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Sexy Sara Misses Kimberly

Sexy Sarah misses Kimberly

Ever since their first French kiss on a deserted stretch of Mediterranian
beach by full moon during early Summer, sexy Sara misses Kimberly dearly.

Sara even bought a big bottle of bubbles as we would say for the occasion
of a possible reunion. By influence of French culture she took the bubbles
seriously and got herself a bottle of Chouette & Chanson Champagne Brut.

Every morning getting her food for breakfast from her fridge she would see it.
Every day Sara kisses the bottom of her bottle and remembers how dearly she
would want to kiss the small sweet bums of Kimberly and stick her tongue up
that big dimple in the middle. The bottle never fails to cool her hot tongue.

Sara had sexy ideas for years now about how hot the deep dimple of Kimberly
and how cute its beauty could be. A kiss to the bottom of the bottle cools her.
At least enough to keep a clear head during the warm days at the Mediterannée.
At evenings the sea breeze cooled her further: good enough to get in the mood
to call Kimberly, still her best friend, in the cold delta where she lives.

Every evening Kimberly would level on the phone with Sara about daily duties.
How happy she was with her big boyfriend and how much in love they still are.
Sara learned to swallow a lot during those talks. Block the boring boyfriend!
Sara loves Kimberly really, so longs to see her happy, even with a boyfriend.
Kimberly babbles while Sara swallows. Tries to keep close from far to her dear.
Sara misses Kimberly, who is different on the phone from sexy Sara's dreams.

Sara sometimes wakes up in the middle on the night, alone in her holiday home.
She first thought it were the screams of Kimberly coming which woke her up.
Sadly Sara's bed is empty. Seems she screamed herself awake in her hot dream.
Every night almost happens that naughty nightmare which gets her wet and hot.
It is embarring how often she needs to clean the bed cloths for a girl alone.
Of course young Kimberly never finds out a word about Sara's hot lonely nights.
Kimberly talking about her first boyfriend all day to her best friend: a teen!

Every now and then Sara noticed some tings going wrong with the young couple.
Sara perceived the problems coming up, a few months before Kimberly realised.
She patiently waited for her friend to see reality as it had got by then.
Sara knew her younger friend well enough to know the teen would only counter
any wise advise and well meant helping hands. Real life love is very patient.
Only chance for Sara to change something was to listen carefully and ask her.
Her only chance is Kimberly will wake up to reality in time. Sara's ready!
Sara felt the problem between her dear and the boy became worse. Her hope!

Sexy Sara Misses Kimberly

Indeed the friendship of Kim to that boy crumbled further and soon broke down.
Sarah smiled again when at the phone with lonely Kimmie as Kim's last friend.
Indeed at Facebook they were only friends now. Soon exchanging lots of hearts

Sounds very promising, doesn't it? That is at least how I felt when I read it.
Seems young yummy Kimmie survives on the love Sara shares with her in likes.
Both post romantic photos together and comment them exchanging love & kisses.

So much for longing for Sara. Their love deep as the Red Sea, purely Platonic.
Sara seems glad she stopped to long. She is happy with their intensified bound.
Sara doesn't tell me though what she dreams at nights as she touches her mound.

Sara feels spiritually and by mutual melting souls into one she's Kim's domme.
Sara dreams about te day that at night Kim will loose her lesbian bashfulness.
Sara is not in any hurry. Sara is confident time come and deliver Kim to her.

Sara seduced to conquer Kimberly

Long before Sara had shown me in secret some photo's of her hot wet dream Kim
I realised that between best friends as they are, the truth pops up some day.
Cute Kimmie is shy about the idea of making love with a woman even best friend
where sexy Sara is shy to admit that she only knows me from here not as we say.

Young yummy cute Kimmie naively believes that we met at Blue-Sea Valras-Plage
through some mutual funny French friends, where I played the role of go-joker.
Commenting their exchanges of love and friendship at Facebook I'd to restrain
to my role as the elderly poet she had met casually at the French South-coast.

In my messages to Sara I told her straight I am sure one day we will all meet
enjoying nice special Belgian blonde beers at a sunny tasty terrace down town.
I also predicted Sara she will reveil Kimberly where and how we met ... here.
I am sure the future of my poems is not to be read only by Sara and readers.

Obviously prude pretty Kimmie as young s yummy as naive needs some more time.
Decently raised Kimberly probably grew up with the idea lesbian love is pervy.
It's up to Sara now to enlighten her best friend slowly lesbian love is normal.
Isn't it already clear to Kimmie at the depth of her heart guys are weirdos?

Sara seduces Kimberly

Sara introduces me to Kimmie

Sara and Kimmie embarrassed

Sara and me blackmail Kimmie?

Posted by petdyke 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Hi Peter
I wanne say thank you.
I'm still hoping .........
Kisses Sara Xx
2 years ago
Sweet second and third Chapters up, full of hope.
No-one knows yet how sexy it will get in fourth.
Although I have an idea how filthy fifth might be.

To find out keep following this three-some blog.
Enjoy your reading. Please, we welcome comments.
2 years ago
Thank you, you two young beauties Sara and Anna!
I am very pleased to read your warm words
for my 'poem in progress' about her hope.

I will introduce you two to each other.
And keep you two informed for more here.

Kisses to you both: * * - * * - Peter
2 years ago
Can't wait for part three!
2 years ago
Thx Peter
Kisses Sara