Petra presents Penelope to Peter

Petra knows a sexy secret of Penelope: she loves spanks as foreplay for sexual satisfaction
Penelope shares her foxy fancy for it - thanks to her interesting intimate erotic education
Peter has often smacked her hot bottom - don't ask for further details of their fornication

Petra prepares Penelope for Peter

Petra is a teen - but she can look through her lover's eyes right into her heart and sexy soul
Penelope has lovely looking bums - it looks like she longs for some hard hands at her firm ass
Peter can please her best - but first she likes to tease Penelope into deserving his service

Petra leads 2-1 in her mutual score of coming together with Penelope - a 1-1 draw in the bath
Penelope owes her a foxy favour for coming from Petra's licking her love lips into squirting
Peter has to wait in the guest room for his turn with Penelope till she has her hot for that

Petra demands from Penny to equalise the score - come on top of me for some sexy 69 you slut
Penelope doesn't dare not to follow orders - she obediently starts to eat out Petra's snatch
Peter can hear how Petra spanks by both hands the bottom of Penelope - in proper preparation

Petra controls the situation - she is an expert in sex - she keeps Penelope at the brink
Penelope longs to come - Petra plays with her - she is too mean, to withdraw all the time
Peter hears her hot breahing, moaning for more please - they know now: Penny is their pet!

Petra presents Penelope to Peter
Petra tells Penelope to make her come first - before she will allow her another hot coming
Penelope tries hard to lick Petra as(s) well as she was (s)expertly treated by pretty Petra
Peter can't help his hard-on from the sexy sounds through the wall - imagines Petra's plans

Petra spasms in her orgasms from Penny's hot tongue at her clit - fingers deep down her slit
Penelope feels the dominant hands of Petra make her buttom burn - she longs to come so much!
Peter licks his lips - patiently waits till Penelope is ready for him as his pretty present

Petra squirts finally into the face of Penny - rides her nose, her hard clit almost collapsing
Penelope eagerly laps her pussy's hot juices - hoping she will be now allowed some satisfaction
Peter hears his granddod scream - soon blonde beauty Penelope will be only his pet for playing

Petra still trembles - she tries to get her breath back - loosens her grip of Penelope's hips
Penelope still feels like being on a stairway to heaven - missing just the last step there
Peter knows now he will take her over that last hurdle - to make Penelope his angel of love

Peter presents Penelope his sweet sexy spanking style
Petra presents Penelope to Peter - she offers his armchair back to him to sit down with them
Penelope presents Peter her bums - she bends across his lap - she longs for his hot smacks
Peter knows well how to get her extremely energised by his sweet spanking seduction style

Petra knows his apetising approach - without being asked she volunteers her horny assistance
Penelope feels how Peter spanks her ass - as Petra starts to finger-fuck her longing love lips
Peter will make sure Penelope will never forget her first visit to them in awesome Amsterdam!

Petra licks her lips as she sees Penelope wresting under the smacks at her bums, turning them red
Penelope is almost in another dimension now - so hot she never got before - no idea where to land
Peter provides her sexy (s)excursion into new realms of reality - heats by dedicated expert hands

Petra recognises the moment Penelope erupts like a female vulcano - lost for tough love like this
Penelope starts to tremble in heated screams from her hot beat-up and the treat of her sexy slit
Peter almost comes in his pants as Penelope's hips start to dance in his lap for a long orgasm!
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9 months ago
Thanks, Lea love
We know both how much lovely little Lea(h)
appreciates the prick of her elder bro! :P
* * * * * Poet PETER
9 months ago
I love your cock hardening as you listen through the wall to P and P!!!
9 months ago
Thanks sweetheart :* -
I will keep them coming :P
* * * * * Poet PETER
9 months ago
Keep them coming :P
9 months ago
Thanks for the first thumb up
other than the first one by me
9 months ago
First part of this of this sweet sequel
is called "Petra presents Penelope"

Penelopa is my fresh female friend
privately we talk & tease in Polish
9 months ago
Second sexy present of Petra and Peter to their Penny
So soon she got our preferred friend for foxy talks
She loves to be my naughty niece, Petra her 'ciocia'