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Pani Petra slaves sexy Sara and Alex

Pani Petra slaves sexy Sara
Pani Petra is a very sexy and an equally demanding domme with an excellent taste.
Pani Petra knows very well she is such an expert that only the prettiest will do.
Pani Petra set her hot horny eyes on the lovely looking long legs of sexy Sara.
Pani Petra knows very well she longs to dominate the tasty teen for long time to come.

Pani Petra needs fresh friends every now and then. If she likes the taste they stay.
Pani Petra loves to be the first to steal a red rose of tight tasty fresh virgins.
Pani Petra is a pervert prefering young yummy slender sweet tasty tight teens.
Pani Petra notices naughty sexy Sara and needs her rightaway for her dirty demand.

Pani Petra please, begs beautiful slim sexy Sara, don't abuse me by your big bush!
Pani Petra knows no mercy! She grinds her hippy happy hairy slit along that clit.
Pani Petra demands that young yummy sexy Sara eats her out all the way, isn't it?
Pani Petra knows very well she will get what she wants. Sexy Sara has no escape ...

Pani Petra aims at Alex
Pani Petra overheard the kinky conversations of her teen nice niece to that twat Alex.
Pani Petra longs to teach her a proper lesson for trying to dominate her naughty niece.
Pani Petra knows there is a way to get down to Alex and abuse her hot almost unused sex.
Pani Petra decides to a surprise visit to that horny hottie who tortures her nice niece.

Pani Petra knows which window to try from the garden. Only at first floor. Easy meat!
Pani Petra swings silently her rope with the hook up to the half open window to meet.
Pani Petra climbs up her hot rope without making a sound. She loves to do surprises.
Pani Petra finds awesome Alex naked in her bed, her body only lit by the full moon.

Pani Petra covers Alex lips with one hand and grabs the hands of Alex with the other.
Pani Petra whispers in her ear to be silent or she will be punished for disobedience.
Pani Petra sees with some satisfaction how Alex shivers from the idea what might come.
Pani Petra intends to abuse the tasty teen for trying to be dominant with her sexy Sara.

Pani Petra ties Alex up at her bed on all four wide spread, so she can't move much more.
Pani Petra stuffs the sexy smelly slip of Alex in her hot mouth to stifle her enough.
Pani Petra teases her first, kissing and licking her breasts, but not her erect nipples.
Pani Petra slaps hard and fast at the tasty trembling teen, whose shivers soon triples.

Pani Petra wants both together
Pani Petra smiles at the memory of the tasty teens trembling under her demanding love.
Pani Petra is strong enough to dominate both young yummy cute beauties in one time.
Pani Petra looks forward to their next get together, a tasty triple pleasure this time.
Pani Petra thinks how she can tie them up in several ways and really abuse and treat them.

Pani Petra takes her time of thinking up the best brutal dirty devellishly pervert plan.
Pani Petra knows it is best to scare them first and next build up the tension for a week.
Pani Petra looks forward to k1dnap the tasty teens for a teen-nap at her hide-out cottage.
Pani Petra will apply some sensorial depravation to that great girls to humble the hotties.

Pani Petra is an experienced lady in this realm. She knows that blindfolded one hears better.
Pani Petra intends to them to take a few steps further down the road of lost in love and lust.
Pani Petra will deprive them of even hearing anything. Their skin their last sense remaining.
Pani Petra will even put clothes pins at those lovely little naughty noses sticking up in her.

Pani Petra will try to scare the teens by sitting on their faces with her big burning bush.
Pani Petra smiles as she imagines the scare at their faces, almost suffocating in her puss.
Pani Petra is fond to be the bad angel she is. The teens can't help it that they look so good.
Pani Petra is aiming at an awesome orgy and f*orce them to come whenever she demands them to.

Pani Petra let them come together
Pani Petra orders the tasty tiny teens to follow her and drives them down in her sexy Skoda.
Pani Petra invites them inside her cottage in a field of heather far away from any village.
Pani Petra ties them on top of each other on her big bed there in her favourite position: 69.
Pani Petra dresses down to nothing more than her rare double dildo strap-on to take the teens.

Pani Petra orders the teens to lick each others slits and clits until she tells them to stop.
Pani Petra first penetrates the pinkpretty pussy of Alex while Sara sucks hard at Alex' clit.
Pani Petra tells young yummy sweet sexy Sara to open her mouth so she can penetrate her throat.
Pani Petra grins seeing how eagerly the youngest sucks the love juices of Alex from the dildo.

Pani Petra continues with the second dildo now in the hot hole of Alex penetrating her hard.
Pani Petra switches the dildo into both holes of awesome Alex while Sara lick till Alex comes.
Pani Petra switches to the other side tells Alex to open her mouth so she can taste her own ass.
Pani Petra takes sweet sexy Sara with the largest dildo in her tiny tight wet hot pretty pussy.

Pani Petra soon switches position to double dildo Sara, the poor gets the largest up her ass.
Pani Petra grins devilishly as she the teen take it bravely all deep up inside her hot hole.
Pani Petra knows Sara soon will come and smother the face of red flushed Alex with her hot cum.
Pani Petra slaps Sara hard on het heated beautiful bare bums. She spanks her until Sara comes.

Posted by petdyke 2 years ago
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2 years ago
"Pani Petra knows very well she will get what she wants. Sexy Sara has no escape ..."
that how i felt about my girlfriend, as i had no escape, as i was being hunted, and i let myself get caught 'cuse i had no where to run anymore, and i didnt want to run, i wanted to be immediately taken by her
2 years ago
I wrongly interpreted the move of my friend Petra.
I only noticed when she uploaded new galleries.
I am the rare one who can't see them here now.
I am banned now from anything now by miss Petra.
I only see that the cover photos are not new.
I like her punishment, as we still are friends!
2 years ago
Pani Petra got angry indeed by my reference.
She withdrew her few galleries from here.
Only available now at her private site.

My friend Petra is very severe indeed!
So she punished me for trying to fear
young teens with her very firm bush.
2 years ago
Pani Petra added another chapter to her versed pervert blog.
Pani Petra knows what she wants and that she gets what she wants.

Pani Petra told me that she softened her heart for 'sexy Sara'
Sexy Sara from Holland gets her own story: about her first kiss!
Soon to be enjoyed at my page, hosting Pani Petra's pen fruits.
2 years ago
Waar blijft een mooi verhaal waar ik in voorkom??? Kusje
2 years ago
Pani Petra can look very angry at times!
Look how she looks at you:
2 years ago
2 years ago
As it happens, I know several sexy Saras,
all as young as yummy, who will love this story ...

They can feel free to comment!
As no-one knows who is whom, nbut me ;-)

This is my New Years gift to you my dear.
I hope you will add to the the confusion.
Kiss you all for that: * * - * * - * *