Sexy Secretary Slave Search -7

Seven sexy sweet great girls get hot of getting sweet sexy Sappho off by three tasty teens
Sweet Sappho is an as dear as delicate Brasilian beauty, slender and sexy, tender and tasty, an admirer of me
Her hot and enthousiast reaction my poem which introduces her, inspired me to have her in the centre of attention
Eagerness of the aspiring young yummy poet will be met by proper tenderness under my direction of three teens

Interesting sexy constellation of seven young wonderful women in my red velvet beautiful boudoir all on camera
Sexy Sara - a Dutch dyke - is co-director and awesome Alessandra, a blonde beauty as sexy as shy, is scriptgirl

Sexy Sappho, I invite you into the centre of the big bed, black satin sheets for a show of you in slow motion
Our wish is you will undress and three tasty teens will take care of their cute colleague at my instructions!

So please pretty Petra, as you are the only full fledged lesbian you are best licker, you will know what to do
We welcome our London loves to help hot shy sweet Sappho into the proper position for you all three tasty teens
Eaten by all our eyes eagerly, sweet sexy Sappho slowly shows her private pretties and gets fully undressed
Every elegant single move of her is captured by several cameras, which I carefully handle in remote control
Two more roles to tell: Kate tou have prettiest pussy, have her eat you out your cute Kitty and let lick clitty

And blonde blue-eyed beauty sexy Sarah, you are best at breasts and let naughty nipples look like little pricks
Now please pretend you three tie her up on the bed spread-eagled and let us see some sweet seduction on screen
Do you take nice notes amazing Alessandra and Sara you can help me keeping an eye on my cameras two and three?

With one clap of my hand the three teens come into action, all got as naked as their shivering victim of love
Eagerly Sappho awaits how hot and wet she can get from these three terribly tasty teens, who look so strong
Trembling she lets them spread her lovely legs and feels how the girls get her in their teasing grip for love

In the mean while I see at another screen that lovely Lea my first sexy secretary has come back to conciousness
Notice she is watching the action upstairs in our alcove of love on the screen showing image of my camera one

My main attention is at sexy Sappho sweetly and dearly devoured by my best beauties. Mix of moans and munching
You taste great. How hot you got. You are so wet, exclaims pretty Petra between munching her hot Amazone jungle

Beautiful little titties, says sexy Sarah, how sensitive her nipples are, she's so responsive, I simply love it!
I can not hear shy Sappho as Kate carefully lets her lick all along her slit up to her clit, her hot cute Kitty
Gorgeous to watch how her hips move and Sappho's hot bottom gets in the same rythm from the laps of Petra pretty

Big bursts, I predict, with a whisper in the ear of my sexy script-girl, don't worry you'll get a turn as well
Easy forcast for a director, who watches the waves of her hips getting higher and hotter, predicting a tsunami
Did she come enormously indeed! Squiting so much in Petra's pretty face, a first ever for both hairy hotties!

Many more awesome orgasms to come for all pretties present, also number seven, juicy Jenny
After the awesome tasty tsunami, great granddod pretty Petra got into the groove trying to drink and lap up all
Lovely looking Kate comes on sweet Sappho's face at the same moment warmly wetting it with her hot pussy juice
Like to lick her face clean as well as that sexy snatch, cute Kitty of Kate, dirty dear Alessandra, do that!

Cutely presenting her bums to the other blonde beauty sexy Sarah, who loves to lap her wet twat in return so sexy
Out of your chair, cute co-director, I whisper in the redhot ear of squirming Sara, suck pretty Petra's pussy
My dear dirty dod is very wet and I know well how tasty she is, be our guests horny Hoornsie fom the North
Eagerly, juicy Jenny watches all this, slowly regaining conciousness. Click two fingers at her, I select Sarah

Frantically fingering her blonde bush, sexy Sarah is surprised by the laps of Jenny along her pretty pussy
Ready for such an attentive assault, on all four she is, she does not notice Jenny attacking her holes hotly
Oh, by Jove what a lot of love to my mount Venus. She sucks as sexy as only Kate can do to me. Who can it be?
My Kate not, but it's so hot. I will come in her munching mouth so soon, sexy Sarah sighs breathing heavily

Together they all come in unisono. Sweet Sappho for the fourth time. All in each others mouths. Air thick of sex
Overwhelmed by the sight and smell of pretty pussies everywhere in cute contractions I let my cameras capture all
No single detail is missed of seven sexy great girls coming together in my boudoir full of young yummy beauties
Great girls finally fall into each others arms in a wide wet perverted puddle of love in my warmly wetted big bed
Usually, Petra is in great shape, as she always is. Also now, she's the first to look back up to me from the scene
Eager for more action, dear dod? Please do me a favour and lead Lea to my alcove to teach her a hot lesson of love
Sweet sexy wide smile shows Petra presumes what is about to happen before all our eyes, some fantastic flogging!

Flogged for the first time for intended inobedience and for the last time as her painful punishment
Lea longs for long punishment, which she'll receive indeed, but helas, last time, as she is deliberatily being bad
Eager for my punishment, I will humiliate my first sexy seceretary slave for the eyes of her assistants to be
As for the future of her bums yearning for burning, I instruct her to be a good girl and she'll get served well!

Line up please, my pretty young yummies in order to flog the bottom of my top bottom here as a lesson to you all
On breaking my rules on purpose, punishment is severe, although I hate to have that executed as I like good girls
Not trying to show how bad you can behave here. Respect my rules or leave, loves. Respect my cute clientiele please
Get her on all fours in my bed and take turns please holding her in position, legs wide, back arched, open for us
Easy start I suggest, keeping order in age. Sara and Alessandra hold her legs very firm, Kate and Sarah her arms
Don't dare to wrestle with them, Lea love. Await your flogging by three teens of only 18 and next by one of 19.

To you the honour to start this long sexy series, intelligent Isabella, red Rose, cute Kate, precious Princess!
Oh, I do hope you have flogged someone ever before. You didn't! Please experiment as long as you long or like love
Oh, oh, oh - hot blonde lovely looking Lea lets us share her hot joy. Hit harder, Kate she can handle lots of love

My foxy first sexy secretary was not instructed this time about being allowed to come or not, so she lets go, comes
Ultimate sexy show to see my most close cuties log to line up for flogging lustful longlegged Lea to awesome orgasms
Caramba, caliente ardente, cute Kate! How hot to discover your talent and fancy for flogging, I love your big blushes
Hey blonde blue-eyed beauty. You are next to flog this blonde to come, I see in your eyes your longing to try hard!

For sure I was right, what a lovely sight to see sexy Sarah beat the bums of longing Lea even harder than Kate could
Oh my goodness, the sexy secretary Goddess sighs between moaning into another long lasting awesome orgasm by beating
Ready to be next, pretty Petra? Sorry for my age discrimination, Sarah is only a bit your senior. Our guest, you know

Fine with me, dirty granddad, let me prove your pretty Petra can beat her bums better than sexy Sarah just showed us
Love to f***e her to come on my command. As you know, I like to talk them into coming for me. Flogging is only a help
Oh, great God, this is Heaven! Hotter than I ever expected in my wettest dirty dreams, Lea lets know, also a vocal
Great, I will treat you to my talk and warm you with my words to make you explode at my orders, do you understand?
Great God, I do love you pretty Petra. Can I please come? Can you flog my foxy furry please dear, I long to come
I love to watch how wet Petra got that tasty twat by doing dirty. Flog her flaming fanny, hot dod! F0rce her to come
No, no, no, noooo - sweet sexy screams, meaning Yes, yes, yes please. Lea long lasting awesome orgasm sounds so sexy
Great girls! What a wonderful sexy sight. Jenny, you are about as young as Kate. Assistant, we give guests first!

However, with attractive Alessandra so shy and Sara being senior, it's your turn to treat her bums to burning well
Eagerly Petra possesed Lovely Lea's mind and sexy slit by her hot attentive attention sending her screaming again
Red hot beautiful bums, which were pale only an hour earlier, when wet Lea love waited with coming for our come back

Line-up change, please! I direct the seven sexy sweeties into new positions to punish Lea's love alcove from above
Assume a new sexy constellation, cute cunning cunnies, my precious pretties. And you on all four now, Lea my love!
Sweet Sappho you are next, naughty girl. I noticed how hot you got watching the flogging! Will you be next dear dove?
Tie her up for real now you three teens who were first to treat her so sexy and hotly. The scene is so sweet Sappho!

Tender and slender and not so strong, by slapping too sweetly normally, but the setting raised her to new heighths
I imagine you slap along her slit softly, but excite her enough to make come at the moment we will order her, hottie
My pleasure, Peter. Your ideas turn me on. Lea gets wet and will act according to our wishes for her wet- and hotness
Eagerly Lea gives in and comes cutely from Sappho sweetly flogging her love lips with long love licks along love lips

Shy Alessandra gets wet from watching all that happen to the twat of Lea. She gets up to take her turn in the turn-ons
Oohh, dirty dears, my great young yummy Goddesses of love. I never came like this in my long love life before, hons!

Few more slit strokes send Sappho off again into temporary hot heaven of love in my alcove, coming from kiss flogging
And the final highlight is by bare hands of sexy Sara, who warms her bottom properly for a furtherb fast explosion
Read my mind, Lea love. Never try this tease again or you will be denied any pleasures here for playing games, girl!
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1 year ago
In part eight Kate is in te centre of tender attention and cool hot love with ice cubes on her hots spots.
ISABELLA is her first name as sometimes icecold love poet. We need to break the ice with her to get her wet.
Inspiration came from a private remark by sweet shy Sappho to this next sexy scenario of lesbian hot love.
1 year ago
This episode took three days of waiting before it got posted at my page.
The eighth I uploaded only a few hours later during that same night.
The ninth is in statum nascendi ever since, will be written next night.
The wait is for the missing part, so I can see from where to re-start.
1 year ago
And again an achrostic here as lead for my lesbian love poem: