Master manhandles sub, Mistress of two teens #1

Sexy Story About My Submissive Slave Lovely Looking Lady, Mistress Of Two Tasty Teens

Valentina Seduces My Sub Matilde To Be Her Hot Mistress By Big Black Eyes

Valentina seduces my Maty by her hot big black eyes, in which she can read what the teen wants.
Valentina asks her for advise what to wear in a lovely lingerie shop. "Come along, I show you".
Valentina happily follows her Mistress to be to Maty's mansion, directly into her big bedroom.

Valentina wants to try first the sexy slip my smart slave is wearing. Maty takes it off for her.
Valentina smells at the wet crotch and licks it passionately. All time the burning black eyes of
Valentina are glued to my Maty, who undresses the tasty teen blonde cute beauty with her eyes.

Valentina is petite and has a perfect round ass, firm little boobies. Soon they undress eachother.
Valentina is only f1fteen but she surely can make a woman come by her mouth and flicking fingers.
Valentina eagerly comes as well, fast and very wet. Valentina is very keen to please her Mistress.

Valentina is also very inventive and naughty, notices Mistress Maty taking a sexy shower together.
Valentina kneels below her. Starts to eat my Maty out again. Please p1ss in my face, my Mistress.
Valentina tries to drink all of the golden shower. It drips down her chin to her tight tasty titties.

Valentina gets all covered by the steaming stream. It turns her on and she comes quickly again.
Valentina can pay back the favour from her Mistress Maty, who also wants to come in gold water.
Valentina tries her best to satisfy her newly found Mistress Maty as good and often as she can.

Valentina Seduces Another Younger Slave - Love Lessons In Spanking And Serving To Come
Valentina meets Mistress Maty only four weeks after Valentine's Day. Since then she sees her often.
Valentina tries to sneak in a quickie before she goes to school or a longer sex session afterwards.
Valentina learns fast to serve as sex slave her hot Mistress Maty as good as she can, very willingly.

Valentina helps to conquer a next slave for her hungry horny mighty Mistress, who is even younger.
Valentina accepts that her younger concurrent will also visit their common Mistress on her own.
Valentina still needs several sexy lessions, I point out to my sweet sexy slave, Mistress Maty.

Valentina needs to learn to be disciplined by spanking, my dear. Her belly bottom begs for it.
Valentina will only get hotter and more dedicated to you. I will explain you how to start that.
Valentina also needs to learn how she can be pleased as she can please her Master in his needs.

Valentina will receive practical and theoretical lessons of love, my love. I will instruct you.
Valentina needs to learn to come from fucking. You will use your strap-on at both her hot holes.
Valentina needs to learn to deep-throat well. I will tell you how to teach her that as well dear.

Valentina needs to be ready to serve me well when we will meet, eating a mans meat first time.
Valentina is a talented teen, especially in sexy slave love lessons, as you report to me my Maty.
Valentina will get a special present soon at the day she will get finally sexy s1xteen, my dear.

Victoria Is Even More Depraved And So Eager To Try Anything To Please
Victoria is more slim and sexy, a few years younger and even more yummy in her looks and eagerness.
Victoria loves to be told what to do by Mistress Matilde, whose first order is to please herself.
Victoria loves being watched while she gets wet in her tasty tiny teen twat and comes, hot as hell.

Victoria loves the lessons in licking the love lips of her Mistress, softly sucking and biting them.
Victoria loves the sensation of the first finger of Mistress Matilde teasing her maiden sphinxter.
Victoria loves to learn all those new ways of coming beyond playing her clit, her only practise.

Victoria will be further initiated and educated according to my written instructions to Matilde.
Victoria makes progress very fast as a talented sex student, according to a report by my Matilde.
Victoria looks forward to new experiences and gets curious for the secret Master of her Mistress.

Matilde Fails To Report Back. Master Peter Needs To Interfere
Matilde suddenly starts a long silence, failing to report back to her Master about the lessons.
Matilde only rarely exclaims in a short message to her Master how much she loves him, no substance!
Matilde clearly needs a few lessons in obligations and obedience in keeping her hot promises to me.

Matilde is shocked as I suddenly announce my visit to inspect and correct my three subs in Uruguay.
Matilde is scared, as she realises how bad she has treated her Master, obsessed by her tasty teens.
Matilde shivers as she imagines how her Master might punish her. He demands the teens to be there.

Matilde orders the two teens to be present for their first ever meeting with her and their Master.
Matilde wonders how harshly her Master will humiliate her in front of her two tasty teen virgins?
Matilde fears the worst as the truth sinks in, how long she neglected to report back to her Master.
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10 months ago
Thanks, my fine friend! We'll wait and see first how Matilde reacts ...
I long to write a continution! ;-) ***** POET PETER
10 months ago
The golden shower really describes how excited and turned on she got! I believe you should continue with what will happen to the three young teens!
10 months ago
Dear reader, let us know whether you would like to know how hot
the meeting of the Master and his three subs turn out to be!
We warmly welcome your comments! - ***** Poet Peter