Hot home coming

Tasty tale of longing and love, sweet sweaty steaming sex and hot home coming.

We met in the net, here. Soon we talked a lot and I invited her to visit me in Amsterdam for real one day. I told her the nice things we could do together in and around my cosy little apartment with its sunny small garden. I own two bicycles, so we could tour together through the local parks or to the market.

She told me her hot habits of dressing dirty but tasty in a tight top hiding her tiny titties and a mini-skirt with nothing underneath. Very feminine, french make-up and so sexy ... Moreover: She would love to visit me!

Next day she told me about her dream last night. It started almost exactly as in our mutual messages with a bicycle ride through the park down to the market in old town. Next her dream got kinkier then our talks had been so far ...

When we got to the market and off our bicycles, I noticed her saddle was very wet. I tried it with a finger. It tasted so good that I lapped the rest with my tongue. I took my friend for a quick walk up and down the market. As if we weren't horny enough yet I teased her to eat fresh herring the Amsterdam style. Just bend your head back and keep the herring at its tail and slowly swallow it!

We washed it away with a beer and hurried back to our bicycles. She knew what she wanted and lead the way deep into the park until she found a secluded spot.
She was hungry for a bit more of tasty slick thick fat something meaty deep down her hungry throat. Before she got what she'd dreamt of, I licked her wet sexy slit clean from all her love juice at her outer and inner love lips, which work well, as my kisses kept her getting wetter and hotter. I had to hold her trembling legs everytime she came ... Highest time for some hot home coming!

Our home coming was very hot indeed ... But it is our privacy, dear reader.
Anyway, it was so hot, that I felt I should re-pay that debt when the time would come for it ... Lots has happened in between ... Some things got in the way of her intended visit to me. Recently our mutual messaging slowed down as she was out, nursing a girlfriend ... This was my chance to surprise her!

I knew that her place was farthest down a difficult to reach dead-end street.
I figured that I could make my way into her place without causing damage, while she was still out to take care of a girlfriend in need.

Indeed it wasn't difficult to sneak into her place, early enough to get it as warm as she wants, while the bad weather outside delayed her home coming a bit.
I know she loves to walk around naked in her house, so the temperature should be sufficiently sexy for her customary Eve's costume in Eden ... I mean before she met that sneaky snake ... Luckily my friend loves those warm-bl**ded strong standing snakes like mine ... Everything ready for her hot home coming.

I wear a little orgasmometer in my watch at my left wrist. I set it back to zero. And waited for her hot home coming ... Staring into the flames which warmed my skin, while my mind got hot thinking of what we would do in front of this log fire, which kept my longing for her burning.

We would hug, kiss and caress ... Perhaps I should surprise her and pretend that I tie her up, so I could do as I like? I dozed off, until she came (back).

Wonder what hot sexy things happened next? Stay tuned, dear reader!
Perhaps she will tell, or maybe my duty still to continue this sexy tale?

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2 years ago
I loved it Peter.
2 years ago
Well written, my orgasmometer went off the scale reading this :)
2 years ago
My host got hot
a longed a lot
from me and my
sexy snake! ;-)

More to come
porn poet Pete
2 years ago
I posted but it did not show up, if you have written this about me then there is more to cum, like you filling me up and me liking the taste of you as much as you will like the taste of me
2 years ago
If you wrote this about me sexy man then there is lots more to tell, like how wet and wild you make me and how you filled me up, and I will love the taste of you as much as you like the taste of me
2 years ago
This should be lyrics to a great hot love song!!! Excellent!
2 years ago
very poetic, pete.
2 years ago
Daring dreams cross continents at ease.
Till the bodies of those two mighty minds
will finally meet for sweet love in real!

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and many five star votes: * * * * *
My muse and I, porn poet Pete