Jenny comes home, spanks Alexandra (#7)

Jennifer is my nice naughty dear dod - I educate her at home in erotic theory and practise
Alexandra is my new pupil, a tiny tits blond beauty - slim, smart and slender Swedish sweetie
At her wet warm welcome party in that teasing redhot raunchy sexy sauna Jenny made Alex come
Jennifer looks forward as much as me to teach her new fabulous friend some proper discipline!

Jennifer hopes to help in the erotic education of her fresh friend at our private place

Jennifer wakes up first after our integration party at New Year's Eve, behind my back in our bed
Jennifer reaches around me to touch her fresh friend at my other side - hers bums warm my belly
Jennifer wakes me up with her eager long longing arm, trying to touch Alexandra again down there
Jennifer presses her belly to my bottom - she tries to get as close as she can to her new friend

Jennifer longs to lecture long Alexandra - all she now knows already about the merits of spanking
Jennifer is as young as yummy and already a sweet experienced expert in her favourite sexy subject
Jennifer has hot hopes I will allow her to teach the cute completely unexperienced hot tasty teen
Jennifer can apparently read my mind - as that is exactly what I intend to plan for New Year's Day

Jennifer gets up first and makes breakfast or us - she sits at my lap - she tries to seduce me
Jennifer easily gets my eager agreement to teach Alex - both in practise and to lecture her love
Jennifer and Alexandra sit down at me immediately after our meal, as Alexandra is eager to learn
Jennifer at my right leg and Alexandra at my left - so Jenny can right hand handle her to teach

Jennifer explains the innocent teen: tough and severe spanking is only for a proper punishment
Jennifer admits to Alexandra she had been terribly spanked for being expelled from their school
Jennifer adds: I know why you were send home - basicly for the same reason - sexual misbehaviour
Jennifer knows one thing well: in punishment for spanking you can't come, for pleasure you can!

Jennifer eagerly offers to volunteer across my lap for a spanking or pleasure, if I feel like it
Jennifer indeed deserves such a sexy reward for her seduction and interesting instruction of Alex
Jennifer gets up to take Alex by her hands to stand up as well - to proudly present her ass to me
Jennifer is experienced - she spreads her legs wide in hot hopes I will slap her wet twat as well

Jennifer learns a new lesson from me - she was used to being allowed to come by rubbing her slit
Jennifer feels how I hold her wrists by my right hand while I slap her bums at my best by my left
Jennifer discovers a new way to reach horny hot heighths she longs for - starts to ride my thigh
Jennifer discovers new insights in the sexual possibilities between best friends for getting high

Jennifer is eminent in erotic education of boyish blond beauty awesome Alexandra
Jennifer turns to ride my left leg - she invites Alex at my right - Alex loves this love lesson
Jennifer hugs me, she whispers her hot wishes in my ear: make me come dear Daddy, make Alex mine
Jennifer gets her answer in my challenge: make Alex come on my leg and you will spank her first
Jennifer keeps kissing me while her left hand dives down from the little tities to the tight twat

Jennifer knows well by now how to make a hot girl come at her orders - as she knows her reward
Jennifer helps hot horny Alexandra to orgasm in unisono with her - to keep a balance at my legs
Jennifer knows now she earns her right to be the first of us two to teach Alex actual spanking
Jennifer invites attractive Alessandra to bend across her lap for her first lesson in practise

Jennifer knows well from my lessons of her private painful experiences at my lap how it works
Jennifer starts with some soft slaps - switching between the tight boyish-like teen ass cheeks
Jennifer hits a bit harder every time - alternating her spanking with sweet soft sexy caresses
Jennifer feels at Alexandra's slit how wet she gets from her first ever spanking for pleasure

Jennifer tells the tasty tiny tit teen that I might still punish her for misbehaving at school
Jennifer tells the th1rteen year young yummy that she can come as she likes, as she is no fool
Jennifer tells the tasty wanton wet sexy Swedish blond cute beauty: I will punish her for full
Jennifer tells the terrific curious cutie she can come now - not with me, the rule of my school

Jennifer feels how hot and wet Alexandra gets at her lap - her hard belly muscles get harder
Jennifer feels how hotly Alexandra starts to heave her hips - in the rythm of her hard hits
Jennifer feels how hot Alexandra is now, how close to come for us as our sexy submissive girl
Jennifer feels how hot Alexandra will come from her first ever sexy spanking for pure pleasure

Jennifer knows she earns some sexy credits at her hot Dad to make Alexandra come from spanking
Jennifer knows she will be invited to watch from close the next private painful lesson for Alex
Jennifer hopes she will be invited to have hot sex next with her dear Daddy, with Alex watching
Jennifer hopes she earns such a sexy tribute for her fine foxy efforts to educate our sexy Alex
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9 months ago
Indeed dear doddie - don't you worry!
We will teach her all she needs to know
Lots to learn in lesbian love for both
Lot to learn more for Alexendra from me
9 months ago
Well sweet Alex sounds like a perfect addition to the family, lots of spanking and pussy eating and cock worshiping, I could teach her a lot and you can teach us both a lot.
9 months ago
Thank you, my dear friend Leslee
* * * * * POET PETER
9 months ago
Very nicely done Peter!
9 months ago
Hahaha - cool ... ?
Nou maak je borst maar nat
Het wordt nog veel heter
Vooral die arme billetjes :P
Dank je schatje ***** Poeet PEET
9 months ago
Hahahah :) Cool verhaal
9 months ago
Readership still grows with over 100 per hour!
In half a day already 1400+ views for this part
Looks like it will do a good as most episodes
Which almost all gained 2000+ readers here :P
9 months ago
With over 600 reads in first four hours
we feel proud of the successful start
Thank you my readers ***** POET PETER
9 months ago
Jennifer and Alexandra are still so young and innocent
Jennifer and Alexandra are as eager to learn from me
Jennifer and Alexandra are open for my further lessons
Jennifer and Alexandra are both wide open ears and legs
9 months ago
Seventh episode in my most successful series ever
seen by the numbers of reads for each part so far

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