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Cute Conny Catcher Caught

Conny Catcher as a sweet teen
Conny Catcher is a tender slender sweet shy ash-blonde cute young beauty.
She wears her hair half long or shorter and with only a bit of curl in it.
My first picture with her was our mutual debute in an international event.
We sat at adjacent boards, both played the black stones got caught on cam.

The photo was published under the title "young talents" in a games mag.
That title refered to her, as I was already about triple her age then.
I looked up the details in my diary. It was first round. Ascension Day.
I won mine. She lost hers I guess, as I met her opponent next round.

About cute Conny I wrote "young girl next to me, bravely busy, 11 years".
It is almost thirty years back now. Recently she told she was only ten then.
She must about fourty now. She still looks very girlish, shy and slender.
She never changed much over the years. We both got stronger at our game.

My next memory of Conny is a few years further as young super sensitive teen.
With her mom she shared a compartment with me at a ride back with the tube.
Her mom gave her the genes for being cute and skinny. She tried to hide away.
Conny was clearly embarrassed of her mom's babbling to a strange guy like me.

Cute Conny also still remembers this scene of us. Our second shared memory.
Now Conny can smile about it as she became much more confident of herself.
At the time I melted for her, noticing how she tried to melt away from it.
At that time my crush for her started and our fascination never ever left.

We met each other many more times in public at events we both attended.
Weekly club evenings to play a few games or at official tournaments.
We also played each other lots of times. Friendly games as far as I know.
We never met over the board in an official tournament or such an event.

Conny Catcher catches up fast first Spring
We also met in private. We kept that a secret for a quarter of a century.
We tell it here discretely. You can read it. Please don't tell your friends.
Cute Conny hated to have to endure how her mom flirted with me about her.
Cute Conny thus was a very easy prey for me. She had no idea in which game!

Courting Conny Catcher was easy as she got very eager after my first step.
Cute Conny told me her school schedule, which days in the week she had time.
Cunning Conny Catcher tried to catch me every other day. Three times a week.
Conny had an hour off on Mondays, Wenesdays and Fridays. We met every time.

We started to see each other in Spring. Her school and home at out-skirts.
We started to have fast hot out-skirts meetings soon. I wanted her without.
We agreed soon at our deal. I would come for only if she would be obedient.
We agreed on the rule that she never would wear any underwear while with me.

Cute Conny needed no bra at all with her tiny titties but her mom bought a 34a.
Cute Conny took it off quickly on her way to meet me as well as her white slip.
Cute Cunny knew my rule. She should present it to me so I could smell her well.
Cute Conny soon got hot on the idea to let me smell how sexy she'd got for me.

We did tease and train her enough to get her ready for longer love in Summer.
We gave her one or two orgasms every other day in het hot Spring breaks away.
We made sure she got completely hooked to these quick foxy fixes by my fingers.
We noticed she never failed to show up wet from expectation in her love lips.

Cute Conny hardly needed more than a few minutes with my fingers up her cunny.
Cute Conny quickly got into a hot G-spot hotshot coming constntly on my hand.
Cute Conny longed for more, as I kept whispering in her ear: lick you in Summer.
Cute Conny longed for Summer break and longer sexy sessions with me outside.

Conny Catcher caught first Summer
Cute Conny is cunning. The tasty teen invented outdoor sport as her new hobby.
Cute Conny would come to sport with me and lose lots of calories in cumming.
Cute Conny came for long lovely love sessions for her physical training to me.
Cute Conny became completely hooked on meating me. Eiher outside or at my place.

With more time for us two, I wasted no time to make her mine for long and ever.
With me my dear, you are mine. Without me, you are still mine. You are mine.
Cute Conny happily agreed. All Spring she longed to give me her sweet cherry.
Cute Conny longed for me to finally make her feel like a woman with a womb.

We met one warm day early Summer at my place. Thunder and lightning. Big burst.
We were inside. Doors to the garden open. Curtains shut. Got very wet and hot.
We were at the 69th day after she first came from my fingers, wetting my hand.
We were about to try the position in her first experience of oral sexy exchange.

Cute Conny was already my slave of love. Only she did not realise that fact yet.
Cute Conny was ready to finally offer me her cunny. I had my plan ready for her.
Cute Conny, imagine I tie you up to all four bedposts. Pillows under your hips.
Cute Conny first my tongue will drive your sexy slit wet, mad and make you come.

We were right about Conny's ablity to come, even by only the tip of my tongue.
We were also right about the eagerness of Conny to obey my warm wanton wishes.
We were happy to notice how fast cute Cunny started to long to do as I wished.
We were happy to have a sweet shy slim sexy slave serving all my naughty needs.

Cute Conny happily opened as wide as she could so I could take her tight cunny.
Cute Conny was very tight indeed, so I entered her slowly one finger and two.
We both knew well that she had lost her virginity on her first coming with me.
We both knew well that she would not bleed from making her mine by my member.

Conny Catcher as a slave teen
Cute Conny soon got hooked on our hot sexy encounters, her orgasms in my mouth.
Cute Conny soon got a slave to her dirty desire and her hot meetings with me.
We both knew well it would only be an affair, took the risk it might last long.
We both knew well it could stop any moment but as well that it might come back.

Cute Conny came back to my mouth to come many times more till he got sore.
Cute Conny came every time I licked her long love lips, while I held her hips.
We both loved it how wet my face got from her hot juices which I let her taste.
We both loved to kiss only after she came in my face. I let her lick me clean.

Cute Conny loved to play with my little man and make it stand to attention.
Cute Conny loved to improve her oral skills with me as her lab love rabbit.
We both loved to make love as long as we could in our stolen sexy moments.
We both loved to to steal as many moments we could. In Autumn it got tough.

We both loved to make love outside. Unfortunately weather conditions worsened.
We both loved to make love so I invited her inside at me the other side of town.
Cute Conny felt more confident without the risk of being found out near hers.
Cute Conny felt more like a courtisane courting a man elder by twenty years.

Cute Conny quickly became an excellent and experienced lover by my lessons.
Cute Conny quickly improved her skills in coming, having multiple orgasms.
We both loved how hot and horny she got as soon she crossed my doorstep.
We both loved how wet she would get from simply the idea of visiting me.

Cute Conny stayed a slender and tender tiny titted young yummy pale beauty.
Cute Conny stayed a slave to me and her dirty dreams of eternal coming.
We stayed lovers for several sexy seasons more. She eagerly swallowed my load.
We stayed lovers long enough to teach her everything she should know with men.

Conny Catcher grows up
Cute Conny Catcher disappeared from my eye sight several times for many years.
Cute Conny Catcher remembers well only two of our first meetings while a teen.
We both know well that the chapters above are only fruit of my later fantasy.
We both remember well our first round ever in the tournament mentioned above.

Cute Conny Catcher also remembers vividly how we once met a few years later.
Cute Conny Catcher was at the age that she easily could feel very embarrassed.
We both landed one day in one compartment of the metro together with her mom.
We both enjoyed our babbling - her mom and me - while she tried to be absent.

Cute Conny Catcher was probably embarrassed to witness her mom's light flirts.
Cute Conny Catcher did not want to hear how her mom told about Conny's health.
We were in a poltie conversation, while my heart melted more for the shy teen.
We were only three there: the timid tight tasty teen, her babbling mom and me.

Cute Conny Catcher had already stopped to play by then, despite an early start.
Cute Conny Catcher recently told me my prediction to her then: you'll be back.
We both did not know by then how right I was, I only knew in general that rule.
We both did like to meet each other again at her come backs to play our game.

Cute Conny Catcher did not change much over the years, still as slim as timide.
Cute Conny Catcher did not react to my rare passes at her. As ever a slim smile.
We got along well over the years at our rare sets of meetings for a few months.
We got not to know each other much more beyond her likes of courtesy, attention.

Cute Conny Catcher suddenly matured only at the start of this year by a small step.
Cute Conny Catcher decided to take part weekly at a competition organised by me.
We were both perhaps as amazed that she decided to show up there without her guy.
We were both used to the state of affairs: appear at events as part of a couple.

Conny Catcher tries to catch
Cute Conny Catcher obviously likes my refreshed attention to her and my courting.
Cute Conny loved it when I kept her for a short private talk as she would leave.
We got that far last week, when I got back with her at her teen memories of me.
We got great smiles at each other last evening as soon as she noticed me there.

Cute Conny Catcher got up after she finished her game and an analysis of moves.
Cute Conny Catcher was in a nice tightish jeans, a lot sexier than her usual.
We both looked forward to a little chat, together with her opponent, a friend.
We both liked little jokes and fate, as I might have played either, if needed.

Cute Conny Catcher got dressed to leave while her opponent already had left.
Cute Conny Catcher caught my attention and we both knew it, so I let her leave.
We both remember how I caught her private attention only when she almost left.
We both enjoyed that talk, in which she re-told me my prediction back then.

Cute Conny Catcher is slowly also catching me on our weekly Wednesday evenings.
Cute Conny Catcher seems wanton for a small affair, or is that only my fantasy?
We both wonder probably how close we will get in smiles, flirting and beyond.
We both know very well how many years have past since we first met and remember.

Cute Connny Catcher and me will suprise our readers one day, now I'm discrete.
Cute Conny Catcher still looks cunning to me, almost ageless, younger than me.
We both enjoy dirty dreams about each other, I assume at least she does well.
We both both like each other a lot again recently, so much is very clear to me.

Cute Conny Catcher is welcome at me, not only my dreams and friendly fantasies.
Cute Conny Catcher has no idea what I am writing here about her under a new name.
We will both enjoy it one day, as I intend to look for an occasion to tell her.
We will both enjoy my verses for her together I hope and perhaps get even closer.

Conny Catcher has bad luck
Cute Conny Catcher has bad luck next Wednesday. She plays well without my watch.
Cute Conny Catcher gets dressed to leave as I arrive half an hour later as usual.
We smile at each other and I ask how her game went. She won this one for sure.
We smile as a goodbye. I smile at the back of my mind as well: the tease is good.

Cute Conny Catcher has back luck that day. I intended to offer her a cup of tea.
Cute Conny Catcher deserves a bit more private chat soon. I like to tell her.
We are in a blog I read! Can you imagine? I'm sure it's you but by another name.
We are in the net together! Can you imagine? I'm not sure you'd want to read it.

Cute Conny Catcher, I'm not sure how far your curiousity for me goes sweet dear.
Cute Conny Catcher, I do not want to embarrass you with my nice naughty thoughts.
We are in a blog I wrote! Can you imagine? No-one will know your real name though.
We are in the net together already. My imagination did it. Like to read me dear?

Cute Conny Catcher, I talk about a possible embarrassment, I prefer your bare ass.
Cute Conny Catcher, I take that risk, as I do prefer to embarrass your bare ass.
We can have as much fun as you would want if you show me bare bits more of you.
We can have as much intimate inspections as you'd like to satisfy my curiousity.

Cute Conny Catcher, the ball is in your court now. I am open, warmly welcome you.
Cute Conny Catcher, the ball is about to begin, if you'd ask me. I welcome you.
We can have an affair which will be our lovely little lustful sweet sexy secret.
We can have an affair which will offer you many orgasms by my mouth, long tongue.

Cute Conny Catcher, take your time to reflect. We waited already so many years.
Cute Conny Catcher, take your time with me. I am eagerly awaiting your response.
We can have hot fun, hun. You only need to say yes and when you come to see me.
We can have hot fun, hun. You only need to come in my arms to come in my mouth.

Posted by petdyke 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Seventh chapter added. It attracted already again
warm words from my friends a far and so close: A&M

Next Wednesday evening I will meet Conny again
I intend to be a bit earlier this time, in time
I can offer that cup of tea and tell her perhaps
I can not look in the future nor predict mine
1 year ago
Very nice Peter, I hope for your sake Cute Connie realizes what she has in you!
2 years ago
I like it and I hope she likes it too.
You also have an amazing collection of favorite videos, thanx.
2 years ago
This blog sees a sudden change for the apt reader.
From a re-projected fantasy about a tight shy teen
it leaps into an actual account of flirting with
a lovely lady, still occupying part of my heart.

One day - soon I hope - she will read my verses.
I intend to keep my interested readers informed.
I will keep some discrecy, like about her name.
2 years ago
Maybe Anna and I need a Cute Conny to play with! Nice story Peter!

2 years ago
Fourth chapter is about our first few sexy seasons.
Cuty Conny became slave to her sexual feelings.
Cute Cunny eagerly learned my lessons of love.

Fifth chapter might to go more into dirty details.
Cute Conny learned everything: from deep throat
to anal pleasure after being spanked at her bums.
2 years ago
First three chapters of six sexy quatrains each.
Cute Conny only just became a young yummy woman.
Cuty Conny did not know yet she would be my slave.

Feel free to leave warm words here and perhaps
ideas for other blogs or stories about friends.
If my readers like my ideas this blog continues.