Jenny and Tanya - part 6: hitting home

As a true dedicated lover, Tanya let Jennifer come first, knowing that ...

Soon after our culinary extravagancies had culminated, the cab-owners son came up to transport us. On my request he chose a scenery route all along the river.
I had cuddled up with Jenny in the back. Tanya enjoyed the views from front-seat. The driver mentioned landmarks, while my mind drifted off. I loved to further please my dear guests at my home base. Jennifer would be first.

When we got out, Tanya had enough at a small wink of my eye once, to feel intuitively the order of moves to come. As soon as we got inside, we both undressed slender Jenny, who was still juicy from all fruits, kisses and eating out at the other side of the belt-way. We did not need to tie her up. Jennifer was just too eager for more to please to her and make her moan.

First we allowed Jenny to admire herself naked, looking at herself in my dressroom mirror. It´s a real dress-room mirror, it slightly misrepresented ladies looks, making them look slightly more curvier ... Jenny sighed on seeing how beautiful and excited she looked and gladly let us lay her on my low solid wooden table. On her back. Without being asked, Jenny pulled her knees up till they seemed to want to protect her lovely little boobies from the side.

As she likes ... Tanya exchanged a smile with me. Without words we knew how we would proceed with vulnerable want-on hot horny Jenny, so open for us.

Less dream-like as Jenny, Tanya had noticed the little cat-o-nine-tails, dangling down from a side of the female-friendly mirror. It wasn´t a real tough torture instrument, she´d notice in a glance - rather a tourist´s joke of it.
But still useful for pleasing her beloved Jennifer ... her mind had grabbed the idea at once, as she was equally under the spell to please Jenny to the maximum,
as her host was. Pete nodded once ... and Tanya started to cover Jenny´s tight and lightly coloured butt with the leather caresses of the cat.

Meanwhile ol´ Pete had disappeared into his adjacent kitchen, trusting her favourite witch love - following involuntary the commands from her bl**dline, she never knew that her great-great-grandfather had built a noble reputation for beating the tsarina´s favourite girl servants to their first orgams - would warm Jenny up, while he looked for some more household tools for the intended inpromptu final pleasing of his first dear lady friend from far...
Pete, half lost in thoughts, wake up to reality fast!

He saw, heard ... and even could smell how hot Jenny got from Tanya´s care.

Sensing she needed more, Pete fumbled in other old stocks till he found the things he´d been looking for ... With a big smile he returned to the ladies.

Hiding his main weapon, he assisted warming up Jenny with his kitches paddles.
But when her bums started really to turn red, he helped her to jump ahead on the road of highly explosive happiness by caning her. Tanya immediately understood the turn of the tide. When she slowly flogged her love along her slit and lips, Jenny started to convulse and shake, shouting incomprehensibly.

Peterson hardly could believe his eyes, as Tanya continued to now carefully strike along my middle of the soaking slit of Jenny, who almost lost her voice. Tanya signalled him with her a smile the final step. Replacing the care of her cat with laps of his tongue, Peterson kept Jenny screaming and a victime of his whims for her and her resulting involuntary convulsions. A broad smile of Tanya lead to the final explosion of Jenny, as Peterson only lightly and shortly inserted his fingers into Jenny´s cramping tight wet slippery holes.

Jenny squirted into his face, losing conciousness. Tanya caressed her panting lover, who was halfway heaven now. Peterson slowly got up from drinking her dry.

He opened the door to his bedroom. Together they carried their light-weight love to bed, kissed her and covered her with sheets for her deep sl**p.

Tanya happily dragged Peterson back to the main room and embraced him with all her strength. She knew fully the grand finale would be entirely hers. Her first solo attention of their beloved Master of ceremony. She was so curious and hot.
Mr. Peterson had seen a lot of her by now, for sure he would understand without a word what she wanted now from him! She felt strong and confident, although her knees were already weak. As an elder knowingly gentleman, Pete Peterson had well smelled the state she was in.

He was indeed fully prepared to fill in the wildest dreams of Tanya, sure that her screams wouldn´t wake up Jenny from deep dreams. Strong slender tall Tanya embraced her beloved master of ceremony and plunged into frivolic French kissing, knowing fully thev power of her lips above and very curious for his hot plans with her ... Would he realize how strong her lower lips are?

How often will Tanya come before she´ll be laid down spoon to spoon to snore along ... zzzzz, felling big trees together with her delicatily built love?

There´s more to (s)explore in next episode!
Lesbian lovers can be such strong couples.

Tanya is both looking very pretty, a very good kisser and an athlete.
Is this elder gentleman strong enough to handle his strongest girl?
Will he survive her strong lips in good health? ... I´m curious myself!

85% (9/2)
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4 years ago
always excellent
4 years ago
Very enjoyable. I'm sure my writting is trivial compared to yours.
4 years ago
Five Stars! Written in an incredible fashion... look forward to more!
4 years ago
With my beloved protagonist ladies unable to read me this month, being too far away in cyber-space,
I´m all on my now for inspiration to tribute Tanya.
But Tanya´s very strong, as Jenny assured me.
So, I´m sure her mind will reach me without reading me, by means of interstellar love through Jennifer. If you don´t believe in the seventh sense, stop reading me! ;-)P

Thank you Claudia, for inspiring my stolen pun!