Bare Beach By Bicycle

For foxy female friends - by Petra, granddod of Poet Pete, who hosts me here

I invite her for a trip to the beach by bicycle. I make sure she takes the racing bike up front.
I guide her through the greenery to the dunes through a natural park to the almost deserted beach.
I love to look at her legs and ass move up and down while she wheels just two meters ahead of me.
I wonder whether I should have asked her not to wear anything underneath that sexy short skirt?

I will get her wet when we bake in the sun on the warm sand almost out of view for shore walkers.
I already know how I will slowly seduce her. I know she is quite shy. For sure she is more hot!
I look forward to caress those legs from her elegant small ankles upwards to her beautiful bums.
I long to see her laying on her belly, bare bottom baking in the sun for her bums first ever tan.

I do not want her to sunburn, though I like her to get hot. So she needs to turn over in time!
I giggle to myself. She will be shy to let the sun kiss her boobies in public for the first time.
I am sure this trip will be a sexy success soon. Wonder whether she ever made love outside before?
I feel I am getting wet myself by my nice naughty thoughts. Glad we reached the last dune finally.

I grab her hand. We walk slowly up and down the last dune. Gaze at the wide emptiness - low tide.
I choose a spot just below the bigget dune, almost out of sight for anyone, even passers by afar.
I know she is tired by the ride, hike and warmth. We just lay down. Both on our bellies to relax.
I give her a good example and take off my bikini as well. No-one is watching, love. Take it off!

I smile to myself. She does not dare to be too shy with me. I notice how white her bare bums are.
I offer to oil her. Hmmmm for an answer. I start at her feet and work my way up her lovely legs.
I almost touch her bums, but switch to her shoulders. I untie her bikini top and rub all her back.
I finally slide down her spine towards her longing bottom, which now involuntarily curls up to me.

I imagine how I can make her come by continuing to rub her ever closer towards her private parts.
I secretly long to make her hooked by my sweet sexy expertise in slow seduction and satisfaction.
I take my time with her. I am very fond of her. I do not want to shock her. Slowly make her mine.
I know how I can slowly can conquer her. The sun makes her hot. Only for me to enjoy her here.

I massage her beautiful bottom, while the sun keeps kissing our backs and the sand warms bellies.
I slowly slide a finger down the slit between her cheeks. She lets me and enjoys it secretly ...
I hear her breathing getting deeper. I continue to play and slide a bit further every sexy stroke.
I want to make her moan for more of my ever increasing intimate caresses with only a few fingers.

I am sure I will make her mine here on our almost deserted big beach. I will let her beg for more!
I feel how wet she already got. I slide my finger deeper down her slit. And indeed she moans now.
I finger her a bit inside her wet waiting twat. I tease her next with the tips of two fingers.
I know she longs for my index to dwell down to tickle her throbbing clit to help her come hard.

I know how to tease her. I know how to please her. I want her to plead with me, to let her come.
I whisper in the wind that I like her to beg me for my finger finally finish her off for orgasm.
I hear her hoarse voice pleading: please Petra, I will do anything if you will let me come, love!
I will let you come, cutie and tell you what I want more from you while you ride your warm waves.

I whisper in her ear as she pants from her hard coming, I want you to turn over and open up now.
I kneel between her legs and admire her redhot real redhead big bush, glinstering from her juice.
I want to clean you well baby, before I oil up your front. I simply have to taste your pussy now.
I know well that she will come soon again from my passionate kissing her lovely looking love lips.

I get terrificly turned on from eating her sweet salty sexy slit, especially when she comes hard.
I know I will get my share soon, as her initial shyness of making out at the beach has melted now.
I slowly look up at her and remember I should protect her delicate soft skin from a beach sunburn.
I take my time at her tiny tight tasty little titties. Finally I first time kiss her lovely lips.

I lay down on my belly so she can oil my back, bums and legs. I rest my head on my arms and wait.
I close my eyes and concentrate on the feeling of her fingers softly massaging me down my spine.
I enjoy my goose pimples as she starts to slide further down my cheeks. Gosh, I get gushing wet.
I feel how she indeed easily slides inside me. I feel her index there, right at my secret spot.

I arch my back a bit to start a slow dance of my hotspot on the tip of her index, longing to come.
I love it how she can read my randy mind. In right rythm she slaps my cheeks for my dirty dance.
I moan. I pant. I beg. Hit me harder honey. Finger fuck me faster, fabulous foxy tasty talent.
I feel the waves rolling in and taking over all of me, as if the beach had turned into the surf.

I feel very wet between my thighs, I realise as I slowly get back my breath. I squirted so hard.
I smile to my self. I turn my head and smile at her. Such a sweet sexy smile I get back from her.
I reach up a bit to grab for our supply of water. Taking a long sip my gaze dwells up the dune.
I almost choke, as I suddenly recognise the silhouette of granddad on top, gazing down on us two.

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11 months ago
Awesome even it whas
englisch :)
11 months ago
Categories I clicked for the story:
Lesbian, First time and Voyeur
and not triple Sex Humor!
11 months ago
As I see you as an expert both in lesbian love
as well as in writing, I am proud of your praise
Thank you, my fine friend * * * * * Poet Peter
11 months ago
love the picture the story well its short but its very realistic so thumbs up
11 months ago
Of course, our making love in the hot sand lasted longer.
As granddad watched our erotic enjoyment by his binoculars
Peter will perhaps disclose the rest of our sexy show

11 months ago
Foxy female friends and lovely lezzies
feel free to leave a thumb up for Petra
and warm words for her fine effort!

Thanks - * * * * * Poet Peter