Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #4

Third day of our role play I'm finally Master first time, over servant Marina and slave Stella Maris
We wake up from our siesta as hungry as horny. I imagine to combine: Let us get some sexy sea food!
Both my servant of the day and our slave shall only wear short summer dresses, for our mutual arousal
We drive down to the fresh fish market at the shore to get the ingredients for our chosen tasty tapas

Oysters as appetizers with white wine for a start. Served at our slave's body as our table and plate.
Rings of ink fish for the calamares fritos, which will decorate my dick, serving my girls sucking me.
All kinds of veggies and fried fishes which will be dished out from dripping wet pussies for flavour.
At the end we add a dozen of bottles of white wine with bubbles, some choice of cheese and red wine.

I enjoy showing off my girls during shopping, casually caressing their bottoms under their dresses.
I secretly check their state of arousal by slipping my fingers along their slits to keep them wet.
I imagine that even at the fish market everone can smell how hot and wet my girls are from my plan.
I walk my women around old town, two yummy young blond beautiful bitches, ready to be eaten from.

We have a lot of foxy fun down there, soon up our place preparing our table of tasty tapas for three.
We discuss the dressings, all based on mixes of spiced pussy juice, some whipped white come added.
We keep playing with each others during cooking our dishes, my girls trying to fulfil all my wishes.
We will fill our bellies with fishes served at their two bellies, as they take turns to be our table.

We will enjoy our 'dirty dinner' of tasty tapas at the balcony during the last few hours of sunshine.
We know that again some of our neighbours might be peeping toms, hiding behind their big binoculars.
We take a spiced smoke from my secret stash of herbs - soon too high, horny and hungry to care much.
We even joke about it that our number of spectators probably doubles every day as the secret spreads.

We eat all our little dishes like small portions of luke-warm paella served from their belly buttoms.
We keep sucking and finger fucking each others in between all bites, eaten without hands from bodies.
We slowly satisfy our stomachs, while our sexy and naughty needs stay with us throughout all evening.
We serve dessert of ice cream with some liquor running down the spines of lady tables on all fours.

Them two tied between two trees for the final fucks of a long lasting naughty night and day
My girls are sticky all over after our dinner. Slave Stella Maris licks us all clean, as I order her.
My girls are curious for my final for them on my first day of rule. I ponder as Marina licks my S.M.
My girls are welcome with me in the garden - their final treat, tied tightly together between trees.
My girls are open for anything new, naughty, weird and wild, for a foxy final to my night as Master.

My girls embrace each others with their legs wide spread, ankles tied to trees, only lit by the moon.
My girls trib their twats together to keep themselves on the brink of coming, expecting any orders.
My girls shiver a bit in the evening breeze. I warm their bodies with a whip wrapping around them.
My girls are ready for their final fucks for this long lasting day of love between the three of us.

My girls moan from making out while being tied up, while have my fingers in all their hot holes.
My girls long to be taken by me in the light of the moon, almost full, watched by our neighbours.
My girls softly scream as I start to hit them by a long bull whip, both for their very first time.
My girls get back to moaning as soon as I begin to fuck them again in all holes alternating sides.

My girls feel my fingers in their twats, if it's not my prick, as they try to pussy-fuck together.
My girls come often. Neighbours hardly can see us by now, but for sure they are all still listening!
My girls almost collaps again, their ties keeping them upright for me, as long as I like them to.
My girls long both to receive my final squirt of semen inside. Who will get that ultimate honour?

My servant Marina still feels like new to me, I long to have her for a fresh devoted dom-love.
My servant Marina will rule again next day, whereas Stella Maris has been best as slave so far.
My servant Marina glows from pride in the moon light, as soon as she feels my hot stream inside.
My servant Marina wants to be my girlfriend and compete for my attention with my slave Stella.
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6 months ago
All issues of this sexy series are
very well read with over 1000 views
6 months ago
This less read issue gains fresh attention
from the successes of sequels #5a and #5b!
10 months ago
We were all three exhausted after our first three days of role plays.
We took a break next day to rest, relax and stock up some shopping.
What will happen with Marina in charge over me and slave Stella Maris?
11 months ago
Will Marina succeed in her secret plan to take over position as my first friend for love?
Wlll Marina try to show I will be better off with her as my servant and Stella as our slave?