Roni and Monse come at uncle #!

Roni and Monse are invited to come and live as students at their greatuncle Pete in New Mexico
Roni speaks English and is the one who has kept contact in the net with him, hoping for an escape
Roni is just over one year older than Monserrat, who still speaks Spanish only till their visit
Roni looks like a Latina cute beauty: firm round bums and boobs, olive skin and small at photos

Roni gladly arranges with me the details of her visit and her first presentation at my place
Roni happily accepts my conditions and rules of obedience as my long-term live-in student guest
Roni shall be first intimately inspected at my intake interview as start of her acceptance tests
Roni surprises me by asking at last moment, if Monse also can come along with her to stay at me!

Roni introduces her to me at their arrival on the airport. This is Monserrat Pete. Monse meet Pete.
Roni sees at a sparkle in my eyes that I like the looks of lovely Monse, only 18 years young.
Roni only told me Monse is more skinny and pale compared to her. On our ride to my ranch we chat.
Roni is very busy translating back and forth from English to Spanish and back as check them out.

Monse seems to know some details of their presentation procedure scheduled right away at home.
Monse looks tense. New country. New language. First time to meet this uncle, sponsoring studies.
Monse likes the first impressions: friendly elder gentleman, luxury limousine, lovely landscapes.
Monse loves to feel the leather of the seat through her thin sexy Summer dress, wonders what's up.

Roni takes the lead as they together present themselves to me for their introduction inspection.
Roni and Monse wear their new school uniforms. White blouse, short skirt, pleated, in my colors.
Roni is first to parade for me. She slowly takes her shirt off. Proudly shows her firm breasts.
Roni knows she has to come close to me to strip from her skirt and finally those big knickers.

Monse looks at the pretty performance of her sexy sibling strippping for us with fire in her eyes.
Monse is full of mixed feelings. Anger, curiousity, excitement, fear, indignition and insecurity.
Monse sees how Roni, fully nude now, spreads her legs and walks up very close to old uncle Pete.
Monse listens to Roni, who translates my remarks and mention of rules for them during their stay.

Roni knows the scenario for first day. Not sure how much Monse knows, I recall it at every step.
Roni continues her posing while translating what I tell them. Monse repeats my rules in English.
Roni knows she is up for intimate inspection. She turns around and bends over. Parts her bums.
Roni looks like getting wet already from the sexy situation. Roni turns back, opens her love lips.

Monse seems a bit shocked when I tell how wet Roni gets in her pink heaven from the sexy show.
Monse is embarrassed as I ask her to kneel behind Roni to check if her sphinxter is wet indeed.
Monse blushes as red as Roni now. Not knowing how protest in English, she obliges with a sigh.
Monse swallows her pride, licks the tight rosette as my orders change, by fresh inspiration.

Roni I can see how wet you get. I want you to come for me standing just like this, my love.
Roni play with your love lips and let Monse munch at your back door baby. I like improvisation.
Roni spreads her legs a bit wider. She bends a bit more towards me to provide access for Monse.
Roni loves to feel Monse lick and tongue her tightest hole. She keeps looking at me as she rubs.

Monse munches. Roni rubs. She soon explodes for her first orgasm at the first day of their stay.
Monse has wet lips from the juices of her jilling sibling. I ask her over for a kiss to taste it.
Monse gives me a prude little kiss and lets me lick her fine face clean. First test successfull.
Monse, now it is your turn to show me your beauties from close, cutie! She looks at Roni for help.

Roni repeats my wishes in Spanish. She steps aside to make place in front of me for Monse's show.
Roni sports inner lips only slighty protruding from her outer love lips. Are Monse's less visible?
Roni watches my face and notices I like what I get to see from so close. She sees I lick my lips.
Roni smiles as I taste her hot juice again, curious if Monse gets as wet as her from posing for me.

Monse unbuttons her white shirt. She shyly unveils her little firm titties. Naughty nipples erect!
Monse gets closer to step out of her skirt, takes off her white socks, only her big knickers left.
Monse turns around before she drops them as well, reveiling her her tasty tight tiny bums to me.
Monse parts them at my wish, to show her sweet sexy sphinxter and shining skinny cute love lips.

Roni wonders whether I'll give Monse equal treatment, also in my improvisation from our scenario.
Roni looks like she's still hot as hell after her first reaching heaven at my hot hacienda home.
Roni licks her lips in expectation of Monse to be ordered to come right in front of me as well.
Roni wonders whether her hot tempered young yummy sexy sibling will be able to handle that invite.

Monse obediently turns back to face me. I tell her she's a pretty Princess, pale latin linda Lucia.
Monse smiles in pride. I tell Monserrat to show me her slit and to touch her Monte Venus for me.
Monse is as wet as we expected. She eagerly spreads her legs wider for a good view and access.
Monse keeps looking at my face as my eyes gaze at her hot hand helping her to a sexy explosion.

Roni claps her hands as she sees how hard Monse comes, almost collapses before my eyes. I grab her.
Roni hopes I'll come back now to our earlier agreed sexy scenario. She's so curious for first time.
Roni knows spanking and penetration are scheduled next for the acceptance tests, she hopes to pass.
Roni longs to prove she can pass all tests with honors and acclamation ... and Monse as(s) well.

Monse still shaking, hardly has any idea what could be up next or what is on Roni's mind right now.
Monse feels his strong hands holding her by her hips. Her hot wet love lips so sensitive and thick.
Monse moans as she feels the top of my tongue skinny dipping in her love juices along her snatch.
Monse can't stop coming, as my tongue dances teasingly around her cute clit, now showing itself.
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10 months ago
Thank you for your 'thumb up' in words
and in your 'like', my love! :P :*
***** Poet PETER
10 months ago
Roni and Monse are up for new sexy experiences
and foxy feelings at their caring uncle! :P
***** Poet PETER
10 months ago
10 months ago
its greatm they didnt expect what they are feeling, but thanks to uncle Pete they now like that feeling
10 months ago
End of first part of their acceptantce test
which both Roni and Monse passed with honors.

Start of second part of their tough test soon.
Roni longs for it. Monse will be suprised a bit.

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