Student Spanked -10: After-Party #1

Cute Confession Turns Into An Interesting Insemination Invitation, Which Turns Me On
Slender shy small-breasted Suzanne washes me with her kisses in a sweet session under the shower.
BOOBy Beatrice and Lisa-love join us as soon as they can, after doing the dishes as I asked them.
Take turns for your enemas you yummy young three tasty lovely looking ladies, be also clean inside.
Lisa, you learned from me how to do that properly. Please perform first now on Beatrice's big bums!

Sweet shy Suzanne, you melt my heart by your courageous decision to try to be dedicated to me.
I respect the enormous effort of you to thank me in the same way as your best girlfriends do.
I know that you are practically lesbian and every inch a feminist, like me being a gentleman.
I am a feminist as well love. As a gentleman I will treat you with special care this weekend.
I let you look with me, how Lisa en Beatrice will take turns to clean themselves insides for us.
I will guide them next to delicately prepare you for me as(s) well, redhot real redhead of me!

The Two Tasty Guest Girls Dare To Speak To Their Master - A Rare Request I Receive
Thank you Master. I hope I will not disappoint you despite my lack in experience in those things.
I like your delicacy, dear sweet Suzanne. I conclude you have been rarely been with men before.
I think you were even never spanked as well, or perhaps tiny little bits by a girlfriend in bed?
Indeed Master. Never a man has penetrated me and no lady lover tried to spank me, even for fun.
Thank you for telling my dear. That is very wise of you. I know now how I will be treating you!

Permission to speak Sir, please our Master? BOOBy beauty Beatrice grabs the first occasion in bed.
I look in her eyes and notice even more eagerness in those burning black holes of our Physics MA.
I like the sudden cute constrast with her further shy demeanour in her body language towards me.
I am so sorry for deceiving you Master, with my initial seduction of you by my boobs for coming.
I really have a dear deep wish for this night, although I know I'm in no position to request you!

I see the embarrasment in your face Beatrice beauty. It is even the first time I see you blush!
I wonder whether you picked that up from shy Suzanne, as your so smart and learning fast, foxy?
I grant you permission to tell your request. We will consider it seriously all three of us here.

I am very grateful Master. I still pray you will do me the honour of coming first with me indeed.
I want to beg you to please come inside me. I feel my eggs are almost bursting in my belly, Sir.
I long to let our love-baby grow inside me, Sir. Nothing can go wrong, we are both bright beaus!

Despite Being The Master For This Warm Weekend For Three Tasties, I Call a Vote
I love your brains and sweet sexy spirit, as your BOOBs are big and beautiful, brilliant Beatrice.
I will explain your lovely pun to our two female friends, less well read in the history of physics.
I will tell them that bit of 'herstory' in the history of physics. In fact, it is only an anecdote.
I remember that tasty sexy story as well, Marilyn Monroe is visiting Albert Einstein in Princeton.
I like, as you do, his quick-witted response to her sweet sexy seduction to make a c***d together!

I like your interesting invitation, my Marilyn. Indeed we two could have a cute c***d together.
I like your idea that she will be as beautiful as you and bright a me. What if it's the opposite?
I am too busy thinking hard, to care for a son with no talent for math and physics, and ugly as me!

I am glad we will not run that risk, if we will make a baby indeed. You three invited me as Master.
I can decide as I like. And you all three promised to do you uppermost best to satisfy my needs.
I think indeed that you are the brighest brain buy far of you three tasty ladies and best mother.
I like to hear the opinion of Lisa, as its her party to start with. Shy Suzanne, what do you think?

All Agree And Offer All Help We Will Want For Making A Beautiful Baby With Beatrice
I get loud cheers for the idea. All three forget their roles for a moment and talk together now.
I happen to be (s)expert on several sexy issues, my three tasty teasers. I will instruct you three.
I want you all to concentrate on our beauty Beatrice. She shall come, when I start to shoot in her!

I know that offers best chances for the offpring we all now long for. We will make her hot first.
I know without a look at her big black bush below how wet she already is. Not far from an orgasm.
I like to make her insemination to an intiation ritual we all four will never forget all our lives!

I see your beautiful bums are still so bleak. I will handle that first by my bare hot hands, dear.
I want you on your back with two cushions below your bums. Legs bent back and knees besides BOOBs.
I want you to two to cover her motherly mammalian protuberances with your kisses and tongue her!

I will first colour your big bottom Beatrice, before I tell you to assume position for penetration.
I keep Beatrice all time on the brink of coming, alternating spanking with caressing her awesome ass.
I monitor her state of arousal after every few slaps, lightly moving my finger all along her wet slit!

I Think Hard During All Our Long Loving Fore-play With Four Friends - I Challenge You
I consider all the time during our foreplay rites with Beatrice my 'bride' to be, the best position.
I know the situation she is in now is ideal for best chance on offspring, shoot right at her cervix.
It offers the best way for her to keep all my sperm inside, not a drop leaking from her sexy snatch!

I think hard about the alternative: doggy style which offers also direct access for my mighty member.
I like that idea best. As a turn-on to me and also best way to shower her cervix with my sperm shoot.
I love that I can spank her like that and grab her hips for a severe sexy rough ride before I come!

I bet my readers also wonder now what would be best or would be hottest to read - or (s)experience?
I know all of you have your own ideas and are remembering your own (gf's) adventures in this realm.
I am a writer in the end as well, not only man who likes to shoot sexily at an intimate invitation.
I do not often get clear requests for immediate insemination. So openly is really rare, isn't it?
I challenge you to comment. Predict what will happen in the next sexy erotic episode of my story!

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upper most best
1 year ago
Who will guess correctly
the name of our love baby
to be born from my bride
of that tasty long night?
1 year ago
We welcome warm words of
praise and prediction of
what will happen next in
this sexy seduction story