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Alex likes Sara a lot for love
Alex is my friend. We met a fortnight back and wrote each other a lot.
Alex is very pretty. She is a slender blonde beauty and a tender cutie.
Alex likes to tell me everything and shares a lot of her sexy secrets.

Alex acknowledges that she is two years younger than she here pretends.
Alex knows about some age regulations. Luckily Alex is old enough now.
Alex honestly admits she is still quite unexperienced. She just starts.

Alex is shy, so she likes to try to experience new things here first.
Alex is also a normal hottie for her age but not so very (s)experiented.
Alex is well aware how to please her hot hole(s) from very young age.

Alex has an obedient yummy youngster. She is also sweet, slim and sexy.
Alex knows slaves love to serve, so she chooses Sara to name her fame.
Alex and Sara together set up a sexy scenario for them to meet soon.

Alex walks Sara deep into the wood
Alex is sweet so she offers her sub a choice in their sexy scenario.
Alex agrees they will meet in a forest for a lovely walk together.
Alex prepares her backpack with the things she will need with Sara.

Alex walks Sara for an hour deep into that wood to a cute clearance.
Alex knows very well what she wants to do to that sweet sexy slut Sara.
Alex leads Sara to the clearance centre. Kicks Sara down to her knees.

Alex grabs Sara's hands and sheds her backpack to grab the handcuff.
Alex takes Sara by surprise so fast that Sara can not give a kick back.
Alex grabs Sara by her long hairs and ties it up in a knot on top.

Alex gets her tools from her bag to torture the trembling teen some more.
Alex smiles at the fine fresh ropes and her brand new pair of scissors.
Alex gets to work to tie up sweet sexy Sara in the best way she knows.

Alex ties Sara to a tree
Alex ties sweating Sara to a big tree. Her arms backward all around it.
Alex smiles as she sees the fear in the eyes of that tasty trembling teen.
Alex shows her scisssors. The sound of it makes the terrific teen shiver.

Alex whispers what she will do to her in the ears of submissive Sara.
Alex tells her "I will cut your lovely looking clothes all up, my dear"
Alex enjoys the look in the eyes of Sara, who sees and hears the scissors.

Alex smiles to Sara, tells the too young teen what she fears and longs for.
Alex hisses between teasing kisses that she will undress her by the scissors.
Alex happily noticed the increased level of bewilderment in Sara's eyes.

Alex grins, snapping the scissors next to Sara's face, who gets more tense.
Alex whispers in her left ear of Sara while her right hand grabs Sara's mount.
Alex grins again and whispers: no way to escspe. I will undress you with this.

Alex undresses Sara to the bare
Alex orders the obedient young yummy teen to take off her short skirt and top
Alex: "throw the clothes in the bushes", before she ties the tasty hottie up.
Alex smiles as she sees the tiny titties of the teen who needs no bra on top.

Alex teases her submissive subject with scissors snapping close to her nipples.
Alex loves the tiny tits with those erect nauhghty nipples showing off hotness.
Alex pulls circles around them with the top of her torture instrument of lust.

Alex takes a step back. Her work of art in progress, only in a slip as dress.
Alex moves closer again. Inserts her hand inside it. She feels her wet hotness.
Alex slips the mouth of the scissors around the slip and snaps. Sara wears less.

Alex likes the success so far of training her slave to serve, out in the open.
Alex feels the tasty twat is so wet that a finger inside will cause her to come.
Alex does insert her finger and slides it deep inside the teens tight hot hole.

Sara loves to be taken by Alex
Sara loves the way in which Alex executes expertly the dreamt-of sexy scenario.
Sara is unexperienced in serving as slave, who need always permission to come.
Sara can't help her foxy feelings to take over so fast. She gushes her hot cum.

Sara sees she is a sloppy sub in the eyes of Alex as soon as she opens up hers.
Sara reads the expression in them. She thus understands she is not in control.
Sara bites her lip and knows she deserves a punishment for forgetting her role.

Sara looks forward to that tasty treat of course, the naughty nubile she is.
Sara loves to be punished for being the bad girl she is in her daring dreams.
Sara looks forward and is very curious how Alex will want to abuse her next.

Sara hopes she will be allowed to come some more but she needs to earn that.
Sara looks forward to serve sexy abusive Alex in any way she will want her to.
Sara hopes she will be untied so she can use her hands to please Alex's twat.

Sara feels a sexy straw
Sara hopes her hands to be set free, but instead Alex blindfolds her carefully.
Sara is extra helpness now as she can also see now with her eager ears and skin.
Sara notices her awareness for sound and touch rises as she waits what is up.

Sara notices a soft blow of cold air at her ear. Alex hisses: I'll torture you.
Sara soon feels that little cold blow popping up everywhere at her hot body.
Sara shivers at the feel of it under her armpits. Around her stiffling nipples.

Sara wonders what Alex is doing to her - the wind feels like from a small flute.
Sara ponders where that flute will go - the wind blows slowly down her belly.
Sara longs for the flute do go further down on her - her love lips are so hot.

Sara sees with her skin the straw starts to blow her love lips further wide.
Sara shivers as her wet inner lips suddenly cool by that torturing whistle.
Sara sees now how mean her mistress is and wonders how long she shall suffer.

Sara feels warm wool
Sara still shivers from that overdose of cold wind cooling her hot love lips.
Sara suddenly feels that Alex stops this torture. She hears her retreat a bit.
Sara suddenly feels something soft slightly tickling at both her tiny titties.

Sara shivers from this fresh pleasure and even more by its sudden warmth.
Sara swallows deep and inhales eagerly the tasty treat by heat to her tits.
Sara shakes her head in disbelief and arousal of how her mistress teases her.

Sara suddenly misses the warm breath at her breasts through the wool by Alex.
Sara still longs for much more of this tasty teasing torture to her hot spots.
Sara smiles under her blindfold as she feels the hot cloth at her bare sex.

Sara starts to breath both deeper and faster now, difficult to stay in control
Sara shivers at the idea to come again this way, which is strictly forbidden!
Sara starts to shake and scream. She can not help it. She is about to come ...

Sara knows the show is not over
Sara knows not better than to fully enjoy the orgasm taking over her control.
Sara knows her screams can be heard from far, but she does not care anymore.
Sara knows she will be terribly punished for her hot second unallowed orgasm.

Sara stays high wet and wanting, longing for more tease and torture by Alex.
Sara spreads her thighs wider to invite her mistress more to treat her hot sex.
Sara sighs as she feels the straw returns to cool her burning soaked slutty sex.

Sara suddenly hears her mistress speak again: I will punish and surprise you.
Sara shakes as suddenly she feels how that sexy straw enters her virginity.
Sara shivers from the straw inside and the cold blow into her heated intimacy.

Sara feels the straw retreats and moves down her swollen dripping love lips.
Sara feels how it pokes at her tightest hole, no-one before took her sphinxter!
Sara feels it slowly slide inside and gas going into her instead of outside.
Posted by petdyke 2 years ago
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1 year ago
hehe nice
2 years ago
I liked this Peter. ;)
2 years ago
After an update the score is even: four for both.

Indirectly and independant of each other both let
me know they like how I tell their torture story.

So as long as they like it, as I do, I'll continue.
I will only disclose I know already what is up next!
2 years ago
2 years ago
This blog is intended to please and tease two teens.
Others are allowed to enjoy and comment after a read.

There is a lot more to tell than the four for Alex and
only one paragraph for Sara so far about their secrets.

Here will appear more chapters about Sara first of all.
Soon this blog will reveal more of their characters.