Confessions #2: Clara sins in Church

Clara is extremely beautiful, as she knows very well herself - just a matter of fact for her
Clara is a warm woman with impressing willpower and patience to wait for the love of her life
Clara knows no carnal sins - as she only makes love with her hot husband in complete devotion
Clara's Confession will be the most unusual for long in this series, which only just started

Clara warmly welcomes my friendly offer to confess at me in my new spiritual specialisation

Clara only posts about her love for the man she waited for to marry her for so many young years
Clara already tells me as her best friend in the net about the bubble-bath of love they just had
Clara likes my pun at her being 'thick' to me, as I pretend she proudly presents her thick clit
Clara likes my wit and attentions to her as much as I like her - admire her being fully faithfull

Clara: I'm an extortionately lucky girl hehe - his mouth is absolutely the best thing in the world
Clara answers to my suggestion her pussy is probably to blame for being so delicious to her hubby
Clara: I'm blessed to know a good writer and a great licker, I just ask him if it is, he hums yes Clara adds: he doesnt even need stop - I tell her about a girl I needed to spank for penitention

Clara: spanking is nice, I like it doggy style, he spanks my bum not too hard just some soft slaps
Clara adds: then I squeeze his cock to death with my kegel muscles in revenge for his treat of me
Clara gets wet from stimulating her mind by best friend in the net, and Andi licking her sexy slit
Clara: caught between your spanking story and Andi licking my clit, I am already getting very wet

Clara accepts my overt invitation to her - I could use part of our talk in a "Confession" story
Clara adopts to a more formal role to start the serious part of her confesions of any sins to me
Clara: if you like to do it, I will be confessing to Pope Pete - I like that idea: poet Pope Pete
Clara: will you mind if I do my honey at the same time as Confession? - I have done that before!

Clara clearly refers to our earlier chats as friends, with her texting me, while Andi ate her out
Clara I look forward to sweet sexy scenes like that in my Church, love - I warmly welcome you two
Clara: I love Andi touching my breasts and kissing down my tummy while I sit typing here with you Clara: how he gently opens my legs then licks me - she adds: I love to watch sexy Snow White movie

Clara continues her hot holy cunning Confession of two lovers for life at poet Pope Pete
Clara: I sit in his arms against the pillows on our bed then putting his hands between my thighs Clara: when Snow White plays with herself, I encourage him to do the same to me while we watch
Clara: in front of the mirror, so I can see us twice is so delicious - his hands gently stroking
Clara: up and down gently, heavenly touching my love lips, before I beg him to be deep inside me

Clara that is a lovely confession love - please go on for the ears of God, c***d of our Church
Clara reacts to the scenario I tell her which inspired this series, a confession into a blow-job
Clara: I wouldnt suck the cock of ány priest - unless perhaps it will get my love Andi a new job
Clara my best friend Alessandra, who sent the link, works for the Church! Maybe Andi can as well?

Clara: no because then I can't sin with him there - could I do it in the pulpet? Over the organ? Clara: what's that music? - The music you hear dear is Soul, like 'Sexual Healing' by Marvin Gaye
Clara and 'Hold on I'm Coming' of Sam & Dave back in the sexy sixties of poet Pope Pete's teenyears
Clara: 'You can leave your hat on' by Etta James, what a hot horny madam - nice to striptease too!

Clara in my story with the Confession of Alesandra I explain the needs of the human flesh to sin Clara can be best served under guard of the Church by an (s)experienced Priest of highest ranking
Clara popes are safest, God doesn't mind much then, wasn't Maria Magdalena a sinner by profession? Clara do you know she even made love with Jezus! - Confession booth sounds now like a nightclub!?

Clara confess honestly to me and to God how often you come during your holy Confession, my c***d
Clara: nightclub isn't good, private booth is a fine idea - I can tease my hot honey at a booth
Clara: I can have him there and then or melt him slowly before I take him elsewhere to vapourise
Clara Andi is your guardian Angel living on earth - it seems he practically lives at your clit!

Clara comes too close to coming during her holy horny honest confusing Confession
Clara bless Andi's face with your holy female fluids, as a married couple that's no sin, my c***d
Clara: I'm not ready to orgasm yet - I'm still being ate here - I did orgasm in the bath before Clara: and the waves are lapping me - I need my honey lick me more - our sexy chat is very nice
Clara: when I do come, it's going to be wild I think - Welcome to come in the Church, dear Sinner

Clara we warmly welcome you two make my holy Confession booth as wet as your bath was, my c***d
Clara: I am going to shower him, why we had a bath before I don't know now anymore - I want him
Clara my c***d, just squirt your holy hot juices right into his face to wash away any sin of him
Clara: my clitoris is dancing a waltz with his tongue - my vagina is his hot dirty dancing disco

Clara: I don't care if you put this in a story - this wave is wow, oh my God he's driving me nuts Clara let Andi give you the holy consecration of his sweet seed deep inside you where it belongs
Clara: I'm begging him, he just giggles, I want him to fuck me - I'm so wet, I want to drown him
Clara: I'm now on top of Andi, he wouldnt stop lick my clit, now I'm going to evaporate his cock

Clara: he shall explode deep inside me - unlike most female friends, I loved my first time ever
Clara: same person who's inside me now - I know, you were so smart to wait for all those years!
Clara: feels too good bliss - God bless you two my dears for coming together in our holy Church
Clara: I just orgasmed on his cock, oh my God - please Poet Pope Pete forgive our sins in Church

Clara and Andi deserve my tasty tribute to them in our own mutual warm words quoted from messages
Clara clearly loves as much as me to massage mutually our minds and imaginations in our exchanges
Clara clearly is the happpiest married woman in the world, as being faithful is so natural for her
Clara is a very exceptional woman, the first and only so far here to be openly only into her hubby
100% (5/0)
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7 months ago
In hindsight it's funny that
Clara blocked shortly after!
I do not miss her at all :P
She will miss me, only friend
Now only her husband is left!
8 months ago
Grazie Clara for your praise and correcting that very important detail in your
Confession to your private poet Pope Peter: ***** POET PETER
8 months ago
On Sunday mornings my friends like to read
nice naughty cute confesion in my church
In first two hours this story is a success
One hundred new reads per hour so far! :P
I'm glad my tribute to my fine friend has
such a sweet sexy success for us three ;-)
8 months ago
Seems God gives us his bliss and blessing
as the sexy sinning of Clara and her Andi
popped up at my page, just right in time for
Sunday's Holy Mess, which we attend all three
8 months ago
Clara told me she hoped to read our story
when her Andi still had the weekend off
as she longs to read my sweet story here
as she is still sits at his longing lap :P
8 months ago
To edit a story here is simply impossible unfortunately
The only way out is to write a blog first and edit it
Then upload it again and wait for a day - or a few more
That's why type-setting seems sloppy at my story, so sorry