Student spanked -6

Sexy student shapes up soon after my proper punishment which reddens her bum.
Within one day teaching her discipline and dedication by some severe spanking.
The sexy successes of my tough lessons of love and devotion turns us both on.
Tasty tiny titted lovely looking Lisa deserves to swallow all of my long dong.

We take a break and I allow her to fix us a feasty dinner she still stark naked.
Lisa loves to cook chooses to make us a spicy sexy meal. Lots of aphrodiasiacs.
Hot food, munching mussels, baked bananas colours her cheeks red as her ass is.
Fresh fruits for desert to cool down strong coffee. I smile to Lisa blow a kiss.

We share a smoke from my sunny little garden. Her smile broadens and turns sexy.
With an eye-wink and a little nod, Lisa sees she needs to be back at her desk.
With her legs a bit wide she bends over her notes. Burning bums seem to shine.
While she works and writes still standing I watch: how hot and wet is her twat!

Isn't it interesting how well she can concentrate now? She can not sit down yet.
It is clear that the sexy situation turns her on ever more. See her get wet ...
I slowly sink into a dirty dream, what more might come to be? She adresses me.
I grant her permission to speak. "Can I show more, please?" - "Sit on my knee!"

Together we read her draft of the next chapter and its long list of paragraphs.
To work it all out will take lusty Lisa a couple of days more. So far, so good.
Time to go to bed. Soon we spoon again in her big bed. I enter her, don't move.
Test her with a tough tease. Take her mount in my left hand. Slow sexy strokes.

Soon Lisa moans more and louder. She knows she can not come without permission.
She seems confident riding the hot waves and not afraid where the ship strands.
She soon starts to milk my mighty member with her hot juicy cunny contracting.
She gets carried away by her hot waves and comes with long loud sexy screams!

I need my full power of tough tantric concentration not to come along with her.
I leave her some time to regain her breath, still holding her hot twatty tight.
I am very sorry, my Master ... Ehhm. Sorry, Sir ... Permission to speak, Master?
I tell her my verdict: rules broken. If it is on purpose the sanction differs.

She stays silent. Waiting for whatever punishment I will think is proper now.
She longs for another sexy spanking, my sweet slave lovely little Lisa, I know.
She does not know it is all part of my sexy strategy to tease and test her now.
Sure that Lisa let go, in full confidence that next lesson will be worthwhile.

Lisa love, get on your knees please and bend over, baby. Bite the pillow, dear.
Let me get my belt to teach you to keep concentrated and obedient, do you fear?
Lisa eagerly assumes the proposed position, her ass up in the air, very near.
Love to smell the sweet salty flagrances evaporating from her sexy wet clear.

Sizzling sounds, some teasing strokes with my belt through the air. Lisa longs.
She seeks fresh air with her lungs as the leather belt beats her burning bums.
She surely gets hot and wet as her tiny tight beautiful bums colour more red.
She is close to come once more but tries hard to stay in contol, still so wet.

Suddenly I lash the love lips of Lisa a bit as well with my punishing treats.
She has never felt so sexy slaved, not even in her most daring dirty dreams.
She feels her mussel muscles contract and Lisa's little clit pops up very big.
She knows that the tasty torture blows her lines of control. She wants a dick.

Please Master take me. Punish me all day tomorrow but I need to feel you inside.
Please forgive me for talking too much punish me next day as well I can't hide.
Pleased by the state I get her in I continue her orgasmic torture and teaching.
Please, please, please... She continues to beg. I f***e Lisa to come and scream.

Lisa learns a long lasting lusty lesson this night of being naughty and hot.
Lisa collapses in my arms. Sexy satisfied as never before. No fear she got.
Lisa longs for her lessons in love, dedication and discipline, dirty or what?
Lisa still likes to be a sweet sexy slave and successful student. That's hot!

80% (6/2)
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1 year ago
In face and gestures, Lisa looks like the lovely lass masturbating at the couch,
who's much more buxom and slightly less slender than this cute horny hottie:
2 years ago
Lisa broke both main rules: not to speak
nor to orgasm without my permission!
She will suffer my punsihments all day long
under my strict scientific observation!

Read the continuation in part seven:
2 years ago
Lisa broke my rules that terrific hot night
She knows she will suffer terribly my might
All next day ... and probably a bit longer
will the burning feeling at her skin linger

Curious for more, dear reader. Read part 7.
Soon to appear in this theatre - Peter
2 years ago
I like, being lusty and naughty is always good
2 years ago
Thank you my friends for voting five stars!

One anonymous agent of hate took the trouble
to vote for one star ... I fail to get why.

Why would we bother? Let the sad suffer alone.
I look forward to what will happen in part seven.
2 years ago
Lisa is getting to know how to get what she wants, not always getting what she expects, Me thinks more, and so much better than she expects, she'll learn, and be better for it.!!!!
2 years ago
A dozen quatrains of love and longing for Lisa!
And who will read my smart spanking slam poetry?

Lovely looking Lisa, my sweet sexy student slave.
Tasty tales take rythm rhyme, some poetic lines.
Rhymes turn to rap. Will rythmic rap turn to rape?
No, not possible! A slave is open for fine times.