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Longroom for ladies in Dykeland

I will start a harem. Only for my best friends.
Lots of them are lesbian. Some are bi. Let it be.

There is my private bedroom with a double bed.
And a longroom for the all women and their k1ds.
Lesbian love being the norm, no need for privacy.
Let the ch1ldren learn what normal love is!

We will have private rooms for special sessions,
or to host a good guest of the great girls.
Some of those rooms will be sound proof.
Would we want to wake up all others?

For the time being, the longroom will be here.
Friends can sign up if they are close enough.
Some are shy and sign up in private only.
Courageous girls sign up in public here.

Welcome to come well, my dearest friends.

First week
In the first week two foxy friends longed to be in my longroom.
For the time being, they have all the longroom to themselves.
I lay and wait in the masters bedroom and hope they will want
soon something of me ... I long to bite their tasty bums!

To have a harem is a hot habit. And terrible tasty tease
as long I hear them having hot female fun in their longroom.
This tantra teaching by my girly guests results in a
permanent erection without any eruption of my magma.

Second week
In the second week my first lady from Paris couldn't hold out any longer.
She so badly needed me to ride her as my mare whatever way I would want.
And she wrote that so eloquently in her elegant sexy and foxy French,
that I no longer hesitated and invited her as first to the Masters bedroom.

My mare entered on all fours, already with a dripping wet snatch from longing.
She whinnied happily when I entered her from behind and her mussel muscles
eagerly opened to meet my meat and grabbed it firmly, leaving no way out.
With my riding crop I painted red stripes at her ass cheeks as we galloped.

My mighty moist mare came with a loud neigh, which loosened her tight grip.
Only for a very short while, but it was long enough to leave her love tunnel
and penetrate her butt to continue our ride up and down our long longroom.
Her sexy sphinxter had an even sexier and stronger hot hold on my mighty member.

My oh my, this felt like my best ride in a sexy saddle for long.
Long live my longroom. Great to gallop up and down with her!
Why not take her outside for a ride? The weather is fine ...
And the local spectators will love to watch our sporty mating-a-mare.

We rode all along main road of our secret sexy little village up the hills.
We collapsed in a shadowy beautiful meadow full of flowers and butterflies
when she milked me at the end of our ride to a sexy synchronous awesome orgasm.
We both lost conciousness for a while. We woke up by applause of our audience.

Third week
That third week started with a messy mass meeting in the meadow of mutual love.
My mare got back on all fours while I got up and clapped my hands for silence.
As owner of the longroom I enjoyed autority over them all. I looked at them.
They stood in a circle around us. All men showed their poles in a sexy salute.

All women rubbed between their legs to get ready to receive them in hot holes.
All of them were naked, as is the rule in our mutual meadow of lust and love.
All of them looked forward to be the instruments of our sexy symphony to come.
All of them looked so sexy tasty erect nipples showing their state of arousal.

I clicked my fingers and pointed out to the five sturdiest stallions on offer.
I invited them to come closer and showed each of them their position at my mare.
I first got the strongest guy to crawl underneath her and get him ready to mate.
I lead the sexiest to aim at her sphinxter, one to her mouth, two to her hands.

With one gesture I invited the lusty ladies to form a close circle around us.
With a second I showed how they should bend over and present their hot holes.
With a third I notified the rest of the guys to take up their pole positions.
With an eyewink and a nod I had gathered the three youngest yummies around me.

At the next clap of my hands all probing poles entered their hot holes of love.
And the meadow of love became a concert of soppy sounds many moans in all tones.
At each hand I held a young yearning cunny while the third swallowed my member.
All three felt so free and hot being chosen by me to enjoy their firsts with me.

My mare tried to whinny but with a willy deep down her throat she only moaned.
My mare tried to match the rhythm mating between her love lips, rocking her hips.
My mare felt how the strongest guy slowly filled her cunning cunny up completely.
My mare felt how the youngest fucker at triple speed took her tighest tunnel.

My mare came continuously with her five fuckers swapping positions to serve her.
My mare's eyes shone with lust and love as she watched the three teens with me.
My mare knew well I only wanted to let them come with me here on the hot lawn.
My mare knew only she'll be the allowed to watch when I'll take their cherries.

Fourth week -1
The full moon all village orgy in the meadow of love lasted all night till dawn.
Fully satisfied in all her holes from all sides my mare smiled sexy at that lawn.
Her eyes looked all time at the three tasty teen village virgins loving to hump.
They took turns mounting their naughty nubile mounts at the big ball of my thumb.

High time to retire back to the longroom, we walked down the hill holding hands.
Held a virgin at each side and my mare grabbed the hand of the teen at my right.
The third tasty teen at her right hand and all their three faces shined so bright.
High hopes for what will happen to them in the week to come, not only from my hands.

Back at the longroom we went straight to the shower where we washed each other long.
Longing for the love to come, first wife gave the yearning young yummies a free lesson.
Look here darling dears, I will show you how to properly please orally our Master.
Long lasted her lesson how to lick, tickle, fondle, hiss, kiss, suck and swallow.

Three pairs of eyes got wide while they watched my expert of love to deep-throat me.
They never seen this sexy practise in their traditional village in the hills so remote.
The long orgy and the continued sight of the large-eyed lovely looking cuties with me
Took their toll and despite my tantric abilities within an hour I shot down her throat.

We went to our big bed and slept as spoons in the same order as we had walked there.
We left the formal introduction and presentation of the program for them till later.
We all wore big smiles and simultaneously dreamed of the sweet sexy dirty days ahead.
We all longed for the long love to come and all orgasms for them with their Master.

First wife woke up first early in the evening, stars twinkling and my member a mast.
First wife mounted me slowly and secretly, tried not to wake up the girls by our side.
First wife kissed my eye-lids as she longed for my look, riding me in the star light.
First wife got so engaged in her horsing me, she didn't notice sl**p was already past.

The three teens looked in awe and admiration at her riding skill as she mounted me.
The three tasty teens awake hadn't escaped my attention and I decided on some shock.
The three village virgins scared as I spanked her ass, something they had never seen.
The three village virgins had no idea yet what more would happen to them than my cock.

First wife milked me with the trained muscles of her mussel at increased riding speed.
First wife knew well that my semen would be still only hers today, the girls no need.
First wife loved her role in educating the young yummies till they would get ready.
First wife knew well we would love long, for the final she turned around very steady.

Such a sexy sight her red ass, still swollen sphinxter and the teens kissing her tits.
Such a sexy smell in the big bed in my longroom for ladies, well one and three virgins.
Such a sexy sound of first wife mounting me and the hisses of the kisses by the k**s.
Such a sexy scene that my semen soon shot up deep inside her without further urging.
Posted by petdyke 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Administration at xhamster is an increasing mess.
First, as a rule, a comment appears in my news.
And when a next comment at the same story is in,
the former post finally appears below the story,
while the new one is often also waiting as news.
Now, when my last add to this blog was refused,
also the last few comments disappeared!
What's wrong with you, xhamster?
2 years ago
Adding the first part of fourth week to the blog
- eight quatrains - did not work for some reason.

I will try to post it in a separate blog
as the original blog dropped from first
sight at my page and got quite long already.
2 years ago
Our heroine posted a poetic comment in French. Lots of its eloquence is lost in translation:

Five stallions who mount and fill me taking turns to honour my body.
Such a pleasure to submit thus to their wishes to come from their members which fulfil me.
Three nyphets are busy with my Master and I enjoy to know that soon I will be the one
who will drink his semen from the lips of the freshly deflorated virgins.
2 years ago
Encouraged by my foxy french friend, who joined
as first my longroom for longing lovely ladies,
I wrote how I rode her hotly as my mare all the way
up and down my longroom and around our little town.

I hope sexy Sara will also soon show her wishes.
2 years ago
A very well deserved round of "well done" the longroom would work, very well!!
2 years ago
I just found the posts you put on my profile page, so I wanted to thank you and when I get done reading them, I'll drop you a line and comment. thanks man!! me
2 years ago
Sara in NL is second to apply in public!

However, xhamster has its weird ways of
administration and her comment first only
showed up in my list of "Fresh Comments".
To be sure, I confirm here the application
of itsmeSara to the Longroom for Ladies.
2 years ago
Let me mount you and ride you to my bed
in the rhythm of my rhyme, while I whisper
in your ear the way I want you in our bed

Do you want to ride and come with me, my dear?
Do you open up here and will have not any fear?
Do let me know please dear, I would like to hear!
2 years ago
Betty, both the big bed and all of the longroom
we will have to ourselves for the time being, baby.

Love to have lots of fun with you, my foxy friend.
Love to chase you up and down along my longroom.
Long to have those long rides up and down, dear.
Let me know where you would like to start, sexy!
Long for long love from the doorstep to the bed?
2 years ago
I congratulate the winner:
five kisses go to Paris:
***** Wel(l)come first lady!

I wonder who can beat you ...
in lovely looks, love!? ;-)

Peter Pan, aka porn poet Pete
2 years ago
I wonder who will be the first five to inscribe.
I do have some ideas whom ... or (s)expectatations.
I know some will recognise their friends from here.

I invite many more, but only after messaging me.
I am curious how long our longroom will get here!
I do hope you enjoy this blog. Feel free to comment.
2 years ago
There are several backgrounds to this blog:
1. my nick indicates my taste & is abb. of my name
2. real life: up in the tribal hills of Mizuram state a man legally has 40 wives, both legal and very respectable by local standards as he shares
3. Emma (not a friend yet) invented dykeland for me
4. my public blog is an anti-dote for a closed profile, a so-called master collecting slave sluts,
several of my dear friends among them, temporarily
5. so I offer a safe longroom to those friends also