First wife and three teens

The full moon all village orgy in the meadow of love lasted all night till dawn.
Fully satisfied in all her holes from all sides my wife smiled sexy at that lawn.
Her eyes looked all time at the three tasty teen village virgins longing to hump.
They took turns mounting their naughty nubile mounts at the big ball of my thumb.

High time to retire back to the longroom and we walked down the hill holding hands.
Held a virgin at each side and first wife grabbed the hand of the teen at my right.
The third tasty teen at her right hand and all their three faces shined so bright.
High hopes for what will happen to them in the week to come not only from my hands.

Back at the longroom we went straight to the shower where we washed each other long.
Longing for the love to come first wife gave the yearning young yummies a free lesson.
Look here darling dears, I will show you how to properly please our Master orally.
Long lasted her lesson to lick, tickle, fondle, hiss, kiss, suck and swallow me.

Three pairs of eyes got wide while they watched my expert of love to deep-throat me.
They never seen this sexy practise in their traditional village in the hills so remote.
The long night and the continued sight of the large-eyed lovely looking cuties with me
Took their toll within an hour, despite my tantric abilities I shot down her throat.

We went to our big bed and slept as spoons in the same order as we had walked there.
We left the formal introduction and presentation of the program for them till later.
We all wore big smiles and simultaneously dreamed of the sweet sexy dirty days ahead.
We all longed for the long love to come and all orgasms for them with their Master.

First wife woke up first early in the evening, stars twinkling and my member a mast.
First wife mounted me slowly and secretly, tried not to wake up the girls by our side.
First wife kissed my eye-lids as she longed for my look, riding me in the star light.
First wife got so engaged in her horsing me, she didn't see closed eyes already past.

The three teens looked in awe and admiration at her riding skill as she mounted me.
The three tasty teens awake hadn't escaped my attention and I decided on some shock.
The three village virgins scared as I spanked her ass, something they had never seen.
The three village virgins had no idea yet what more would happen to them than my cock.

First wife milked me with the trained muscles of her mussel at increased riding speed.
First wife knew well that my semen would be still only hers today, the girls no need.
First wife loved her role in educating the young yummies till they would get ready.
First wife knew well we would love long, for the final she turned around very steady.

Such a sexy sight her red ass, still swollen sphinxter and the tasty teens kissing her.
Such a sexy smell in the big bed in my longroom for ladies, well one and three virgins.
Such a sexy sound of first wife mounting me and the hisses of all those kisses to her.
Such a sexy scene that my semen soon shot up deep inside her without any further urging.

22% (2/8)
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2 years ago
The meadow of love is a field with lots of flowers and
many fruit trees, so a woman can be tied between two.
Blossoms in Spring, fresh fruits in Summer and Autumn.

It is the meadow for public loving, so all villagers
can come to watch all of the sexy action going on.
The massive orgy above is only for special occasions.
Like this time for the three virgin teens celebrations.
2 years ago
I would like ask if your love meadow is a sunflower field as its a greast place to get it on in hehehhehehehehehee.

And I know how you feel about when take time with writing here things like story and poem then people do something like rate bad or even worse delete it. It hurts but do as I do and dont give a hoot.

I care when deleted but ratings dont bother me.
Its your pleasure in it that matters. Your memories. Simple.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Obviously, there is a systematic mistake in
calculating average voting for stars.
Here at least three profiles voted for 5 stars.

At colleague and friend MinxGirl it got really
absurd: average half a star after 26 votes in.
As to vote zero stars is not possible, the
average can never drop below one star!
I will vote ***** again, which should move up
the average (now 1 with 7 votes) a bit.
2 years ago
one, done. two, done. three, completed.
2 years ago
It's always awesome when you are rewarded with one virgin, but three? thats three times the pleasure, three times the honor!!! could it get much better than this?
2 years ago
Strange that only someone wanted to vote one star so far.
Why would anyone take that trouble, if one doesn't like it?
This happened already a few times to my poems recently.
Is there someone out there who dislikes me so much?

First few hours this story got a fast growing readership.
With average voting down to three stars the growth was less.
Some respect please! Writing verse takes a lot of time.
2 years ago
Such a sweet sexy session should last at least one week.
Only one night described, so there is much more to come.

In next installment we will finally introduce each other.
Sexy things happened so fast, that we didn't yet bother.

We welcome many votes of five stars for us five, dear reader!
Thank you for reading us, feel free to leave your remark.