Blonde beauties bare beachvolley #2

How to solve this very embarrasing situation: we find the three teen dods of Kris watching porn!
We three, that is their mom Kris, my granddod Petra and me - we are neighbours at the nudist beach
Petra and me share genes and a similar ingenuous intuition to solve sexy situations as this one is
As the only elder one and only man I take the initiative to find an interesting intriguing way out

Proper corporal punishment for whom and why?

The eldest of the three is only f0urteen - it is probably their first time they saw sexy stuff
It all the fault of Petra as she had invited the teens to our place for pizza and playing games
Petra has an X-box which she showed them - she 'forgot' her computer was still open at xhamster
We three just had dinner and a sexy three-some at the house of Kris, before we checked the girls

Watching what might be at someone's private laptop isn't very polite of you three teens, is it?
They blush and stammer, not daring to look me into my eyes - I propose an unusual punishment
Curiousity for sexy things is a healthy habit though at your ages - I don't blame you for that
I wonder who is most to blame - Petra for carelessness or perhaps Kris for a failing education?

In my opinion it is best to educate sex openly and in practise - like I have raised my granddod
If you three are so curious about sex, it is much better to see it in real love than acted porn
I take the liberty to tell you three that Petra invited you here, so we could have private time
I loved the dinner Kris cooked, but our three-some was still tastier - I propose some spicy sex!

The three teens blush at another hue now and dare to look at me - with big eyes in expectation
To make up for your embarrasment, I confessed that we three just enjoyed steaming sex together
Just see how excited Kris still is, blushing as beautifully as you three - she will blush more
I think it is highest time or Kris to make some sexy confession to you - I will be the Priest!

First confession, bend over the knee to teach three teens
I will start with another lesson to loosen up Kris for her confession to you three to come later
I will first punish Petra - for offering you free access to watch her private pages on purpose
I will administer good old corporal punishment to her - she was very naughty and got it so often
I will start now - girls sit at the couch with your mom - Petra please assume the proper position

Petra knows what that means - we are all still naked - so no need to strip to present her bare ass
Petra bends over my knees for her spanking - the girls watch in awe: seems to hurt - bums turn red
Petra loves my caresses in between the spanking to ease the burning of her bottom and feel her sex
Petra moans and pants - she slowly spreads her legs for fuller exposure, time for sexy inspection!

I invite the eldest teen to step closer for inspection, while I spread Petra's love lips further
I invite the eldest teen to take a good look at the pussy of Petra, describe to us what she sees
I love to see the amazement in her eyes as she notices how very wet the tasty twat of Petra now is
I love to see her embarrasment - how not to give away that she already knows well what that means?

Petra knows well how the play the second violin in improvisation like this, which she likes a lot
Petra tells the teens: first time Peter told me he would spank me for being a brat, I was scared
Petra adds: I discovered first time the pleasure I feel from it is so much stronger than any hurt
Petra longs for more: I hope Peter will offer me more - a couple of dozen on top will send me off

I know exactly how to make Petra come very hard, this is only a teasing try or a first love lesson
I know exactly how to make Petra show a sweet sexy small come from my spanking and caressing her
I know exactly what Petra had in mind all the time - after the good time she longed for with Kris
I know exactly that Petra on purpose forgot to spank Kris in our first ever three-some together!

Second confession bend over my knee to teach three teens
I invite Kris to replace Petra over my knees, after she got her first after-dinner orgasm by me
I invite Kris to confess her dear dods her sexy experiences with spanking back at home as a teen
I know her story, as well as Petra who reads all my private messages to look for any dirty details
I know pretty well she did not dare yet to tell her dods in detail about her unusual sex-education

Kris blushes deep indeed, she gets my point in trying to teach the girls while waiting for a spank
Kris breathes deep before she start her part of teaching: When I was as young as you, my youngest
Kris blushes red: I was a very naughty nasty blond brat of ten and I often got spanked for that
Kris breathes deep again: I enjoyed my bum being bared and spanked at my tight tasty teen behind!

I invite Kris to explain: I noticed like Petra, already at first time the humiliation turns me on
I know Kris will continue now to tell them more: I felt more pleasure than pain from my spanking
I soon started to behave as a bad brat on purpose, whenever my mom's boyfriend was at our house
I assume I got as wet back then at ten as Petra just got - in fact I'm already wet as well now!

Kris continues her confesion while I slowly spank her lovely looking bottom - she spreads her legs
Kris continues her lesson: I soon noticed slaps at my lovely looking love lips are the best for me
Kris switches to the second sexy aspect: I soon noticed that it turned on your granny's boyfriend
Kris shares her sexy secret: I once got spanked in advance by him, so I could be bad for that one!

Spanking for salvation and sexy education
I continue to spank - caress her bums and along her helpless wet twat till Kris can't help coming
I continue the love lesson to the three tasty teen blond cute beauties with watching actual sex
I turn Kris to similar position as in our earlier three-some with her face down alongside my legs
I know Petra will get below her between my knees to kiss and fondle Kris from the other side again

Kris loves it - she feels my manhood rise during my spanking - she longs for another penetration
Kris knows her dods probably have noticed my member got a lot larger from those painful practises
Kris knows she wants another hot hard sex session with the three of us - for the eyes of her dods
Kris loves my sexy solution, the love lesson to her three teen dear dods and the salvation to come

I know the three teens are most curious for full exposure of my big brown banana, see it squirt
I know they will watch that also soon this warm weekend turning hot as hell - or is it heaven?
I know Kris is fertile now - I can just smell her musky mix of feromones and hot horny hormones
I know Kris makes beautiul babies - I do hope and pray: let our love baby be blond as hers so far

Kris comes eagerly - again in unisono with me - as soon as she feels my squirts deep inside her
Kris comes to rest at my lap for a while trying to regain her breath back, Petra still kisses her
Kris purrs as I caress her bruised bottom - while I keep an open eye for the reaction of the dods
Kris seems to have forgotten their presence in the sexy seventh heaven she climbed the stairs to

I call an end to this first foxy naughty nude night - we are all as excited as exhausted by now
I tell the teens to take their mom home and bring her to her bed and turn in immediately as well
I tell the girls: It is only Friday evening late by now - we have all weekend left for more fun
I tell the teens: Tomorrow I offer more love lessons to the three of you - you seem so curious!
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For easy access to the full story, here is #1:
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Yes and its runs well from the very start it popped up at my page!
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Bedankt, schat! :*
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9 months ago
What will the three teens learn more next day?
Will they be offered any practical experience?
What do I know about their actual sexperience?
We do know that the eldest gets wet some days!
9 months ago
Our warm weekend together got hot on Friday evening already
Wonder what will happen at our sweet sexy Saturday for six?
Will Sunday be sunny outside or offer other sexy salvation?
We will continue this erotic educational sexy series here!