Young Isabella in old A'dam -1

PRINCESS ISABELLA[/b} is my LOVE, who will one day join me in old Amsterdam.

Her Beautiness has many pretty names. As KITTYKTEUK she wasn't even 18 when we
made love first time. She won my heart in an unexpedtedly fast fashion back then.
I ate her pretty pussy. She came in my mouth. Immetitely pissed all over my face.
Too much to swallow. It dripped down my chin all along my body. Great guts that gal. Smart ass, smart head. Made my head hot. So sweet and sexy, young and yummy.
After that hot and wet start nothing could go wrong with us. At least I thought.

The rest is maybe a bit boring for readers of steamy sex stories. Our love grew.
We posted poems at each other's walls. Despite being a dream team as a couple of
lovers as Princess with her Prince Poet, well, we had some sad set-backs as well.
By hand I wrote booklet about our love. Very fast. Only three weeks for 200 pages.

We dream of her visit to me in my cosy little corner, the 'armpit' of old town and
the old wood harbour across my street. La bella Isabella will have her own room,
but be most warm welcome in my big bed every day and night. Or on my tasty table.

High love, low table
I'm a lazy lover, as an elder gentleman. Very patient with lovely long strong tongue.
I invented a great way for mutual amusement by arousal at my low salon wooden table.
For feeling comfortable I offer a soft cloth for cover and mattrass to lay on.

I ask her Hottiness to pretend I tied her up there. Legs up, knees held by her arms. Besides her firm perk breasts. All her most sensitive private parts available now.
For my kisses and caresses of different degrees. Soft to hard. Sweet by kinky to cute.

She smiles at the sight of the cameras. My precious Princess prefers love in private.
She loves to show off though and come on camera. Hot and hard and as often as possible.

Softest one
The most soft way to please my Princess is by kisses. The nipples do the trick.
Send sexy signals everywhere. So that is where I will start my kisses: ( * ) ( * )
Nibbling Princess' nipples with my fingers tips my lips croos her belly to her love lips.
I smell they're well wet and warm now, eagerly waiting for my first licks below her clit.

Long lazy tasty teen lusty love lips licking with my long tongue up and down her slit.
Sexy fluids drip down to her tight sphinxter. The tip of my tongue only teases her holes.
I lick my way up again to her sexy swollen clit a single sweet kiss on top sends her off.
My Princess Isabella is all wanton for me now for tougher comes. Pretty pussy wide open.

Second orgasm
In the second sexy session I pretend to try to enter the tip of my tongue in her third.
I tickle the pee-hole with my tip and insert slowly tips of indexes in other hot holes.
She Princess heaves deeper as I enter an inch now, with both sandwiching her hot G-spot.
My Princess can't hold out long. She comes strong, wetting my face with her tasty juice.

Third try
By both bare hands I spank her beautiful bums telling her more is come and much tougher.
"I have a foxy flogger, dear Princess of Love, my Isabella. I will treat you to her.
First I want you to kiss your Miss Cat-O-Nine-Tails, who'll curtail your cute Kitty.
You will be amazed how hot the sexy effect of that abuse is, flogging your foxy Lady"

Obiently my Love kisses Miss CONT who will soon cause pain at Kitty part of my Princess.
Ï help her out, sending extra signals. I rub her nipples again. And I apply cloth pins.
My right hand holds my Precious from below. Thumb her Pinkness, finger in her sphinxter.
A dozen strokes of her first whipping ever does the job. Cuteness comes in convulsions.

Second chapter
Princess Isabella will change position for her second row coming often on my low table.
On all fours on top of a mirror, so she can see in reflection the probes of her pussy.
A second mirror in front of her for more visual feedback and two monitors of camera.
Pretty Princess Isabella wil hardly know where when to look, new hot treats happening.

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1 year ago
Again you create a terrific sex scene… It’s easy to visualize you and her exploring all the possibilities in your low salon wooden table… and the mirror idea was great… who doesn't like to see their own reflection in the mirror during sex?
1 year ago
very well, thanks my love
1 year ago
Part third try throws me sorry I will get Andi to read it to me later for understand better it.
My bad english not your words ok.
1 year ago
To answer the question in the comment below:

I have no idea whether I would like that
as the profile of Haleyeckes is empty.

I posted her wall with my thanks for respons
and wrote her a message with some questions.
1 year ago
Will u fuck me hard and eat my pussy??
1 year ago
Eager Easter present for my pretty Princess Isabella
My beautiful cute bunny, my redhot rabbit of rapture

Kate's Kitty will be served very well and so sexily
Welcome to come so often in old Amsterdam, Isabella

We hope with all our hearts so much more is too come
Come to me - come with me - come for me - constantly