Hot host home coming

The tasty tiny titted sexy student is surprised. She comes back home all alone.
She sees that her house has apparently a visitor as her chimney shows some smoke.
A burglar broke into her private place? A baseball bat is in the back of her car.
Silently she sneaks into her house to inspect what is happening there from far.

She smiles as she sees me, dozed off in front of the log fire, deep in dreams.
Silently she undresses as well and snugs up to me. Slowly I realize where I am.
She hugs me as soon as I open my eyes and smiles. "What a nice surprise my dear"
She whispers in my ear, bites a bit my lobe and caresses the back of my neck.

I embrace her and we roll over at her rug in a long hug, taking turns to be on top.
I kiss her smile and baby boobies, lick her skin down to her second sexy smile.
I suck her sexy slit for a while, while she munches my male member to more might.
I like the sweet sexy salty taste of her wet snatch, which turns me on even more.

My horny hot host can not hold out long and comes in my face making my cheeks wet.
I lap her tasty twat and than get her on all fours. I know now what I want to get.
My dirty dear, bend over deep please and bite the rug, beautiful baby. I want you.
I enter her horny hotness and easily slide in as deep as I can. Milk me, will you?

I hold her hips to have a good grip for riding my slim sexy mare and grab her manes.
I hold her head up, so both of us can see ourselves mating in her matching mirror.
I turn her nipples into little towers of love and slap her tight beautiful bum.
I repeat my request to use the pussy power of her mussel muscles to make me cum.

Such a sexy demand appeals to her pussy pride and excellent expertise, as I know.
She really wants to make me come in a way I will never forget. And she knows how.
She is right and with all my might, I can not help to come soon and shout: Wooow.
She turns us over and offers me her slit to lick our come while she sucks me now.

I need a break to recover before I will serve her some more, but I like a sexy show.
I ask my host to inspect her kitchen and choose her favourite vegetarian tasty tool.
I know she likes to have a big banana or an English cucumber up her cunning cunny.
I also brought an egg-plant, shines sexy, big and almost black. What would she do?

I love to watch my hot host get wet consume some sexy veggie with her pretty pussy.
I hardly can wait for her sexy show. I long to lick the slick thick slit, so juicy.
I leave the continuation of this sexy sequel to the imagination of my dear readers.
I invite them to leave their praise by voting for lots of stars or some comment.

90% (9/1)
Posted by petdyke
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3 months ago
Your thinking is as hot as correct
my tasty tiny titted long time love
2 years ago
You would think this was about me I love cucumbers, you have made me wet just reading this
2 years ago
Wow, a thousand reads in just three days
So many votes of four or five stars ...
The lovely yummy young lady in this story
will be pleased to see how our hot love
attracted a large audience, longing for more

Peter Pan, alias porn poet Pete
2 years ago
Again a fantastic poem.
2 years ago
Very well written Pete! Whoever thought I'd see the word "quatrain" at a porn site! Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
This short sexy story in eight quatrains
is a continuation of "Hot home coming":

We welcome voting for lots of stars
as well as warm words of praise in prose

Thank you for reading me - porn poet Pete