Isolated Island of Long Love For a Foxy Triple Victim Gang-Bang
Two tasty smart slender sexy pretty Parisians are among my finest friends, for sure the most kinky of all.
As a tribute to their tastes and foxy fancies I invite them to a private party first weekend of September.
I imagine we will all three end up at centre of a hot hurricane of love in a triple gang-bang in open air.
Ile de Frioul for experts in geography, frivolic centre where the Mistral runs into hot local love storms.
Hahaha, how did we three get into the centre of that cyclone of love, you will wonder? Well, just read me!

Betty et Nathalie, très belles les deux, et ensemble plus de pouvoir à Paris et en Province
Both Betty and naughty Nathalie - as sexy as smart - realise the sexual prowess they have over people.
Together they are an erotic beauty-bomb, as explosive as dangerous to the weakhearted watchers of them.
They are my secret sexy weapon to take over the sexy show on Saturday evening. Read my set-up scenario.
We will arrive together at the island around noon on Friday to make sure we will be among first dozen.
I will gather my French friends, the organisers and other early arrivers around us three. That's easy!

Nancy et Nathalie de Marseille, presque nues en style 'Folies Bèrgeres'
Two thirds of the participants are men, always eager to meet new women on their island of endless fun.
They love the traditional sexy Saturday show, invented by two slim sweet tasty teens twenty years ago.
Hihihi, a little anecdote of my first memory of Nancy, only f1fteen at the time, perhaps even less ...
Only clad her petite bronzed body in an eenie-meenie bikini she ran around the play-ground in Grénoble.
All men engaged in the very serious board-game of Go during the European Championships at local campus!

Avez vous vu ma pétite Chatte, mes Messieurs? - Did you see my little pussy, Sirs?
The poor pretty and terribly tasty teen had lost her black kitten, she had brought along from Marseille.
Some who got the naive unintended pun, smiled and followed her search for her kitten with their eyes ...
All were there to win their games, so they soon forgot about the young yummy beauty, as in the fighting
at their boards of the Go game, different good shapes lead to victory than the conquer of a great girl.
In the game of Go, capturing a stone is good, but catching a group is much more points: go for a 'kill'!

Viens avec nous à Marseille! Non, restez chez nous ici, si'l vous plait!
Nice naughty Nancy invented the tradition to dress up in classy and sexy style for the party at Saturday.
My first weekend tournament in Marseille we celebrated mostly at the beach, also at initiative of Nancy.
We danced in the warm sand all evening till she took us to a large house with a big private pool outside.
Time for the second anecdote to build up tension for my readers. We are in 1990, my first school there.
The Summer School was an event of a fortnight up a hill in Ardeche. The tourney in Marseille unexpedtedly
up in the middle weekend. French organise most things last moment ... The fight for me was so sexy there!

Viens chez nous à Marseille-plage, ma chérie - Come with us at our beach, my dear!
The tight young butt of olive-skinned slender sexy and naughty Nancy probably made the difference to me.
I happily let those Southern sexy beauties man-nap me to their Marseille beautiful beaches and bitches.
Dancing in the warm sand and alongside the pool wearing less and less her way to make me remember Nancy.
Every guy and gal will for sure remember her and her friend Nathalie for their stylish sexy performance.
Saturday night at the party, at midnight they present the free bowl to all at the dance floor, so sexily!

Choréographie et costumes par notre Nancy - Nancy did all the design of the sexy show
The costumes were always new and still basicly the same: I see the photos with the memories of my mind:
The start is high heels, next net nylons all the way up to their tangas, all in black, best qualities.
That is about all they were wearing, but for a big white boa and a tiny cover on their erected nipples.
They also sported some feathers in their sparkling hair-do and the widest of warm welcome sweet smiles.
They are in the centre of the dance floor pouring glasses of bowl for all comers and posing for photos!

Tradition de plus de vingt ans avec une après-minuit sexy surprise par mes copines coquettes!
My two tasty pretty Parisian girls will beat that tradition on all fronts: they are even more pretty
and for sure more kinky, about a decennium younger than the two originators of the sexy Saturday show.
I only just invited them. Time enough left to think up a sexy scenario which will make (wo)men go wild.
I imagine I start by telling how an elder hippie gentleman like me makes so many great girlfriend here.
Really amazing for a guy like me, being in real life so shy sexually for more than half a century!

Ma équipe érotique de Paris contre les Marseillaises
I imagine how my frivolous French friends will soon laugh their asses off by my stories of sexy shyness.
I will complain at them not to laugh at my sad sorrow and lack of success in sex or love. More laughter.
I imagine their big eyes and disbelief on hearing my accounts of sexy success and much more here where
I met my Nsthlie by beautiful Betty. My French girlfriends exclaim: "T'est trop chouette, cher Pierre!"
I let myslf been overwhlmed by their kisses, barely a chance to express the wish for my 'bitches' show!

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1 year ago
Betty babbled a lot of bla-ba to me after this story popped up.
But she even was too blasé to click once hereto put a 'thumb up'.
Betty obviously likes to tease me as the bad girl she pretends to be.
Betty isn't smart enough obviouly to see no cheap tricks work at me!
1 year ago
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