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The start of our first erotic encounter is like the sexy stuff dreams are made of.
She only wears a black top till her beautiful bums a blindfold and her sweet smile.
She is on her knees, back towards me. She only can hear my low voice wording my praise.
The music begins and she slowly starts to move her arms to it and show her shoulders.

Soon her arms look like two flames rising from deep within to the music to awake them.
Slowly she rises on her knees and takes more space on the soft carpet under her legs.
She gets to her feet and her Indian style dance evolves into an Arabic belly dance.
She smiles wider hearing more of my warm words of praise for her looks and movements.

She says No to my request to lift her long hair a bit so I can see the back of her neck.
She wears only a cute small smile on her face, in her pride to challenge me to take it.
She feels how I lift her hair with one hand and touch the top of her backbone softly.
She feels a sweet kiss which runs down her spine. That's so fine. She wants more of it.

Slowly I caress all along her arms and back up, pass her armpits, all along her sides.
Softly first and than firmer is my grip on her lovely looking body by its silken skin.
Slowly we get closer and warmer. My mouth kisses her toes and moves up along her legs.
Softly first and than firmer is my kiss on her love lips which get wet and swell well.

She smells well and tastes so sexy, sweet and a bit salty in her pretty pussy as well.
She slowly starts to move her hips as if she tries to swallow my lips with her wet twat.
She softly moans and I hear her heave her chest lovely firm breasts going up and down.
She suddenly feels more than my tongue and lips as one finger enters her hot wet hole.

Why fight the body when you can dominate the mind that rules it? She reads my mind.
What do ordinary people know about that mutual dirty domination by mighty minds?
Who is on top is not the question. Who gets under your skin by your red ears is!
Who sends shivers all way down through your spine by hearing his whispered wishes.

Chance favours the prepared mind! Her next motto to guide interested men to her.
Chance for Blueberry is to visit me on my conditions and to offer me her cherry.
Chance for Blueberry to offer me to pop her poopy. The tasty tight sexy sphinxter.
Chance for Blueberry to do her b**stly best to become my favourite pet in bed.

One day Blueberry will read this and in nights regret she missed to grab her chance.
One day Blueberry will come back on her hastily decision and finally take a chance.
One day Blueberry will realise that she only needs more courage to be alone with me.
One day Blueberry will come to celebrate with me. She will first masturbate and come.

Posted by petdyke 2 years ago
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2 years ago
The blog about Blueberry is open for my readers now.
Eight quatrains of fresh verse for her to read.

If she responds properly it will continue with more.
So far I have written enough for her here by far!
See the poems with the titles starting "Ring Twice"