Confessions #3: Polka Penelopa

Penelope from Poland is a blond beauty, a slender submissive sexy student of spanking
Penelopa is her name in Polish, most of her Confession was in Polish, hence hardly quotes
Penelope understands English pretty well, she hardly has an idea how to write in English
Penelopa was sometimes so funny in Polish, so I leave bits of it, her quotes in Italics

Penelope persists in silly sins, provoking boys and touching her private parts everywhere

Penelope welcome, I hope you haven't continued your bad habit of touching yourself so often?
Penelope: I touch myself everytime and everywhere, whenever I get an occasion, also at school
Penelope: I am so naughty at University, I provoke innocent boys with my tasty ass all the time
Penelopa: Prowokuje niewinnych chłopców moim tylkiem - Oh dear, special penitention Penny!

Penelope you need also special therapy from me! Tylkiem, so my tsty therapy will start there
Penelope I can't see your tylek very well in confession, I invite you for private audience Penelope feel welcome to come in my room, so you can show me how you provoke boys at University
Penelope you know God prefers sinners only sin in Church under guidance of their spritual Father?

Penelope I like to see from close how you provoke boys, for first penitention you will undress!
Penelope you will walk around naked and show your Father how well you can shake that tasty ass!
Penelopa: Wypinac i potrząsać i kręcic:) - stick it out, shake and turn my awesome bottom
Penelope I must admit that you are very teasing, even to a spiritual Father, who is only human!

Penelope I can see this humiliating situation is turning you on to tell by your naughty nipples
Penelope I notice the blushes at your cheeks - so come and sit on my lap with your legs wide!
Penelope show your Father how well you can play with yourself - let me first inspect you there
Penelope I want to know exactly how wet you already get! Let me lick your love lips dry first!

Penelope gets special penitention in private, she needs to show Father her private parts
Penelope so you can start to get wet all over again, my horny hot and charming c***d of our God
Penelope called me uncle wujek in our earlier talks with my nice naughty niece in Poland
Penelopa: Sułtanne ubierz wujku? Jeszcze tak szac! - Do I wear my robe? I still do, honey!
Penelope after you succesfully come from playing with your naughty pussy I will start penitention

Penelope I will administer my special penitention to those both culprits: your bums and your pussy!
Penelopa: Mmmm, my Father! - Dozen slaps by hand at each cheek, a dozen at your naughty cunt
Penelope now spread your legs real wide and let me see how well you can pleasure your sexy snatch
Penelope as we are still in the Church, you are allowed to orgasm from your Fathers penitention!

Penelope I apply my therapy to your pussy and lovely looking bottom, which will burn and turn red
Penelope you are allowed to orgasm my c***d for the eye of God and your sexy spiritual foxy Father
Penelope we await your big 'O' before we will give your blessing for your pleasure and your soul
Penelopa jestes juz blisko, blondynko mojo! - You are already so close to coming, my blonde!

Penelope: Thank you for Your blessing my friendly Father, I like it when You come hard in my face
Penelope: Tomorrow I will be back for my spanking, dear Father - I need to go to my classes first
Penelope warm welcome back to land across my lap, dressed only in your innocently looking smile
Penelope your bums will burn like hell, but it's better to burn your butt and not landing in Hell!
75% (3/1)
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8 months ago
The next true Confession from Poland
is my own experience with a niece.
Nice Nunia went with us on holidays

As a student she lived at our place
where I massages her intimately once
and later I watched her secretly
when she shaved under the shower :P
8 months ago
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8 months ago
We welcome back Penelope for her hot penitention
We welcome good ideas how to spank her bums best
We intend to try a new position on her 'Horniness'
We envisage her across one leg, slightly lifted
We will not inform her about my secret camera! :P
8 months ago
Penelope is one of my most naughty and nice nieces
Penelope is a blond beauty, longing for experience
Penelope's private parts are no longer a sexy secret
Penelope sent me a few of her most private pictures!