tongue I will try to give a variation of it in English as well
I will first explain how it all started to happen here for me - quite unexpectedly in fact!

In most HAIKU's I try to play with the sound of it in four different tongues from my mother's
At last moment of my edit I decided to try Catalan and Italian, I lack any dictionaries in one
A HAIKU has a simple formula of three lines with 5-7-5 syllabes (in pronounciation, not spelling)
It is a Japanese tradition emerging for several centuries - a bit 'Zen' in its hidden meanings
At first glance it is an observation about the course of nature, often quite enigmaticly worded

Six sex HAIKU's as observations of a voyeur video of a beautiful brunette bating

One day someone replied to my comment at a masturbation voyeur video of a brunette beauty
That it sounded like a HAIKU to him - in fact it was not, but indeed a fresh verse of me
I liked the idea though so I challenged myself to try to write few of them to that video

This story starts with cuts and pastes from the comments at that video and a link to it
I will see where these first tries will lead me - depends on any reactions of my readers
My comment was the first one to a fresh upload of friend Julie, whose taste I like a lot:

Brunette beauty bates
In sexy secretly shot
Private explosion

Thank you for your share
Jolly juicy Julie there
I vote ***** POET PETE

Some guy puncikefe replies:
It's a funny haiku :D
I answer his comment:

It is a funny foxy idea indeed
I will try to write some haikus
I know the old rules for them
I need verses of syllabes 5-7-5

I need to make an observation
I know it is best about nature
I vote five stars for the idea:
* * * * * - porn Poet PETER

Cute chick's clam, clicks clit
Sexy Spring shoots through my thighs
Orgasms where are thou?

Window open view
She knew I was watching her
She did it for me!

Busy beauty bates
How hot and wet she can get?
Heaven only knows

At #1 I inform my readers about me some bit in an enigmatic erotic observation of facts of life:
I am an elder genteman hippie - still sporting his long hair tied on top like a slim sumo
At my age I miss my straight shot of sperm from my yonder years with my Stella Maris
I refer to the two sexy series with her - last installment of last not far down my list of stories
At #5a it is almost finished - with #5b, any numbers of #6 & #7 to be written it nears its finish
I mention the title of #5a here for Your convenience: Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #5a!

HAIKU #2 is easy to understand: I imagine she is my girl, she knows I am warmly wanton watching her
I love to see my love make love to prettiest parts of her hot slender sensual beautiful body
I long to secretly see a lovely looking lass in bare ass and cute cunny caught in sexy solo sex
I saw several fully nude unnoticed for a few minutes, see my story about my nice niece Nunia

I give you the title Confessions #5: Nice niece Nunia -1 - I overheard her come at s1xteen!
I gave her an erotic massage to relieve pain watched by blond beauty from her freshmen year in Law
I will tell that #2 soon in a seperate installment about my live-in nice niece for five yummy years

HAIKU #3 sees me as I try to get good look of her private parts, alas she's too far from me
I am short sighted - luckily only physically by my eyes from very young age, my basic-school years
I need binoculars if I want to see if she gets wet, but I might hear her moan full passion
I sometimes wish I'm God: able to see through walls and clothes any pretty pussy from close!

Nonsense HAIKU's about a shark and a cow in Dutch and English

Next I tried puns in Dutch on the sound of 'haiku'
which is for Dutch ears two big be4sts 'haai' and 'koe'
A strange combination: I have a shark and a cow together

Haai vangt een koe - hoe?
Glimlacht als blaadje sla
Koe kijkt - hap strot - dood

Koe vangt een haai - hoe?
Roept hard boe - haai schrikt zich rot
Koe hapt toe - haai dood

Same ones in English
I fear my translation
is not very accurate ;)

Shark catches a cow - how?
Smiles wide like some fresh lettuce
Cow comes - shark bites - dead!

Cow catches shark - how?
Big bad boo - shark scares to death
Cow prefers grass though

Grass is an interesting slang expression for pot, weet or Mary Jane
Garden facing the South with lots of sun and hardly any freezing like for my eight dods
Great to live in old Amsterdam, still tolerant to minor sins like growing your own d0pe
Grass roots and more come back further down this strange story of me on all that 'stuff'

First try in German geile Sprache again about the bating brunette beauty
Erstes Versuch auf Deutsch über eine sich wichsenden Wunderweib mit braun Haare

HAIKU #1 (D)
Geiles Ereignis
Sie macht es sich richtig heiss
Mann kann sie kommen!

In English someting similar:

HAIKU #1 (E)
Horny happening
She is really getting hot
Boy how hard she comes!

In alphabetical order alternatives:

Was wollstes wissen vom Weiblein? (A)
Wat wil Ge nog weten van haar? (B)
Quien? Quimono Querida, quieres? (C)
Was soll ich noch über sie sagen? (D)
What should I tell more about her? (E)
Quoi à dire en plus d'elle? (F)
Andramoi ennepe mousam ... (G)
Ik vertel van een vrouw ...(H)
Ricorda della Signora ... (I)
Hai! Ai Kawaii desu (J)
Baduk beauty, Go go Go! (K)
Veni vidi vici (L)
Dè mèdje is nit breit mao laangk (M)
Bokmol: Bok hot bok brunet (N)
O-o Ich komme, I come, Je viens (O)
Czym chces kochanio mojo, mna? (P)
Veni vidi fut ci!? (Q)
Zoek je mot of mot je zoek? (R)
Svenska flicka, brunet kat (S)
Bir iki uc Stanbul minareti (T)
Olo mojo pinkno kachano! (U)
Ora et Labora, Urbi et Orbi (V)
Llanfarllulloniansomethinggr8gal (W)
X-ray specs: C through women's clothes!(X)
Doddi Daddisdottir Inga Iglosson(Y)
De kins mich get! - 'Moelke' :*(Z)

I am pretty sure no reader will win first Prize
for translating all correctly, stating tongues!

HAIKU's for Go Players

Go is an ancient Asian board game, boring for most ordinary intellectuals
The best of all, according to those who know both Chess, Checkers and Go!

Go originates from China but all in the West were taught by Japanese
for whom it is a traditional national art like calligraphy or poetry
The Shogunate had a Ministry of Go until mid 19th Century!
Hence in the West we use the Japanese words in Go, like 'dan' for a
Master level player ('black belt' in martial arts) 'kyu' for students

High kyu meets Master
First even game between them
Black loses of course

Background historical and cultural information as an explanation:
Black begins in the game of Go, not white as in Chess or Checkers
The board is completely empty, again the exact opposite situation

Against a Master player, a kyu needs to take his handicap to stand any chance of winning
You can compare the strategic situation to a round of golf against any professional player
A strong amateur with handicap 18 needs at a 18-holes golf course one stroke more per hole
At Go the maximum handicap in a game is 9 stones, so it is if White passes first nine moves

It is an honour and large achievement for an amateur to reach the level for a game on even!
Of course one can not ask a Sensei for a game on even, one has to earn that privilege
One needs to win first four games more than the Master in games taking two handicap stones
In all, one only needs 36 wins without any losses to step through the rankings to get there

Imagine an ideal young talent like in the popular Manga "Hikaru no Go" series
In the beginning of this century written to attract again young players to the Go game
Hikaru is a reincarnation of the most famous Master of all times - the Invincable
He is inspired by the Go-Gods in his games trying to become Sho-dan professional

Even he is only human, a crucial final game by point only to miss his promotion, he loses
He hates his arch-rival and needs to learn you can't win of an opponent you don't respect
Your mind and heart should be free - full of joy for the occasion in every little aspect!

You need stamina and tenacity to be able to overcome such severe set-backs to your career
Grit your teeth, study harder, try again to win the competiton for the one spot next year
Go is all about life and death at the board - a lot like life, as sometimes you just lose

High kyu asks for advise
Master which side should I block?
No block - play elsewhere!

Based on an anecdote about a fragile old sensei of the highest grade - nine dan:
He visited Amsterdam in the early 70-ies long-haired pot-smoking hippie amateur dans players
Games writer Léon Vié used a geographical metaphore to explain the answer of the Master:

The hippies argued whether black should next play in Spaarndam or in Schellingwoude
Two old villages near Amsterdam - His Master's Voice: Tjietjerkstradeel village in Frysia
The meaning of it is: Look at the whole board situation - not only a small local quarrel!

High kyu thinks he's best
All my groups are safe - I'll win!
Master makes more points

Simply stated: in Go the one with more surviving stones at the board than the opponent wins
If black does not lose any one stone (s)he will win by one point as the total number is odd
Go goes by stones at intersections of a 19x19 grid, a stone with for adjacent enemies is dead

HAJ KU #1 - Probe in Polish - Sprobuje po Polsku (I try in Polish)

Haj, ku towarzysz?
Ku cudownostwie pójde
Mój Boze, przegram?

Also about a game of Go (E):
Hi, where are you going comrade?
Towards wonderfulness I go
My God, do I lose?

HAIKU en Francais

Hachicien kyu jou
Hache coupe les pierres blancs partout
Haj coup de foudre

Word by word in English (E):
Hash smoking kyu plays
Axe cut the white stones everywhere
Hi(gh) lightning strikes

Haj is colloquial French from English (which is basicly French, wrongly pronounced ;)
Haj means the informal greeting Hi! and as well something for smokers of pot: High!

Catalan HAIKU - I hardly understand half of easy Spanish, so fresh territory to me


Hai kyu, Negro soi?
Los Gaviotes de Hielo?
Forsa di Canut!

The middle line: title of a tome poetry in Catalan by my friend Luis Miguel Sanz-Irles
It means literally Mews of Ice it is his metaphore for his feelings, Winter in Amsterdam
He had fled his home twn of Valencia in one night as a young Marxist-Leninist communist

His father got a tip that his son would be arrested next morning by Franco's Secret Police
He took some clothes and his guitar, fled across the border in the mountains that morning
He lived many years at the same large student apartment in old A'dam with me, he knew town
He played in restaurants for his living in his tradional student uniform - next we had fun

He was a real womaniser and a Don Juan or Casanova, easy - fluent in seven languages!
He even got me into two three-somes, one with a hottie from Holland from our floor
He presented a fine Flemish sweet shy slender young yummy blonde beauty to me as a present
Her name is her presage Nomen est Omen - Lieve (H) is both Love and Beloved in E ;)

More or less something similar in English (E):

Hello kyu-player, are you Black?
Loathing of (White) Ice?
Let's drink to that!

The first line is both black for playing Black as feeling sad after losing to ice-cold White
The middle expresses his feelings losing hot headedly to White who did keep his cool all time
The last line could mean many things, as in any proper HAIKU of any dan level
The most literal translation is Strength to your Canals implying Olé do Pez (ES)

The main connotation is erotic and empathic as a Cheers it's We wish you a hard big prick
The hidden meaning for a Go player with some sense of irony is firstly Fuck Ice-cold White
The second one something like Forget White & Go, let's drink one and go out for fu(n/ck :P

Italian HAIKU - I grab my two small dictionaries H-I and I-H for help in spelling


Haj kyu, com'estai?
Bianco non amore?
Vita é duro!

Word by word in English (E):

Hello kyu-player, how are you?
White no love? (Is Black tough on you?)
Life is hard!

Lengthy Lecture about Go in Our Age - since the invention of the komi compensation
to balance back chances to win for White to almost equal in even games and avoid any draws
please feel free to skip it if you are not really interested or my verses make you nervous!

Often in even games it is very hard for White to 'get into the game' and get any chance of winning
Compare it to chess where White has the initiative in the opening moves - Black has hard work in
the middle game to reach an even position and chances for draw - a draw at the board is rare in Go

In Go white can play perfect moves all the time but Black can keep the lead by equally good moves
In modern Go, only in most amateur tournaments in Germany draws are less rare than anywhere else
In Asia they prefer knock-out tournaments and the Japanese invented komi just to do that

In professional games they observed that Black's advantage was too large often, Black's won 55%!
In their opinion 4.5 points extra for White would balance the scores to equal chances for both
It helped them from the 30-ies to the 60-ies, still White won more games than black on average

They tries 5.5 in in 70-ies & 80-ies. 6.5 in the 90-ies and now use 7.5 mostly like in China
That still didn't fully help in the long run Black wins still stable at slightly over 51%! ;)
There is a telling anecdote to illustrate that: the Ing-Cup is the 'Olympic Gold' in Go

That Ing Chang-ki 'Chess Ing was a billionaire from Taiwan with his own ideas of Goe
The stubborn spelling is illustrative for his character, he introduced 7.5 komi in his tourney
Those days most top players preferred to play White - for an 'easy win' by one or two points
The real attacking players with imagination still were sure Black is still best - and right so!

I mention my hero Honinbo takemiya Masaki famous for his 'cosmic' style and imagination
I also remember 'Juju' Jiang who fled to the USA after the Tien An Min 'Incident'
I conclude my long lecture about the game of Go, its long interesting history of 30-40 centuries

I warmly welcome Your try in any language You like, please feel free to a comment and 'thumb up'
I will try to do two in 'dead tongues' Latin G(LTN)and Ancient Greek (AGR)
I have double dictionaries to Dutch for both, not for sexy Swedish no need, I'll invent!

I will also try to write a HAIKU in Slovakian, I have my double dictionary E-SK & SK-E
I will even try to do one in Russian, not sure about transcriptions from my F-RUS & RUS-F
I will even try one in Cashubian with my mini dictionaries (16 pages A6) D-CSB & PL-CSB!

Thank you for reading my foolish verses and lengthy explanations till the very end - Poet PETER
78% (6/2)
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1 year ago
Fijn mijn mooi wijfje blij dat jij
het leuk vindt lekkere Linker ;)

Zoete zoentjes ***** POETA-PETRA
1 year ago
Leuk dat Nederlandse versje :P
1 year ago
De dommen zijn trots op hun grote onkunde!
Elke keer hun oordeel klaar: duim omlaag :D
1 year ago
Great genes we seem to share for foreign tongues and local dialects love!
Great alphabet you wrote for me my dear dod with all your tasty talents :*
1 year ago
Like about the sound of the word Beet (E)
Like Bitt' (A) sehr for Yes please! (E)
Like Biet! (B) for Bite! (E)
Lo Bista (C) for a beefsteak (E)
Like Bitte (D) auf Deutsch is please (E)
La Bite (F), féminin en Francais for prick
Like Bita (G) is new Greek for beta (E)
Like Biet (H) op zijn Hollands is beet (E)
La Biscia (I) is a rattle-snake (E)
Like Bida (J) is ... ? I've no idea!(E)
Like Bida (K) sounds like Let's drink (E)
Like Biete? (L&M)) is Wanna a Bite? (E)
1 year ago
Long live to polyglots
Like Luis Miguel and me
Lots of tongues to us two
Lots of fun we can have!
1 year ago
Lost for words and energy
Long lasting enormous endeavour
Lasts me eights hours to write
Little like my plan: one hour