Undress you

I did undress you with my eyes.
I tried to undress you with my words.
To undress you in my mind was easy.
But my fingers aren´t long enough
to reach for your yearning body.

I want you! Right now, naked in
my mind´s eye, I grab you
my arms reach for you
but they lack length, so
my mind grabs for you.

As simple staring isn´t enough
It can´t stop my yearning
I terribly need some burning
And blast my baby so tough.

But first I try to blow your mind
by touching and talking to you
as if I took you from behind.

I need to satisfy you baby,
before I blow my balls.

Love your wisdom, which reveals
bits of herself only with love for her.
Just like a woman wants love,
before she´d show her beauties.


Poem in answer for the famous
young poetress Cookie by Peter
76% (4/1)
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Posted by petdyke
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4 years ago
Thank you dear friends. Poets grow in praise! ;-)P
4 years ago
Very nice.
4 years ago
i love it.

there should be more erotic poetry around!
4 years ago
very well done
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Her poem is called "undress me".