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Foxy fantasies for a sexy Sylvester

I start with the four youngest yummies
I invite four girls into my dirty dreams and four more who are a bit older.
I start from the youngest. Turn by turn they take off their cute clothing.
I ask first four to first take off the beautiful blouses, then their skirts.
I love to see those four in their underwear, long for them to take off shirts.

I let them take it down right in front of me, and turn by turn they will turn.
I let them bend over and spread their legs while their hands spread their bums.
I like to see if they are clean enough to sit on my legs by their bare bottoms.
I like this sexy inspection a lot and pull the two first and youngest closer.

I let the youngest yummy, she's also the smallest, sit at my left, I call her Aya.
I let the next sit at the right. She is blonde, tasty and taller, I call her Eva.
I have the two sweet soeurs left. The youngest a brunette beauty, I call her Love.
I have her elder soeur sit at my left. Tall slender dark blonde, I call her True.

I invite the elder teens to undress as well
I let the elder teens undress in the same order and manner as the four before.
I let the youngest step close between my knees with the four yummy youngsters.
I know she is sexier than her sixteen Springs shall tell, my eyes don't belie me.
I know she is hot and might be wet already. I demand to inspect her slip closely.

I enjoy how the four youngest giggle at my gesture, sniffing her that tiny slip.
I enjoy how the two soeurs smile at my wish to pull her bums apart to see a slit.
I see she is wet and hot and how swollen her love lips got. Longs for a quick lick.
I see she long to lick my dick as well. I call her Lisette. I long lick her thick clit.

I long to see more of lovely looking Lisanne, blonde beauty big smile and thighs.
I long to see her getting out of her tights and show me her cute cunning sights.
I notice that she also got hot and wet as soon as she spreads her sturdy thighs.
I notice that Lisa-Mea looks longing to me and has trouble to suppress her sighs.

I long to see her full nude! The blond bushes of the first two were of only 3 days.
I long to see her full unshaven bush hiding her sexiest smile to me her, two ways.
I notice that she is also very aroused by the sexy situation, her nice nipples firm.
I notice that her lovely looking tiny titties long for my soft touch and are so firm.

I let the youngest watch my whistle blown
I let the four youngest step aside to watch while I invite Lisette to lick my dick.
I let the four youngest wonder at my curious question if they know what a blow is.
I notice blank faces at the three youngest yummies. Only the oldest blushes betray her.
I notice how embarrassed True is to tell the truth. she stammers: his member mouth her.

I am pleased how Lisette takes over our little lecture of love. "Look here, my dears"
I am pleased to hear and feel her lesson how to play my flute. Make it long for more!
I hear her telling how to pull down the skin to bare the tasty top for kisses or more.
I hear her lecture slowly silences. She swallows into her hungry mouth more of my meat.

I love to see the amazement in the eyes of the yummy youngsters staring from the side.
I love the feeling of Lisette licking and her lessons, gobbling up my mighty member.
I hear her explaining between deep dives at my meat that it is like licking icecream.
I hear her explaining the two main differences: one is cold and one gets less cream.

I like her cunning comparison. Indeed an icecream gets less with all long loving licks.
I like her licking, proving her statement that a mans member is warm and licks do dicks.
I hear her sobbing and sucking at my mighty member to the bewilderment of the youngsters.
I hear her coming close to cumming from her very exciting experience teaching youngsters.

I thank Lisette for the licking well worth her naughty name and invite lovely Lisanne.
I thank Lisanne for trying to beat Lisette's effort by immediately swallowing all my man.
I wonder whether she can indeed swallow all without gagging from deep-throating my member?
I wonder whether she has ever tried these tasty things before at home and always remember?

I let the tighest teens try to fluke my flute
I love the looks of the eldest sweet tight teen, her tiny tasty titties and slant sexy eyes.
I love the looks of Lisa-Mea from first time I see her, full four years ago and I break ice.
I remember how she wants me to help her with the homework for university, we are in Sweden.
I remember how she smiles at me that sweet sexy Summer for my help to get her Garden of Eden.

I love her looks, not changed a bit. Slender hair, sweet small smile, tasty tiny tits.
I love her looks a lot more now I can see all of it: sweet small bums, lovely lil clit.
I long to feel her sweet small lips around my mighty member and wonder how well it fits.
I long to feel her slowly swallow all of me deep inside until I touch lovely larinx hits.

I love this musical competition with three teen musical muses trying to pipe a sexy concert.
I love my muses do there best to play to match my classy sexy standards and their concern.
I long to taste them in all their other six sexy hot holes, but the show brings one more.
I long to try that next blonde cute beauty as well in all her hot holes till she is sore.

I love the cunning comparion of Liseete of licking cold icecream which gets less by a lick.
I love the duble contrast with my mighty member which gets bigger and thicker every lick.
I tell the girls that this is a lesson of love well worth to remember, how to treat a dick.
I tell the girls that is well worth a love lesson to remember, how to treat my proud prick.

I love the way the three teens show their best sexy skills in making music from my flute.
I love the way they try to please me to their best till the very end and my flute is mute.
I try to decide which one will deserve my loads of love mostly in their hot hairy holes.
I try to devide my sexy shots equally between the waiting tasty trembling teen hot holes.

I invite the three teens to turn around and bend over with spread legs wide and their twats.
I invite the three teens to spread their sexy ass cheeks as wide for me as well, all wets.
I imagine to shoot my salty shots of white melting magma in all three fertile sexy snatches.
I imagine to make them all three mothers of my babies to be born from their sweet snatches.

Posted by petdyke 2 years ago
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2 years ago
The first four chapters are only a sexy start
of a long foxy fantasy about dear tasty teens
and some nice naughty twens and gals of 30+.

There is much more to come in the near future.
There is some time in between tough ... for
there are many more stories waiting for more!
2 years ago
Dear reader did you notice the formula of the poem?
Chapters with quatrains starting with three ...
and one more verse in every next chapter so far.

Where will it end, we wonder?
We welcome your words of praise.
We welcome Sam's, my first friend.
2 years ago
Well written and beyond my comprehension. way too deep for my shallow mind. Yet enjoyed