Jenny and Tanya in old Amsterdam - part 2

Both beautiful young ladies ended up bent over comix containers in the basement of an old and weird bookshop in the sexy part of old Amsterdam, with their big bums exposed and panties pulled down, at the end of part one.

Luckily for them, their elder gentleman host was an able man with both hands.
Peter Peterson took position right between them and spanked the ladies in a swinging rhythm, helped by the now a bit louder raggae music from upstairs.
"A belly full, but(t) we´re hungry" ... Left smack, right smack ...
"A horny mouth is a horny mouth" ... left ´n right, and left ´n right.

After a while both ladies were each coloured at different sides. "Time to change positions, my dears", announced Peter the short half-time break.
Now "No woman, no cry" started to whale from upstairs ... Strange kind of humour my friends have, thought Peter, but the ladies were unaware of that pun, fully taken in by the fun they felt glowing and growing.

When time for a final whistle neared and their behinds were evenly coloured red, the elder fox entered two fingers in each of the hot ladies dripping pink pussies, rubbing their clits with his thumbs. The dear lady friends came soon unisono in the rhythm of the beats up- and downstairs.

As ever a gentleman, Peterson licked his ladies clean and dry. Gently helped them out of their underware. "Let me keep these wet panties for you, dear ladies... Time to fresh up and do a bit more tourism, before I show you the little appartment we have here for us."

Outside again, he pointed to the name-signs of the street, where sailors had been looking to spend their gages on booze and broads for ages. The sign is written both in Dutch and Chinese: Sea-dyke, where Chinatown meets Red Light district. "Which way the ladies would like to walk with me?", mr. Peterson let democracy rule the course of next events.

He pretended not to have noticed, as the ladies hadn´t, when being hotly engaged in the basement, they had been peeked at for a while by someone looking down curiously from the stairs. He was pretty sure, they might be followed ...

To be followed, sooner or later.

End of part 2. Part 1 is here:
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4 years ago
How wise your choice will turn out, dear Jenny!
Next up: Chinatown ...
Soon in this theatre! ;-)P
4 years ago
4 years ago
Loved it, Chinatown or redlight district, mmmmmm the Chinese might have some interesting ideas about how to discipline young ladies.
4 years ago
Short but sweet :-)
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Well done Sir as always hope the girls enjoyed it
4 years ago
Reader´s comments are welcome and might influence the course of events even a bit, eventually...
Any more lovely ladies interested in an Amsterdam excursion?