Young Jennifer in old Amsterdam - 1

Love at first sight
After her first completely unexpected sexy spanking ever, Jennifer of only just 18
and freshly arrived, and lost, in old Amsterdam, fell in love with an elder man.
I was astonished by her immediate trust and complete calmth under my hot hands.
I have had many women of all kinds of beauty volunteer for a tasty treatment bent
over my knees, but Jennifer was by far the best, and even a real virgin spankee.
I got so aroused by both her beauty and grace, as well as her screams "ooweeee"
as the only answers to the painful prediciament, which had turned her on so much,
that I had come first, shooting my hot loads right on her tiny bushy woolly pussy.

While I still heave from coming so hard, Jennifer climbs on top on of me, kisses
me with passion and abandon till my rod got up again. She gently grabs its tip
to rub her clit with it and immediately comes. My member fully erect again now,
it slides by itself into her hot tight womanhood. She keeps riding my shaft up
and down. One hand caresses around her clit with the other she pulls me towards
her small firm tits, to suck the little pricks of her stiffened naughty nipples.

Jennifer keeps coming, at least umpteen times till I finally shoot my sperm deep
inside her burning puss and the young precious Princess of love passes out in
my arms. It takes me some time to regain normal breathing. I carry Jennifer into
my big bed and lay her down there. She wakes up and eagerly pulls me back over her,
with her legs wide and arms around me. She kisses me, whispers softly in my ear:
"Peter, I want to stay here forever, can I please?" I look up at her and nod "Yes".
I rest my head down next to her. We drift together quickly away in Morpheus arms.

First full day together
We wake up at the same time and smile at each other, when we both notice how
my morning erection automatically remembers where it felt best yesterday evening.
We calmly kiss and slowly rock in each others arms till we increase our speed.
We come in an unisono explosion. We dream more for another hour, rolled over now.
We wake up again by my erection knocking inside her wet hot door. Jennifer rides me
by expertly grounding her Mount Venus at my pubic bone for another coming together.

I really need to pee by now and get an idea to teach Jennifer something new.
"Come on love! It's high time for our shower together." - "Yes please, Peter".
I take her hand to walk her to my sexy shower. With one push at the right button
I get what I want and I push Jennifer into the warm water, now falling down on her
sticky skin. I follow her inside. We massage each others bodies for quite a while.

"Please kneel down Jennifer, it's time for a new experience for you, I think".
Jennifer does as I ask and with eyes wide open looks up to me in high expectation.
"Jennifer grab my member and direct it towards your breasts please, I will pee!"
Jennifer smiles and does exactly as I told her, so I let my water flow, finally.
Jennifer amazes me more than I hope for, as she next directs my flow to her face.

"You are a great girl Jennifer. Please be my guest and lover for ever, dear.
You are as eager to learn new ways of sexual pleasure as you are pretty, love.
I'd love to teach you lots more on lust in lots of love" - "Oh yes, please!"

"We'd love to make more love, love, I can see it in your eyes, but let's be wise.
Our priorities are breakfast and fresh dresses for you. Next we'll retrieve your
lost luggage at the airport, so you can fully move in with me. In the afternoon
I'll show you around a bit in my part of old town, so you can find your own way.
For our evening I've already an idea for another lesson in a spanking session."
"How nice of you, my love. You are truly a gentleman. I'm so glad you found me".

We smile as we remember how I had noticed her in tears at the bench opposite the
window of my bookshop for fantasies and erotic magazines at the corner of a canal.
Only dressed in a thin short summerdress. And a small slip, as I was to find out
soon, when I had invited her inside, after my inquiry outside if I could help her.

Fate is with us, it was my weekly day off, so regular clients would not be angry
for closing down all day for Jennifer. In the morning we easily find some simple,
but sexy dresses for her and get back all her lost luggage at Amsterdam airport.
The afternoon is very pleasant as we stroll some canals and I tell her bits of
the history of the buildings we pass and the famous artists who had lived there:
"This is the daily queue for Rembrandt's house, and there's the synogogue, which
expelled our only famous philosopher Spinoza, the first real free-thinker here".

Second sexy spanking evening
Together we make dinner. Enjoy it at the balcony with a bottle of nice red wine,
while the sun slowly disappears behind the houses at the other side of my garden.
We are both very eager for sex from the long day of expectation a hot night now.
By the wanton in her eyes I can tell that Jennifer is already wet from longing.

I admire Jennifer for her self-discipline of not asking about my plans with her,
although she burns with curiousity for which way her bums will burn this time.
I break the tension by inviting her inside for my top favourite tasty treatment.
I have a special set-up for this. Main tool is a special chair which looks normal.
In fact, Jennifer had seen it already. In her innocense not perceived its purpose.

As you probably all guess this comfortable chair was designed to host a special
situation for the best spanking 'over-the-knee'. Jennifer is to find out soon.
For added pleasure and heightened stimulation for our eyes, I installed a short
circuit with cameras and small screens to show and record it at the same time.

The spankee is not across my knee but lays head down along my long legs, while
hers fold around me. At a small screen at my feet she can watch how her bottom
takes colour. In the case of Jennifer: from creamy white, via pink to deep red.

I take Jeffiner by her hand and walk her back in. Like last evening she takes the
initiative to take off her dress and show me her nakedness again. As soon we'd come
home, she'd shed her slip already, as he needed a cool breeze between her hot legs.
I sit down in the chair and switch on the camera. Jennifer is intelligent. She has
a fast mind and sharp sexy intuition. She grabs the situation set-up immediately
and takes position along my long legs. I first caress her with my eyes and hands,
just like last evening. I can easily spot she doesn't need my slow warm-up, with
her legs spread her lovely looking love lips show. Already so wet and so swollen.

At the balcony I was only dressed in a bathing wrap. I drop it right on entering.
No initial restraint for my hot rod like last night. I intend to enjoy it as much,
as I am dedicated to give her what she will never forget all her long life to come.
I softly start my drumming solo concert at her awesome ass cheeks. I can see the
joy on her face at the second screen, its camera eye below the screen she watches.
Slowly my concert gets louder and after quarter she joins in singing her heated
rows of moans and long "ooweee" and "auwweee" in the rhythm of my slapping hands.

As a refrain, I sooth her pain by my caresses of her beautiful buttocks. Sweetly
I feel her wet slit, sliding a small finger, moistened by her flowing love juice,
inside her tight sphinxter, as a form of interrogation without any words spoken.
Although she doesn't offer any resistance, just like yesterday at her first spank,
I can feel it's the first time she feels any anal arousement arising inside her.

Sexy swimming contest for young white boys
During the fifth refrain, her sweet mounds shine reddish to me, I hold them by my
hands to pull them apart a bit more to let my two thumbs bring her over the hill.
One slides inside the hottest love canal of all old Amsterdam, while the second
makes a 'thumb up' at her clit which was visible already for a while, to my smile.

Her 'like' of my 'thumb up' comes at one click. What a hot chick! My diagnosis:
A heavy case of Orgasmus Erasmus Instantanus, the immediately 'Praise of Folly'.
Later I wondered whether one of those Facebook-boys had been just as lucky as me,
to notice this style of 'like' by one 'chick', ehh pardon me, by only one 'click'?

My drumming concert with Jennifer's vocal contribution was great music, especially
how she sang sexy solo's when she came. Have you ever heard it, a woman who sings
an aria during her row of orgasms? I love jazz and improvisation. Jennifer is the
hottest performer ever on my private stage. I love her too much to share the record.

After another long aria we felt it's highest time for a new tune to my drumming
and my flute played the solo, not captured by a microphone. As I had not wired
her pussy as a studio for improvisational musical sessions. Imagine how drowned
my flute would sound if recorded inside: "Phieew, plash, phiewzz, blob, pfff".

Again I come hard and my splash of sperms bangs at the mouth of her cervix.
"Come on white young boys, who can swim fastest and make her another baby!"
Hahaha, those stupid sexy sporting sperms of mine. Do they know that the first
only bangs his head in first, and second becomes the father. Winner takes all.

Second time, second hole
Spanking isn't a sport. It's not for competition nor punishment, but for pleasure.
It's aim is arousal in both hot holes at the height of hot, deep reddened bottoms.
To celebrate the second lustrum of soothing her hot butt, I slide into her butthole.
Jennifer's sphinxter is eagerly expecting me and invites me in as her first guest.
I fall even more in love with her, for her hot talents and dedication to our love.
I play unisono at her love button, a lil' prick on its own by now. It sends her off.

I don't intend to spoil her first penetration party at her back door, but her butt
milks my mighty member so well with it orgasmic contractions that I need all my top
tantric skills to keep control over my poking penis in her hot dark eager entrance.
My concentration helps me to count accurately, unlike last long evening of loving.
At midnight my old pendula sounded a dozen times followed by the cuckoo clock.
I burst out laughing and can't hold back anymore with my cock joining the concert.
Jennifer laughs along with me, refreshed by the dozen orgasms, which exhausted her.

I lift my young bride to be - I'm sure, but did not ask her yet - and turn her around.
Jennifer hugs me dearly. She nubbles at my face, kisses my eyes, licks and whispers:
"What a lovely lesson in love, Peter my love. Please teach me more tomorrow, will you?"

"The pleasure will all be mine love, my young yummy slim smart cute beautiful baby!
At our third sexy evening I will try your third hole, you will surprised, I surmise.
I have a quirt here. Handling both sides of it on you, you will soon learn to squirt.
I sense you feel fine with a bit of discipline in your dedication. You will show me
tomorrow your techniques of masturbation and I will reward you by taking your third."
"Oh yes please Peter! I hardly can wait for tomorrow to give you all I can show you
to deserve my third evening of lessons in love and lust from you, my wise old man!"

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1 year ago
Thank you Jennifer, for your wet hot compliment.
You probably wonder how wet part two could be?
You can be assured: we will get very hot and wet!
You never got that hot and wet before, I'll bet.
You will be over my knee - next I'll let you pee.
You will be as amazed as aroused by my experiment!
1 year ago
Well, now I have to change my panties, Oh I might as well leave them off and read this marvelous story again.
1 year ago
WoW, I ahd to stop at the pee part. long story needs more of my attention. will read more later.
You rock petdyke
1 year ago
That story is incredible! Well written my dear!!!
1 year ago
good peter as always
1 year ago
hot story! keep em comin =)
1 year ago
Here's her story of I how found her in distress
lost in my old Amsterdam, only in her summerdress:

For those lacking understanding, life seems a
strange fate with lots of funny co-incidents.
Philosophers can perceive the pattern in it.

Life lines of people with similar souls do cross
when it's exactly the right time to meet for both.
The art and beauty in it, is to recognise the hot
occasion of once in a life-time and live up to it!
1 year ago
This a tribute back to my first female friend here
who taught me all I needed to know about her taste.
She started to write sexy spanking stories for me,
thus seducing me indirectly to pay back that debt.
Which was the start of my writing career here.

Jennifer had been away for long from this place
when she lived at islands in the Pacific Ocean,
which denied her access to our ascination here.
As a late tribute and a fresh welcome back to
my most talented friend here, I relate how we
met in real, over a dozen years ago, by fate.