Ring Twice - First Interlude

I rang twice. The door opened. I immediately saw her in soft red light
The sexy silhouette of Bernadette, on her knees, her back turned to me
Blindfolded and only clad in a long top she offered such a sexy sight
I brought her red roses for her birthday night, she is a present to me

I kept her waiting for a few minutes to tease her while I re-dressed
My red roses got in a vase while "Red roses for a blue lady" played
I addressed her in her mother tongue to her surprise, after that song
with my short sweet bithday wishes for her: Sto lat, kotka stokrotka

By my low voice I whispered her some more soft sweet cute compliments
about her lithe lingerie and lovely looks in that single sexy garment
She turned a bit, smiled and started slowly to move to the second song
Canto Ostinato, repetive melodies by four grand pianos, our love song

She is a daisy waiting to be plucked I was told - my turn to pick her
Daisy is stokrotka in Polish, literary hundred-times - I wished her
hundred hot orgasms in the hundred minutes, the length of that love song
She turned out to be a sexy fairy daisy how she slowly moved to the song

My host served me a mug of tea with a picture of a sweet sexy fairy like her
My eyes kept locked to her looks and the way my fairy slowly and sexy moves
My next request was so simple and her shy sexy refuse an invitation to use her
My Daisy would be mine according to the sexy scenario we had imagined for her

Asked her to hold her lovely long hair up: I long to see the back of your neck
With a sweet sexy smile she shyly said No - so I did, and kissed her neck back
She liked my initiative, held her hair high, so I could caress her a bit more
Kisses and caresses got us closer, warmer wetter. We both longed for a lot more

Soon I could smell how hot and wet she got. Tried to taste her yearning yummies
Slowly kissing, munching and licking her love lips I soon got to her hot spot
She got hotter and wetter - her lips and hips started to move our cute Canto
She soon started to come on my thumb inside her and my munching her hot cunto

To cut a long sexy story short: this was my most erotic evening of this Century
To thank Bernadette beauty I wrote her a letter, hope for a better opportunity
To meet her again and make her happy with my tongue by my words and love licks
That letter to thank Bernadette for her sexy show, I copied below - enjoy it!

Hi bluebottle, how shapely you looked in soft red light
when I brought you my red roses for your birthday night
I am glad that my choice of music to move to was right
Your slow sweet dance first like fairy was a sexy sight

Your arms swirled around as snakes emerge from their basket
Search to reach ever higher, while you also slowly rose
You could not see us, but you kept our eyes well captured
Such a sexy spell built up between us of love and roses

Thank you for bewitching me with your fairy power, dear Daisy
Who soon turned into Kotka Stokrotka, whose love lips pussy
started to smell that they longed for my kisses and licks
I am so happy that I fell victim to your seductive tricks

Our love music lasted one hundred minutes and some hot come
I could taste, as the four grand pianos carried us along
further down the long lane of longing love and licking lust
Dear Daisy thank you for letting me come close to you, love
100% (10/0)
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1 year ago
Very erotic poetry, you are a master.
2 years ago
Sinful and delicious as I like to read.
2 years ago
Thank you friends for your warm words and comments

Most show up here, a few only in my list of news

Compared to my sexy short stories my poems get less

reads but relatively a lot more positive reactions!
2 years ago
Congratulations with your lovely evening. I bet you was like the poet you show on here each time.
2 years ago
2 years ago
I love it when love so strong, blossoms, and grows to fruition, and completeness.
2 years ago
Superb Pete
2 years ago
Here is the first part

"Ring Twice - Prelude"

2 years ago
WOW! That is excellent karma between friends! I like your Kotka Stokrotka reference as well! Great poem!
2 years ago
Canto Ostinato is the best composition in
contemporary serious music from my country.
At age almost 90 he died in the night
that the couple in this story friended me.
At the hour of his death they drove by his town
one of many amazing co-incidences between us.

The link to the concert for four grand pianos:
Please leave many stars and a line of praise.