Sexy Secretary Slave Search -1

PRELUDE - slender sexy blonde beauty lovely Lea, an awesome and amazing application

My naughty need for a sweet sexy and equally obedient secreary topping my page got eager applicants
My secretary needs to be well read and eager to learn languages, in order to sort out all my poetry
My vacancies are a few. But first I need a wise woman slave to train younger secretaries on the job

Slender sexy sweet lovely looking Lea has been a very foxy friends for years. No surprise she'd like
She sent a short note after we had been chatting a bit about that job offer at me, wages 'in natura'
She seemed much more enthousist te prospect not 'working' to earn dollars or euros for hot hobbies:

- Noticed your post about an interview with you. I also re-read my post tieing you up to bed post.

- Oooooooooooooooooooh way to interview, interogate and violate me!!!

- Hmm, hahaha ;*-) How will we get that rogue interrogation into writing here?
- Do you apply for a job interview as my sexy secretary as I ask on my page?

- I think I qualify! Mature but sexy and smart!!! Obey my boss always!!!

- Sounds like a promising informal application! ;-)P

- That would be so hot ... I'll even dress dress slutty "conservative" to prove my devotion!

- Informally for you ... I am a great lay, play mate and work mate!!!

- Sounds seductive and sexy, I will write a story about our interview.

- That would be so hot ... I'll even dress dress slutty "conservative" to prove my devotion!

I knew enough, knowing lovely looking Lea for long. Her hot open mind I can read as a book by now.
I invited Lea for the 'rogue interrogation' she so clearly longed for, getting the job or not.
I advised her to dress European style, a 'pétit noire' in simple stylish design of Coco Chanel.
I was curious what more she will wear, when she will cross my door step. She still needs no bra!

INTERLUDE - intimate intimidating interrogating interview

I immediately grabbed her approach and intention as I found her at my doorstep, her flat shoes off.
I smiled at the idea that she was likely completely naked underneath her short dress. A smile back.
I next noticed her reference and polite bow towards me, showing her bare boobies to me, hard nipples.
I invited her in. Sure that my hand would not encounter any obstructions exploring her from below.

Lovely looking Lea stood in front of me, her legs spread wide, inviting me to check her sexy state.
Lovely looking Lea told me by the shine in her hungry eyes, how wet she was between her long legs.
Lovely looking Lea smiled at me. Asks; "Please interview me anyway you like. I'll be happy to obey"
Lovely looking Lea, I invited her inside were I seated her and told of her possible duties for me.

Oh boy, as she wasn't sure of her chances at me, sexy Lea flashed her fanny at me as Sharon Stone.
Oh boy, she did it at first chance, seeing my look lowering from her eyes down to her hot long legs.
Oh boy, she was so eager and wanton! Sexy, smart and pretty. How could I refuse her to become my top?
Oh boy, how eagerly she listened to my explanation of her double duties and secreary and as a slave.

Very often her head nodded "Yes" as I explained her what it takes to be my top slave secretary.
Very often she smiled at the tasty possible prospects of having together a lusty long love life!
Very often Lea smiled at hearing her tasks: not only as my sexy slave secretaty for my poetry.
Very often her eyes betrayed her longing to be a switch: a slave to me, a trainer of secretaries.

Eagerly Lea listened to my long list of demands for submissive secretaries: always available to me.
Eagerly Lea learned the details of her employments as a slave secretaty to train tasty teens for me.
Eagerly Lea licked her lips when I described the young yummies of about twenty to be invited by me.
Eagerly Lea admitted to long licking pretty pussy all her life. Lea never actually did it yet! Hihi.
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1 year ago
Wonder whether four people actually hate this poems
or the voting administration of xhamster got wrong?
A retorical question, as this place is often a mess
1 year ago
I'd hire her
1 year ago
Lea is very enthousiast in her comment
to the second interview installment
promising to be the best secretary

This story soon continues, same theatre
1 year ago
Hahaha, high number of reads and three heroic votes against it.
How big heart have those cowards voting by their thumb, in jealousy.
Haha, those morons here have only to vote off as they lack a tongue.
1 year ago
Sexy second private posted. Look forward how hot lusty Lea
will almost drown in her own juices of hot foxy pussy spree

Hahaha, how hot you all out there got from reading me? ;-)
You ain't seen nothing yet, wait to meet me in part three!
1 year ago
First two chapters in the first installment of my lon story of employing and (s)explorin Lea.
Second part will reveal in detail how her hot interview went, pretending to be tied at my bed.
Third chapter will tell how I hotly tested her qualities in serving my mental and sexual needs.
Fourth part will introduce her possible applicants for further study and education by us both.