Jenny and Tanya - part 4: ´Casablanca´

At their secluded special spot, they weren´t visible for other visitors of the the cabaret club, called ´Casablanca´, as Mr. Peterson didn´t want to disturbe the act of Sam, the magician on stage, while he had his own plans for Jenny and Tanya. With all spotlights on the handsome slender gay and his tricks on stage,
Mr. Peterson knew it was safe to ask the girls to bend over their chairs, exposing their still sore bums. To be sure his pretty young ladies wouldn´t interrupt the show with their moaning to come, he let them taste each other by stuffing up their wet panties in their mouths.

The pretty girls wiggled their coloured bottoms in expectation of the first try of the freshly found fine special Chinese canes, hoping that their elder friend would soon find the chink in their armour and allow them to come again.

Mr. Peterson found his new tools very useful for pleasing his ladies, and the girls agreed, as his nostrils started to notice to his joy and satisfaction.
He wouldn´t need any magic pills to serve the girls all right, tonight!

By a few gentle slaps on their swollen lips he encouraged his ladies to touch themselves. As soon their hands had found and started to fondle their lips, old Peterson shortly entered his thumbs in their dripping pussies and firmly grabbed a sensitive cheek with each hand. On his left thumb he felt Jenny tighten her grip and Tanya clamped on his right. He knew they were ready to come with only a few more strokes of the cane - to come right away:

Swash left, swash right: X ... she´ll get nicely marked, he remarked to himself.
Same to the other girl: X ... And to the other bum of Jenny: X ...
who came load ... while luckily the applaus roared!
And Tanya came even more violently during the rage,
when she received the final smacks: X and exploded, seeing stars: *****

The magician took his time to thank, generously bowing deep to all sides.
Peterson had noticed his second wink, and stepped forward a few paces,
just in time to catch the stick of his last trick,
which he threw for a catch towards the audience.
Sam knew where Pete was and also that he had no idea, what was inside!

When Mr. Peterson caught it in its flight, it opened up a flogger
from one side, as soon as he held it in his hand.
Liking this act, Pete challenged him: "Play it again, Sam!"

As a true magician, eager to serve his audience,
Sam indeed suddenly found another magic stick
in his second sleeve and threw it to Mr. Peterson,
who caught it with his free hand and walked back to the ladies
who were still panting and trying to catch their breaths.

The girls had folded back their skirts and delicately tried to sit for a short rest, when the waitress arrived with their drinks. The girls hadn´t noticed, but she was new here, although a familiar face to Mr. Peterson.

He had seen her face last time on the stairs - a short curious look,
only an hour ago. She had followed the three after they left left the shop.
Was still curious about what she´d seen glimpses of and had decided to find out more. She had watched the short stays in Chinatown through the windows from a short distance ... making up her mind. When the company entered the Cabaret, she decided to grab her chance. She knew that the people who worked there like her and would let her have her way. So she came suddenly to serve us a bottle of sparkling wine and four glasses, while a band takes over on stage.

Mr. Peterson got up. With a bow and a gesture he invited the exotic young beauty to take the last empty chair. The girl smiled shyly and accepted.
As the orchestra played quite loud, he introduced the girl to his ladies with a few welcoming smiles, showing he knows and trusts her.

Sensing her shyness as well as her eagerness, he reassured the girl with his eyes, while Jenny caressed the long curly black hairs of the exotic newscomer and Tanya kissed the girl, loving the chance to enjoy the wide smile big lips.

As he felt that her little escapade was an impromptu, she hadn´t prepared for, Mr. Peterson thought it would be wise to let the lovely girl come with attention of all three, without undressing her, nor letting her taste the new tools at full f***e, as he was pretty sure she was pretty new as well - and her ass - to these sorts of sports, if not a virgin in terms of getting spanked.

The ladies seemed to agree. Both continued to make love to the olive-skinned beauty with the small breasts, slowly raising her, so Mr. Peterson could start to check her for chinks in her defense with his two new Chinese rhythm sticks.

Getting her bums burned quickly turns her on, as she has been obviously horny for over an hour by now. Mr. Peterson kept playing her bums like he would be steelband drummer, bending forward to blow his warm breaths right through her pants on her pussy, which dampness he soon fondly felt through the few millimeters of her tight clothes.

Her moaning suffocated by Tanya´s prolongued deep kiss, while Jenny still kept her tight, holding the abundant hair of the hottie, young miss A. came fast.
If strong Tanya hadn´t held her firmly, she would have collapsed as her legs became to weak to hold her weight for a while.

The Canadian couple of lovers gently helped our young surprise servant to sit down and relax. Mr. Peterson pours the sparking white wine and serves each young lady a glass of refreshing cold bubbles. He admires the courage of the girl, who normally prefers choclate milk or good strong but milky latte over alcoholic beverages, as far as Mr. Peterson knows her from his observations.

All three feel the girl is very new to this all, so they generously offer to volunteer to empty the bottle quite fast. Ms. A gratefully smiles and takes small sips only, while eagerly sucking on ice-cubes from the cooler.

With last drops down our throats, she smiles once more and kisses all on both cheeks. Next quickly and cheekily on our mouths, keeping Tanya for last, and lasting longest at her. Satisfied in curiousity and at her inside hot-spots, she disappears without a word! But at the door she throws three more kisses.

Mr. Peterson got in the mood for more fun and called his friend, who´s an exclusive cab-driver for culinair clients and gastronome guests. Together they´d been on tens of tasty trips.

Last time between X-mas and New Year, when his young daughter had come along.
Brilliant, young and pretty girl, but still in the prae-puber stage of admiring elder girls and feeling that most men are weird (as they are, the smart young girl being right in this intuition as well) ...
Luckily, Jude Goodfood was available. Mr. Peterson was sure his friend would gladly drive his ladies around town.

Mr. Peterson was curious himself: what might be up next, before he would finally take his guests home tonight for a final cure to let sl**p deeply, while still half in heaven, dreaming from what he´d done to them!?

End of part four. I wonder where the cab would bring us?
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4 years ago
oh so erotic
4 years ago
Loving the tail peter, can't wait to see where it goes :)
4 years ago
Interesting idea, Jenny! I know only one possible private place, but it has an unusual menu! ;-)P
4 years ago
Mmmmmmmm getting very erotic. Maybe the cab could take the group to a private secret BDSM club.
4 years ago
Very nice story. I like the mood and backdrop. It sounds like a handful to me. :)
4 years ago
very entertaining sir!
4 years ago
Nice story Mr. Peterson
4 years ago
Any tasty ideas for our next sexy stop?
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Thanks a lot for all earlier encouragements!