Tasty Teen Tells #1: All About Anal

Cute Katja Tasty Teen Tells How Hot Her Sexy Sphinxter Is - Introduction
Katja is as cute as pretty, as yummy as young, a blonde beauty sweet sexy tasty teen.
Katja was one of my first female friends. My heart for her melted from the very start.
Katja works hard here to keep up and stay polite to all punters, who would want her.
Katja has character, I recognised at first sight. She really deserves some help of me.

A tasty teen at the countryside in Germany is one of my first great girlfriends here.
Her honesty and hot looks caused too many men to inquire about the same few things.
As she was online only by a 64k modem, she could not cope with all those questions.
Her wise decision was to answer the two most frequent ones in a blogs, later stories.

In her first of two interesting lessons she tells how her fancy for anal ability arose.
I promised her long time ago to translate and edit her sexy sweet lesson of love here.
I never forget that, other priorities came up, while she was practically out of reach.
I recently noticed she started to more often change the headline of her profile page.

In short, she got mainly two questions by guys: why she loves to have anal intercourse?
In which way did she learn herself to do deep-throat for her boyfriends begging for it?
I read both her blogs about her sexy exercises and experiences. Looked forward to edit.
I finally fulfill my promise to her in this short sexy series of serious love lessons.

Fast Foxy Sexy Start - Boyfriend Begs For More
Indeed, I often use an anal plug when I please my pussy. I learned to love it early.
I confess that the reason was that my boyfriend wanted more of me. He was nineteen.
I was so young still, only the tight tasty thirteen. Two years later I got on the pill.
I quickly understood he longed to have real sex with me. I loved his tongue in my ass.

I could not take the pill yet, while he was apparently allergic to protective rubbers.
I liked sex with him a lot. I like the feeling of being in control during a blow job.
I was curious for more, after half a year of just jacking him off or sucking his prick.
I invited him to try to enter my tight sphinxter with more than his tongue or fingers.

I tried to have him in my ass. It was heavenly hot from the very first sexy start of it.
I like it doggy style, while he holds my hips and with one hand rubs my clit to extasy.
I still have my best bursting orgasms with something sexy and hot up my tightest canal.
I love it in missionary sex style with his thumb up my clit helping me to come so hard!

I got hotly hooked right from the start of my first intercourse and any anal pleasures.
I still love it to get it from behind in my tighet hot hole, that is how I learned love.
I like to be in control at times. I like to be taken as(s) well, at other hot tight times.
I still love to feel something thick and hot up my ass, whether I am solo or intercourse!

80% (5/1)
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1 year ago
Cute Katja looks lovely and very tasty.
To answer the many questions she got about ability to do deep throat,
she wrote a second short story how she taught herself to do that.
Basicly by practising by a banana, before she allowed a big prick in.
I might adopt that story from German as well, if people show interest.
1 year ago
We welcome warm words and interesting comments
at her hot sex experience in anal intercourse.
We welcome your thumb up, dear reader! Poet Peter