Petra's 2nd sexy secret about Alex

In fact, Petra found out two sexy secrets of Alex in the year after their first time together.
The first sexy secret for Alex is whether what had happened between them was real or just a dream?
In this story she will unveil some more of the sexy secrets of Alex, which she slowly discovered.

First sexy secret

As Alex does, Petra fondly remembers how she suddenly surprised Alex in bed after tugging her in.
As always she had kiss-closed Alex eyes. After a big kiss on her fore-head switched off the light.
Petra pretended she left but waited quietly for Alex to land in the land of dreams - dirty dreams?
Petra slowly crawled under the covers from below. In her hot dream Alex opened up automatically.
Petra took her time to slowly eat Alex out till she came grinding her twat in Petra's eager face.
Alex never woke up from her hip-shaking hot dream. Next day, she vaguely remembered a hot night.

Second sexy secret
As before, they chat every day for several hours. Petra learned of the secret of her first time.
This is a too private secret secret, so it will remain a secret! For ever perhaps. Up to Alex.
I can imagine she can write a whole book about that unusual secret. In fact, I do hope she will!
Alex is really very special in this respect. And not only in that one. She is just very special.

Alex often consulted Petra about many little daily worries, feeling very insecure about love.
Petra tried to help her with her best advise for quite a while before she decided to change.
Petra told her to shape up and behave like a young woman, who knows what she wants in life.
Alex blossomed by that tougher treatment, suddenly switching her shyness for bold decisions.

Alex finally made a long time dirty dream come true. She had longed so long for those boobs.
Her longest time girlfriend. As pretty as sexy ... but almost one hundred percent hetero!
Alex had at that time the key to an apartment of a friend at a long holiday, nice privacy!
She had fantasized about some sexy things she could do there, but it all went differently.

Alex for sure got what she wanted, as she finally invited her best friend over to that place.
Alex in her unusual role of 'aggressor' as she first time dared to take the initiative in bed.
Alas, this is stil not the secret, as we knew from the start that Alex longs for lesbian love.
Alex had a few hours of fucking fun with her horny foxy friend. That is worth another story!

Alex in the role of the 'attacker'. Strange as it may sound, it did open the eyes of Petra.
Petra perceived suddenly the submissive side of Alex in her fantasies, her big secret so far.
Petra tested Alex, who seemed to like a lot being taken charge of, by a demanding hot lover!
Alex feels so fine, when she is dominated by a dear demanding friend, whom she really trusts.

Philosophical intermezzo
Being a real friend to Alex is being good virtual friends. Sometimes several, who are the same. Petra is her hot lesbian lover of almost her own age. Petra is so young, but very experienced!
Peter is her granddad, who gives his wise advise any time she wants some careful consultation.
Alex sometimes hardly knows whom of them is writing with her, talking, flirting or making love.

This story is as true and real, as it is a dream, and it's even a bit of a fairy tale at times.
Alex is as real as she's a pretty, a confident young woman now. Also the friendship she feels.
The love of Peter and Petra is as real. Both cherish each others as their best virtual friends.
Which constitutes some form of real friendship. As in a dream coming true. We almost met once!

Second secret: submissive
Alex was very proud and happy with her first ever erotic initiative and her sexy successes.
Alex nevertheless loves to be taken charge of and being told what to do in making hot love.
Alex loves to play in that role, to feel really loved and wanted by her longing hot lovers.
Alex loves to be a sweet obedient girl with secret slutty wishes, she hardly will let know.

Alex has hot fantasies, she hardly dares to confess, even to me, still so shy about sex she is.
Alex acknowlegded an even more sexy secret to me for an unexperienced lesbian girl like she is.
Alex sometimes has really unusual dirty dreams for a decent lesbian shy sweetheat she is to me.
Alex has a third very sexy secret. Once I knew it, it was so obvious. I secretly knew it for long!
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10 months ago
You are my best female fried, Alessandra.
I will introduce you to her very soon.
I am pretty sure you will like each other!
I think you two are as pretty and hot ;-)
* * * * * - Poet PETER
10 months ago
Iam so curious who Alex would be :)
10 months ago
I think I can relate to Alex the most
10 months ago
Petra looks forward to disclose
some more sexy secrets of Alex!

We will first wait a bit
for you to guess! - PoPe
10 months ago
Who can correctly guess the third sexy secret of Alex?
We will honour correct answers by our special rewards!

Thank you in advance for reading or story and your likes.
We warmly welcome interesting answers! * * * * * - Poet PETER