State Secret of Sexy Sue

Sexy Sue, does she look too good to be true?
Sexy Sue is incredibly pretty. The blonde beauty's boobs first thing which puzzled me.
Too good to be real, was my first idea. I looked through all her galleries with photos.
Puzzled by her lovely looks is only the sweet start of my bewilderment and seduction.
I was amazed by her profile stating she works at high level at the Interior Ministry.
I know that everyone with a public job only publishes photos of private parts, no faces
I know pilots on long hauls from Canada, fearing never to fly again, if found out here.
I know people in jobs without names, still worrying to lose their position of a nobody!

Sexy Sue seems as proud as happy with her hot looks
Sexy Sue is completely different. She seems as proud as happy to show off her good looks.
Sweet Sue has an atrractive face as well, smiling so wide at all her hot photo uploads.
Sexy Sue is even more open in private than at her hot photo galleries of holidays or parties.
Sexy Sue looks so good, be it dressed, barely or even less. Unmatched openness at this level!
Sweet Sue loves my comments and messages, that's clear! She puzzles me with her openness.
Sexy Sue, how come you are so open about your sexuality in your high official position?
Sweet Sue didn't provide me any clue, but I started to get my own ideas about her high job!

Sexy Sue is open about it all, it is her only armour, as she is the boss!
Smart Sue knows that I am a former international journalist, not as easy to be fooled as others.
Smart Sue knows that most journalists do their daily job, as their job-title implies they will.
Smart Sue doesn't realise perhaps that I'm different, as a journalist who hardly writes in fact.
Sweet Sue, I reflected a lot about you! I think I discovered the sexy secret of your openness.
Smart Sue, your openness is the only way to be incorrruptible by your actual sexual conduct.
Sexy smart Sue knows well how many Ministers had to resign after affairs came into the open.
Sexy secrets is a bad asset. Best to be open, right from the start of having a hot love life!

Sexy Sue as 'Miss Moneypenny', is that her hot sexy secret?
Sweet Sue, I analysed the situation, some speculation, dirty deduction lead me to the conclusion:
Sexy Sue is like 'Miss Moneypenny' in the movies of 007, who runs the Secret Service in practise.
Smart Sue is officially probably only secretary to some director at the Ministry of interal Affairs
Sexy Sue is an expert in international intimate afairs! As a secretary she runs the spy network!
Sexy Sue seduces me with her inpired responses to my many naughty messages. I'm to become her spy.
Smart Sue runs on a daily basis, strictly as a 9 to 5 job, the Secret Service of her country!
Sexy Sue, please hire me as your dearest double-spy! Let's make lots of money and run, hot Honey!

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1 year ago
Sue seduces.
1 year ago
I long for more comments and thumbs up from my readers!
I long to tell you all much more about stylish sexy Sue,
if I get the impression that you readers would like that.
1 year ago
Two heroes got the courage
to vote down this story
anonymously, of course!
Guys here can't stand
a story without a lay.
My main fans are gals
anyway, who cares? ;-)
1 year ago
Sexy Sue I know you love me from far for the warmth of my words
Sexy Sue I love you too! Everyone can see the beauty of your body
Sexy Sue I have seen as well the beauty between your ears, my dear!
Sweet Sue we will make three blonde daughters all as pretty as you
Smart Sue let us take to money and run my dear! We'll buy an island
Sweet Sue Island, in midst of the Pacific, no need for spies anymore!